(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
November 2, 2020

Dear Divine Will Family,

Happy Holy Souls Solemnity! It really is a great day for Holy Souls these days because we have a great and divine way of consoling them and releasing them. The way to console them all day long and everyday of the year is in the writing below. If we give Jesus our ‘I love You’ in and with His Will, it will penetrate all the Holy Souls in Purgatory and console them immensely. It will also give great graces to the militant souls on earth, especially those fighting to win their salvation and sanctification. All the Saints and Angels rejoice and receive glory from our little ‘I love You’ to Jesus in and with His Will. As Jesus states below, even the elements feel imbued with new life! And what an easy way to do all this!! A simple “I love You, Jesus, in and with Your Holy Will!!”

And Jesus teaches us that praying for the Holy Souls in and with His Will, our prayers go directly to that soul, or to all the souls in Purgatory and has its effect immediately. For as many times as you have done the Will of God, so are your prayers effective for the souls in Purgatory, and Jesus says for those who live in His Will, the effect is immediate, eternal, immense and divine!

In the writing below, our sweet Jesus even gives us some great consolation when it is particularly difficult to maintain our constancy of living in His Holy Will! How awesome is our Jesus towards those who love His Will so much, but have difficulty at times for some reason or other, and our very dear Heavenly Mother, always there to help us as well!!

I pray for all your family members, friends, and acquaintances that you may have in Purgatory this day, even any souls of which you did not feel particularly fond…all Holy Souls in Purgatory need our prayers!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God bless each of you and your family members (in Purgatory and on earth) abundantly!
Ann Ellison

March 28, 1917
The “I love you” of Jesus. The immediate act done with Jesus.

As I continued in my usual state, my ever-beloved Jesus appeared to me momentarily—but suffering so much that it moved one to pity. I said to Him: “What is it, Jesus?” And He answered: “My daughter, astonishing things will arise and occur suddenly; revolutions will break out everywhere. O how much worse things will get!”

All afflicted, He remained silent. And I said: “Life of my life, tell me another word.” And Jesus, as though breathing on me, said: “I love you.” It seemed as if everyone and everything would receive new life from that “I love you.” I repeated: “Jesus, one more word.” And He said: “I could not tell you a more beautiful word than “I love you.” This ‘I love you’ of Mine fills Heaven and earth. It flows through the Saints, and they receive new glory; it descends into the hearts of the pilgrim souls, and some receive the grace of conversion, some of sanctification. It penetrates into Purgatory, and rains upon the poor souls like beneficent dew, and refreshes them. Even the elements feel imbued with new life in growth and fruitfulness. All perceive the ‘I love you’ of your Jesus. And do you know when the soul attracts one of My ‘I love you’s’? When, fusing herself in Me, she assumes the divine attitude and, dissolving herself in Me, she does all that I do.”

And I said: “My love, it is often difficult to maintain this divine attitude.” And Jesus answered: “My daughter, what the soul cannot always do with her present acts in Me, she can make up for with her attitude of good will. I will be so pleased with her that I will become the vigilant sentry of each one of her thoughts, words, and heartbeats, placing them within Me and around Me as My cortege, looking at them with great love, as the fruit of the creature’s good will. Then, when the soul fuses herself in Me and does her present acts with Me, I feel so much drawn toward her that I do what she does with her, transforming her work into divine work. I take everything into account, and I reward everything, even the tiniest things. Not a single act of good will that a soul does will go un-rewarded.”

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