(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
November 7, 2020


Dear Divine Will Family,
I wanted to send something on “the Fiat!” Giving our little fiat to God in all circumstances is the greatest glory we can give to God! Our fiat is saying to Him, “Your Will be done in every circumstance. We accept and love Your Will and only want Your Will to be accomplished in all things and in all times.”

It also says that we understand that your Will is perfect in every way! We know that Your Plans for all humanity are always for the good of all souls, especially the souls who live intimately with You in your Most Holy Will. So, no matter what happens in this world, in our country, in our state, in our town/city, in our neighborhood, my our house, or in our family, we will always give You our fiat so that your Will be accomplished in all circumstances and in all times!

This seems so important for these times in which we are living. Prayers are definitely needed and are so necessary right now. We need to storm Heaven and Our Lady to intercede for us, but giving God our fiat is just as important, if not more important.

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God give us the strength to give our fiats no matter what happens. We must look at all things as God’s Will and His plan for each of us. He is the ONE IN CONTROL!
Ann Ellison

September 20, 1915
New chastisements. The Fiat must bind every act to the divine and human will.

As I continued in my usual state, my adorable Jesus showed Himself to me as He was touching and striking souls with chastisements in His hands. The chastisements seemed to be increasing more and more. Among other things, conspirators were plotting against Holy Church, and they were mentioning Rome. Blessed Jesus was afflicted and seemed to be cloaked in a black mantle. He told me: “My daughter, scourges make people rise up from their evil ways, but there will be so many scourges that all mankind will be shrouded in sorrow and mourning. And since human beings are My members, I am cloaked in a black mantle because of them.”

I was totally dismayed, and I begged Him to calm Himself down. And, to relieve me, He told me: “My daughter, the FIAT must be the sweet tie that binds all your acts. My Will and yours will form the knot. You must know that every thought, word, and act done and tied with My Will, will be like many open channels of communication between Myself and souls. If all your acts are tied to My Will, not one channel of divine communication will be closed between you and Me.

January 17, 1921

Jesus: “Now I want to tell you why I asked for your ‘FIAT’—your ‘Yes’ in My Will. I want the prayer which I taught—the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in terra’—this prayer of so many centuries, of so many generations—to have its fulfillment and completion. This is why I wanted another ‘Yes’ in My Will—another ‘FIAT’ containing the creative power. I want the ‘FIAT’ that rises at each moment, and which multiplies in everyone. I want, in one soul, My own ‘FIAT’ which ascends to My throne and, by its creative power, brings upon earth the life of the ‘FIAT on earth as It is in Heaven.’”

Surprised and annihilated on hearing this, I said: “Jesus, what are You saying? You know very well how bad and incapable I am.” And He said: “My daughter, I normally choose the most abject, incapable, and poor souls for My greatest works. Even My Mama had nothing extraordinary in her exterior life. She worked no miracles—gave no sign that would distinguish Her from other women. Her only distinction was her perfect virtue—to which almost no one paid any attention. And, if I distinguished other saints by the gift of miracles, and adorned others with My wounds, to My Mama I gave nothing—nothing. Yet She was the wonder of wonders, the miracle of miracles, the true and perfect crucified—there is no one like Her.
“I normally act like a master who has two servants. One of them looks like a giant—a Hercules—a man who is good at everything; the other one is small, short, incompetent, and seems to be good for nothing—certainly, no work of importance. If the master keeps him, it is mainly out of charity, and for his own amusement. Now, if the master has to send a million or a billion dollars to another town, what does he do? He calls the little incompetent one, and entrusts the great sum to him, saying to himself: ‘If I give it to the giant, people will notice him; thieves may attack him and rob him; and if he tries to defend himself with his Herculean strength, he may be wounded. I know that he is capable, but I want to spare him; I do not want to expose him to obvious danger. On the other hand, knowing him to be incapable, no one will pay attention to this little one; no one would think that I would entrust such an important sum to him—and so he will come back safe and sound.’ The poor incapable one is surprised that his master would trust him, when he could have used the giant, and, all trembling and humble, he goes to deposit the great sum, without anyone deigning so much as to glance at him. And, so, he returns safe and sound to his master, more trembling and humbler than before.

“I do the same. The greater the work I want to do, the more I choose poor, wretched, and ignorant souls, with no outward appearance that might distinguish them. The abject state of the soul will keep My work safe and secure. The thieves of self-esteem and self-love will not pay attention to her, knowing her incompetence. And she, humble and trembling, will carry out the work I have entrusted to her, knowing that not she but I have done everything in her.”

June 12, 1921

Jesus: “You must know that your life must be the Fiat. My Fiat brought you to the light, and like a noble queen carrying the Creator Fiat in your womb, you must pass through the field of life on the wings of that same Fiat, sowing everywhere the seed of My Will, so as to form many other centers of My Life upon the earth before returning to My own Fiat in Heaven. Be faithful to Me, and My Will shall be your life, the hand that leads you, the feet that walk, and the mouth that speaks—in short, in you It will make up for everything.”

December 26, 1923

Jesus: “To die, to suffer, to do something great once in a while for a time is not so great. The saints, the good and other souls have worked, suffered, and died. But since it was not a continuous suffering, working, and dying, it neither gave perfect glory to the Father, nor formed a work of Redemption that could be extended to everyone. That is why, My daughter, Newborn of My Eternal Will, look where your Jesus calls you and wants you—under the press of My Divine Will, so that your will may receive continuous death, just as My human will did. Otherwise, I could not make the new era arise, in which My Will shall come to reign on the earth. It takes continuous activity, pains, and deaths to snatch the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua.’ out of Heaven.”

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