(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

October 23, 2023

(Live Streaming Information below!)

Dear Divine Will Family,

Wow, in just a few days we will be in Orlando, Florida, at our conference on the Divine Will with great speakers! The theme of our conference this year is: “Into the Kingdom of the Divine Will through our Blessed Mother, Mary!”

Our Lady plays such an important part in our life in the Divine Will. None of us could even remain in the Divine Will without Her help. After all, God has given Her all the graces which exist in God to distribute as She sees fit and to whom She wants! So, we have so much for which to be grateful to Her! She is our Mama, our Queen, our Advocate, our everything! We must always thank God for Her at every moment! It is always good when praying your Rosary, at the first three Hail Mary’s, after asking for an increase of Faith, Hope and Love, we thank God for choosing Mary to be the Mother of God, the Spouse of God and the Daughter of God! Thanking Him specifically for choosing Mary, She gives us so many graces! She loves for us to thank God for choosing Her!

I love this very short passage that I am sharing today. One of my favorites! It magnifies what an act in the Divine Will is and the importance of doing them! Read and enjoy and revel in the fact that we understand and have this incredible knowledge! How good God is to each one of us!! Eternally grateful to God, to Our Mama, and to all of Heaven for this immense grace!

Anyway, God is showing His favor by allowing us to finally get live streaming!! We are asking a reduced cost this time because it is our first time live streaming conference. We are asking $30.00 per person up to 5 people to get the link and password to watch the conference. For 5 – 10 people, $25.00 per person, if more than 10 to 20 people $20.00 per person; for more than 20 people, $15.00 per person! Each person has to register their name online before the receiving the link and password, or for the group coordinator to receive the info to sign in. Group names (large and small) can be entered by the group coordinator. (Remember, Group rates mean you have to be with a group watching in the same place. It is not a cenacle and everyone is watching at their homes.) I have attached a schedule to this email so you can see who will be speaking and when. You may use the same link and password for all 4 days.

There is a link on our website where you can sign up for the live streaming. This is a note from our IT lady who is doing this live streaming for us. Please pay attention to these instructions:

The payment link will ask for a zip code but Canadians can put their postal code and it will work.

1 .For group rates, please email lindawack333@gmail.com or text 778-828-4048 and I will send you a customized link for payment with the amount that will reflect the number of viewers.

Tell me the number of people you are registering, their name.

2. The link for the live stream conference will be sent out on October 30th via email. This email will include the Vimeo link and the pass code to the Conference. This link will be the same one that you will use for the entire conference. Please do not share this link because it is only for those who have paid. We are trusting our Divine Will supporters to remain honest. (REMEMBER THE TIME CHANGE…WE ARE EST TIME IN THE USA! YOU CANNOT GO BACK AND WATCH A TALK ONCE YOU HAVE MISSED IT!)

3. Please make sure that you put the correct email address when paying as this is the only way that the link can be sent to you and there is no other means of reaching you.

4. If you have not received the link for the conference by October 31st, please call Linda @778-828-4048 or email lindawack333@gmail.com and I will assist.

5. We are working really hard to make this live stream event possible but should some unforeseen circumstance happen that we are not able to, we will send you a digital copy of all the talks given at the conference instead.

Remember we love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May your acts in the Divine Will give God all the glory that He is due from all souls, past, present and future!

Ann Ellison

PS: For those attending the Divine Will Conference in November, please bring a check book or cash if you are interested in purchasing books, Rosaries or Medals. Last year we had a very difficult time with the credit card machine. I thought I would put the word out this year in case we have the same problem, you will be prepared! Thank you and God bless you!!

***This being our first try at live streaming, we decided that if something happens that it doesn’t work, we will send everyone who has registered and paid for the live streaming the digital download of all the talks.
Volume 17
January 4, 1925

Jesus: Fusing yourself in My Will is the greatest, the most solemn, and the most important act of your whole life. To fuse yourself in My Will is to enter into the ambience of Eternity, to embrace It, to kiss It, and to receive the depository of the blessings that the Eternal Will contains. Moreover, as the soul fuses herself in the Supreme Will, everyone comes to meet her and to entrust her with all that they have. The Angels and Saints, and the Divinity Itself, entrust her with everything, knowing that they are entrusting it to that same Divine Will which keeps everything secure. And upon receiving these good things, the soul multiplies them with her own acts in the Divine Will and returns to all of heaven double glory and honor. In the same way, by fusing yourself in My Will, you set Heaven and earth in motion; and you inaugurate a new feast in Heaven.

“To fuse one’s self in My Will is to love and to give on behalf of everyone without excluding anyone. Accordingly, so as not to be outdone in loving by the soul, My goodness places within her everyone’s blessings—and all of the possible blessings that I hold within Myself. And there is no lack of space in which to place these blessings, because My Will is immense and well-suited to receive all things. If you knew what you do and what happens when you fuse yourself in My Will, you would die of the desire to fuse yourself continually.”

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