(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

October 2, 2023



Dear Divine Will Family,

First and foremost, I want to thank with all my heart all the beautiful and wonderful souls who wrote to say they are praying for Paul, my son! I know there are others out there that are doing the same but did not write. I am eternally grateful to you all, and I would love to answer each one individually, but there were just too many! God’s goodness overwhelms me all the time. He never stops giving and He never stops loving! He is such a good and wonderful God, how can we not “take up the cup of salvation” in gratitude to Him for all that He does for all of us?! And I thank YOU for allowing Him to act in and through you to pray for Paul and to let me know! I have been weeping in gratitude and love you all so very much! God will bless you abundantly in return for your generosity!

This Snippet is not going to be as wonderful as the last one since I have the sad news to share with you that Fr. James Blount will not be attending our conference. He has been fighting pneumonia since he was in England. Please keep him in your prayers that he will have a full recovery. We are so sorry that he cannot attend our conference, but even more sorry that he is ill.

But God never wants us disappointed in the least, so he is sending two very special Priests to our conference.

First is Fr. Julio Rivera, has been a very dear friend of the Center’s and is a great lover of the Book of Heaven and of Luisa for years! Fr. Julio has a wonderful and very powerful gift of healing, and he loves to heal and bring people into full communion with God!

Second is Fr. Ignatuis Okoroji, S.D.V., of Nigeria and who founded the Communitas Mater Domini, Community of the Mother of the Lord. Fr. Ignatius has a very powerful healing gift as well and from what I have heard, but can’t verify, there was a prophecy that said that during the end times a community would be found which would be called, Community of the Mother of the Lord. He has a regular talk on Radio Maria and has a podcast. He is also very interested in the writings of Luisa. Praise God! I can’t find the email of the person who is bringing Father Ignatius. Please write to me if you receive this. Thank you!
I know God has some very special plans for the conference and I am so excited to find out what they are. Sending these two very special Priests to us in lieu of Fr. Blount is no accident. This is God’s plan for the conference!

Our Lord helped me understand something I think is important enough to share with everyone. I was getting very involved in politics (seems to be my weakness) in the government and in the Church with the new Synod coming in a few days. He helped me to realize that He is the Creator of all things…the universe, the world we live in and His very own Church. He is in control of it all! Everything will work out the way He has destined them to work out. He let me know that I am to take care of my business (that of living always and constantly in His Holy Will, praying in His Will for everything and every soul as well) and He will take care of His business, which is the world and the Church. It was so clear to me that it was easy to let go and let God! There’s nothing we can do about it anyway, except do our acts constantly in the DW, which does everything and contains everything and everyone! Fiat always!

This morning when I was praising God for so many blessings and graces He gives to everyone and all that He does take care of us, especially sending these two wonderful Priests to the conference! He allowed me another insight that was so beautiful and powerful, but from such a caring and loving God! Every time we call the DW to reign in us, we have in a most powerful way, a most Loving Mother, a most Caring Father, a Powerful Savior and a Sanctifying Holy Spirit, who declares His thoughts to men. With these reigning in our souls, of whom should we be afraid? No one nor anything! I wish I could help everyone understand the power within us and the love and care with which God looks after us and wants only what is best for each one of us. We can have them powerfully reigning within us constantly and all we have to do is one thing! One little, tiny thing! Give up self!

I have to laugh because that is so much easier to say than to do. But it is something we must strive for and work on daily!

I am sorry, I am off again on a tangent! So sorry! I pray you will not let Fr. Blount’s situation keep you from coming to the conference. I promise it’s going to be a fantastic conference! Although we will miss Fr. Blount a lot! May God heal him completely and totally so that we may experience him and God’s healing grace through him at another venue.

Remember we love all of you so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! And May God show you His power to care for you and to love you beyond your imagination in His Will!
Ann Ellison

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Volume 29
April 16, 1931

Courage belongs to resolute souls. Six angels with Jesus at the head. Acts done in the Divine Will are tokens of infinite value; eternal links; chains that can never be broken.

PS: Below something about extraordinary Guardian Angels and courage!!

My life continues under the reign of the Eternal Fiat that wraps Itself inside me and around me and makes me feel its infinite weight. I feel like a tiny atom wrapped in this unlimited infinity; and as much as I love It and yearn for It, I feel intensely the pain of my human will, crushed and almost dying under the dominion of an immense and eternal Divine Will. “My Jesus, help me and give me strength in this painful state in which I find myself. My poor heart bleeds and looks for a refuge in the midst of so many sorrows. You alone can help me, my Jesus. Please help me—don’t abandon me…”
And while my poor soul was venting itself in pain, my sweet Jesus let me see within myself a crucifix with six angels, three on the right and three on the left of his Adorable Person. Each of these angels had in his hands a crown, studded with the brightest jewels, and was in the act of offering it to Our Lord. I was awestruck at seeing this, and my beloved Jesus said to me:

“Take courage, My daughter. The courage to do good belongs to resolute souls. They are imperturbable in any storm. And while they feel the claps of thunder and the bolts of lightning that make them tremble, and while they stand in the rain that pours down upon them, they use the water to wash themselves and come out looking more beautiful. They pay no attention to the storm, and they are more resolute and courageous than ever so as not to leave off the good they have begun.

“Irresolute souls suffer from discouragement, and they will never succeed in finishing any good work. Courage levels the path and chases away any storm. Courage is the bread of the strong—the warrior who can win any battle. So, good daughter, take courage. Don’t be afraid. And, besides, what are you afraid of? I have given you six Guardian Angels. Each of them has the task of guiding you along the endless paths of My Eternal Will so that you can repay Me with your acts and love for what the Divine Will did when It pronounced the six Fiats in Creation. Accordingly, each angel delivered a Fiat (and also what came forth from this Fiat), to call you to return each of these Fiats, even to the point of sacrificing your life. These angels gather all your acts and make a crown of them. Then, prostrating themselves, they offer them to the Divinity, in return for what Our Divine Will did, so that It is recognized and establishes Its Kingdom on earth. But this is not all: I am at the head of these angels to guide you and watch over everything, and to fashion within you the same acts and the necessary love so that you can have enough love to repay the many great works of Our Supreme Will. So do not stop: You have much to do. You must follow Me and never stop. You must follow the angels—because they want to fulfill the task entrusted to them. You must fulfill your mission as a daughter of the Divine Will.”

After this, I was feeling pensive and fearful. I thought to myself: “The circumstances of my life are so painful that I often feel myself succumbing under such a long storm that it shows no sign of ending. Indeed, it often seems to rage all the more, and if Our Lord does not give me abundant help and grace, I am so weak that I feel as if I want to leave the Divine Will. And—poor me!—if that should ever happen, all will be lost.”

But while I was thinking this, my adorable Jesus held out His arms to support me and said to me:
“My daughter, you must know that the acts performed in My Divine Will are everlasting and inseparable from God. They stand as a continual reminder that the soul enjoyed the blessing of acting with a Divine Will and that God kept the soul with Him to let her act with His Own Divine Will. This happy, active and holy memory makes us always keep our sights on one another—God and the soul—so that We can never forget each other. In this way, if the soul should be so unfortunate as to leave Our Will, she will go wandering and may travel far away—but she will feel the eye of her God above her, calling her sweetly. And she will feel her own eyes rising towards God who continually watches her. And even if the soul goes astray, she feels an irresistible need—strong chains that pull her back into the arms of her Creator.

“This is what happened to Adam—because the beginning of his life was formed in My Divine Will. Even if he sinned, was expelled from Eden, and went wandering his whole life long, do you think he was lost? Ah no! Because he felt the power of Our Will in which he had acted hovering over him. He felt Our eye watching him and drawing his eye to watch Us. And the sweet memory lingered—that the first fruits of his acts had had life in Our Will.

“You cannot understand all the good and all that it means to act in Our Will. By acting in Our Will, the soul acquires as many pledges of infinite value as the number of acts she has done in Our Fiat. And these pledges remain in God Himself—because the creature has neither the ability nor the place to keep them. Such is the value these acts contain. And can you ever believe that while We have these infinitely valuable pledges from the soul, We must allow them to be lost with her to whom such precious pledges belong? Ah, no! No! So, don’t be afraid: Acts performed in Our Will are eternal links—chains that can never be broken. And suppose that you leave Our Divine Will—something that will never happen—you would be able to leave, but your acts would remain. Nor can your acts leave, because they were made in Our house, and man has his rights for as long as he stays in Our house, that is, in Our Will. As soon as he leaves, he loses his rights, but these acts shall have the power to call him back again who was their owner. So don’t disturb the peace in your heart. Abandon yourself to Me—and do not fear.” Fiat!!!

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