(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

September 29, 2023



Dear Divine Will Family,

Well, this seems like a wonderful day to write again. I will not waste your time on all that I have been involved in since I last wrote, but I have been very busy. I will summarize it to say, please continue to pray for my son, Paul, who is terminal and with whom I have spent a lot of time since my return to Florida from the fabulous retreat in Garabandal.

Talking about a fabulous retreat. It reminded me of the vision I had about the Kingdom to God and how souls will treat each other during that time. It wasn’t as perfect as what I saw, but almost! You could tell that these souls truly loved the Holy Will of God and wanted nothing but His Will in their lives, and they treated everyone as a child of God’s, with great respect, compassion and the love with which God loves each of us. You could tell that they were chosen by Our Lady and Our Lord for this pilgrimage. I can’t wait to find out whom they send next time!

Guy Murphy did a wonderful job of keeping the pilgrimage on time and for the souls to get as much out of it as possible. He was wonderful and you could tell that he was moved by Our Lady in all that he did. He invited the local Pastor, Don Rolando, to come to Mary’s House and give a talk on Garabandal. It was Divine Providence and proved to be so advantageous for Mary’s House and for the House of the Divine Will. He made it very clear to the villagers that we are a part of the village and that we were essential for the village. Not that the villagers treated us anyway but with respect and kindness, but this was the first time it was stated by the Parish Priest, and I think it really made an impression. I know it did on me!

It’s funny, the House of the Divine Will has been in the village for 24 years and never have we had any problem with the villagers! But times change and new people come in and some do not understand the ways of the village. But Don Rolando made everything very clear to all…the old and the new!

In my heart I knew this was a gift from Our Lady to make sure Her houses would remain unharmed in Garabandal, Spain!

I pray and hope that those who chose to come next May, or even before, if you so choose, will experience the graces we experienced at this retreat and time in Garabandal, Spain!

Ann Weigel gave two very awesome talks which were excellent insights into the ways of life in the Divine Will. Everyone learned a lot from her talks. She’s going to be great at the conference!

We had two very wonderful and holy Priests with us as well. Fr. Peter and Fr. Bill, friends of Guy Murphy. They also gave some very good talks, although more on human sanctity than on Divine Sanctity. Fr. Peter seems very interested in the Gift of the Divine Will, praise God!

Praying that you will be joining us next time in beloved Garabandal, Spain. So many of the people who came were raving about their time there and the retreat. They all seemed to love it. God is so good!!

Remember, we love all of you dearly and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God bless you with all the graces needed to remain always in His Holy Will! Fiat always! May we love God’s preferences more than our own!

Ann Ellison

PS: Because I am so busy with my son, Paul, I have given you a very short statement that Jesus gave to Luisa about Divine Acts. Just ponder this for a while….there’s a ton of graces and material in just this very short verse!


Volume 22
“My daughter, the littlest motion, even the littlest breath done in the Divine Will, is all of God; and because it is His own, He finds in it everything that is His. In the act done in my Divine Fiat He finds divine sanctity, He finds His light, He finds His goodness, His love, His power; that act lacks nothing of what belongs to God. Therefore, they can be called Divine Acts, which are the most beautiful, the holiest and the most welcome; and before these acts, all other acts, as good as they may be, lose their value, their taste, and can never please Me.

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