The Second Fiat of God

second Fiat of God


 “They deceive themselves who think that our Supreme Goodness and Infinite Wisdom would have left man with only the benefits of Redemption, without raising him once again to the original state We first created,”
thus said Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta on behalf of the Holy Trinity.

The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta are unique in Church history and explain to us with great clarity the Original State of Man as he was created by God. It is a matter of Divine Faith that the first humans Adam and Eve were created in a state of holiness, and that this reality is contained in the Deposit of the Faith; nevertheless, that Original state has never been sufficiently and properly understood or explained until our times. In the 16th century, the Fathers of the dogmatic Council of Trent declared that they did not know the Original State of Adam and Eve, but agreed that they possessed Sanctifying Grace and were promised immortality if they remained faithful to God, that they had the gift of integrity, and probably had infused knowledge and certain other preternatural gifts.

The Church has always understood that all mankind was wounded by the sin of Adam (Original Sin) and that Heaven was closed to mankind, until the promised Redeemer should come and reopen Heaven to the human race. The Church has also understood that the doctrines of truth given to the Church, contained in the Scriptures, the New Testament and Tradition, are subject to development in their understanding under the influence of the Holy Spirit, who enlightens the minds of popes, councils of bishops, theologians, mystics and others. So, now we have the most wonderful enlightenment about the divine purpose in Creation, the original state of man, the primary purpose of Redemption, the authentic meaning of the Lord’s Prayer and the manner and time of it’s fulfillment.

The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, especially in the work, which Jesus gives the glorious title: “The Kingdom of the Fiat in the Midst of Creatures—Book of Heaven—the Call to the Creature to Return to the Order, the Place and Purpose for which he was created by God” is an immense gift to the Church of immeasurable value, because its explications shed light upon great mysteries contained in the Deposit of the Faith, which have never before been sufficiently and properly understood. These divine explications provide the knowledge and understanding which enables souls to cooperate with the action of the Divine Will to return to the original state of man and all that state’s manifestations, to return to the purpose of Creation and thus let Redemption have its full effect even in the realm of Time.

Let us now discuss the reason Our Lord did not reveal the Kingdom of His Will when He came to Earth. Jesus told Luisa why He did not speak about the Kingdom of his Will or make it known when He was on earth. He told her that He wanted to test creatures. He wanted to give them lowlier things than what was given to man in the Creation. He wanted to give people remedies and other good things to heal and help them due to the sickness they had inherited from the original sin of Adam. Man was healthy, spiritually and bodily, in the beginning before sin, and could live happily in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, but when Adam lost this original state of health and happiness by withdrawing from the Divine Will to do his own will, he fell sick and passed this bad inheritance to the human race. So Jesus came as a Divine Physician to see if mankind would accept his medicine and remedies for this fallen condition. And after man having been tested in this way, Jesus would have surprised him by bringing to light the hidden mystery of his Will contained in his Prayer to the Father that His Will come to earth so that It could be done as in Heaven where all are perfectly healthy and happy.

Jesus also pointed out to Luisa that when He came from Heaven to earth, people were very illiterate about the things of Heaven. If He had wanted to speak about the Divine Will and about living in It, they would not have been able to understand it.

So, in the “Book of Heaven” we learn that Jesus began to suffer from the first instant of his Incarnation in the womb of Mary, and that after his birth, He spent the first 30 years of his life, his hidden life, repairing the loss of the Gift of the Divine Will, which had been given to Adam, and did all that was necessary for the restoration of the Gift of the Divine Will to mankind. Then, in the last three years of his life He concentrated on the Redemption—preaching the Gospel of Redemption, suffering and dying on the Cross. And with his Resurrection, He planted the seeds of resurrection of the bodies of human beings on the last day at the end of time.

Shortly before his most sorrowful Passion and Death, He marshalled all the acts of his life around Himself and prayed to his heavenly Father that His Kingdom would come—that is, to let the Kingdom of the Divine Will be returned to humanity at some future time. This was the Pater Noster or Lord’s Prayer, which Jesus taught to the Apostles and from them to us. With this, Jesus shows us that God has not changed his purpose for man to live in the Divine Will as was intended in Creation, and that what God began He will finish; otherwise He would not be acting in a way worthy and proper to God.

The Saints imitated the exterior life of Jesus as made known in the Gospels. Some did so in a most excellent manner, but they knew next to nothing of Jesus’ interior life—what his soul was doing united to his Divinity. The Church has known that Jesus had an interior life, but not how this unfolded within Him. But the time has now arrived for souls to begin the imitation of Jesus’ interior life, and He has made this mystery known and explained in the “Book of Heaven.”

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