Dear Divine Will Family,
It is with sadness that it is announced that Fr. Bernardino Bucci passed away yesterday at 10:00 am. Please keep him in your prayers.
I am pasting a link to the Luisa Piccarreta, Pia Association’s newsletter which will give you the details of Fr. Bucci’s life and the many ways he was involved with Luisa and her life.
I had the great blessing of living in Corato for a time back in 1994 – 1995 period. First I lived with Adrianna Pallotti in San Giovanni Rotundo, where St. Padre Pio lived and died. It was an incredible time in my life living there.

Adrianna Pallotti

But, then Fr. John Brown, at the time my spiritual director, and Sr. Assunta decided they wanted me in Corato, so I spent most of my time in Italy there helping Sr. Assunta. So many memories and stories I could tell. Fr. Bucci and Sr. Assunta were very good friends and he would come and get us and take us to his country villa on Sundays. His brother would show us and we would cook and have a grand old time. Fr. Bucci would tell me all the stories about Luisa and his aunt Rosario Bucci and what life was like living at the time Luisa was alive. He was always a jolly and happy soul. I know he will be very missed by everyone who knew him.

Fr. Bucci

Sr. Assunta and I would go into the field behind his villa and pick faba beans, which were growing wild, and I would have to peel them when we got home. Can’t say I really enjoy that task, but everything was absolutely wonderful when I lived over there. We were so very busy and I got to meet so many of Luisa’s nieces and nephews. I met some of the nuns at the Convent of Fr. de Francia’s. Sr. Assunta and I would study Luisa’s writing every night and although I could not understand a lot of the Italian, I was learning. I was excited to learn Italian to be able to communicate with everyone. We had our cenacles every Thursday evening and all the association members, very dear friends who I still love and visit when I am there, would come.

Sr. Assunta and myself with her Baby Jesus last year

When Fr. John told me at the Costa Rica Conference that Tom Fahy needed me more than Sr. Assunta and that I needed to stay in America, I gave my fiat, but I cried for three years, missing Sr. Assunta and Adrianna. I fell madly in love with both of those very holy and excellent souls. Once the House of Sanctification open in Garabandal, Spain in 2000, and Tom put me there to care for it and to teach, I went back every year, sometimes several times a year, to visit both ladies. Tom gave me permission to spend summers over there with Sr. Assunta to help out.. I saw Adrianna every year up until her death. I have visited Sr. Assunta every year up until this year. How it breaks my heart that I cannot go and see her again this year, but it is another fiat that I can offer to God for His glory and for His Kingdom to come!

My friend, Felicia Murray and I went to visit the tomb of Fr. John Brown, who is buried in Corato. This was last year.

Well, I have made this all about me instead of Fr. Bucci. I am sorry. I wanted to tell you about Fr. Bucci, not about me, but the memories flooded back and I couldn’t help myself.
Please do keep him in your prayers, and all who are over in Corato, living and passed on, especially Sr. Assunta who is in her 90s now. They work very hard to spread the Kingdom and to finalize the Cause of Luisa. The duties are arduous with the many visitors. God bless them all!
And God bless all of you and your families. We send everyone much love and many prayers from here!


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