(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

February 17, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
Well, Lent is here! I pray that we make this the best Lent ever for the Glory of our Heavenly Father, for His Kingdom to come and for the sanctification of all souls, and for the benefit of our own souls, too!

A good friend gave me some wonderful advice I would like to pass along to you. If you say something enough, you really begin to believe it and it becomes truth and it becomes a habit for you. I suggest that by calling “Thy Kingdom to come” enough, every day, every hour, or as many times as we can think of it, it will become such a habit that we will be thinking of nothing else but “Thy Kingdom Come.”

You know Jesus spent 30 years laying the foundation for His Father’s Kingdom to come and only 3 years on Redemption. Redemption was certainly necessary, but the main reason Jesus came was to lay the foundation for His Father’s Kingdom. It was that important for Him to do for His Father. I believe it should be that important for each of us, too. We are called to be another Jesus on earth…so that means we must concentrate on laying the foundation of the Kingdom to come.

We should awake calling the Kingdom, we should eat calling the Kingdom, we should work calling the Kingdom…in everything we do this Lent, let’s get into the habit of calling the Kingdom to come!! After Lent, it should be such a habit that that is all we do is call God’s Kingdom to come…to flourish on earth as in Heaven and in our own souls as well! But I believe if we get into this habit, it will flourish in our souls to such a degree that it will surprise us, and fill us with such love, nourishment and joy and we will fear nothing! May it be so!! Amen, Fiat!

Here are some thoughts to ponder and to put into practice on the first three points for the rapid growth in the Divine Will.

There is a wonderful Priest who loves and lives in the Divine Will more and better than anyone else I know in the world! He is quiet and out of the lime light and prefers it that way. He has a parish which he loves and wants nothing else except to live in the Divine Will to the best of his ability. His soul is so innocent and sweet that you cannot think of anything but Jesus when you are with him.

I am blessed to be able to go to him for advice when I am troubled about my life in the Divine Will. Over the last 26 years of knowing and loving this Priest, I can now predict exactly what he is going to say to me when I am having a hard time living this extraordinary life of God reigning in my soul. “Get back to the basics, Ann!” You finally begin to understand that pride, envy, jealousy, and sins like these are what prevents you from living this life because they cannot exist in God’s life! No sin can!

Getting back to the basics only means getting back to your nothingness and to God is the ALL, to abandonment in God, fusing and diffusing yourself in God and throughout His creatures and creation! It’s just getting back to thinking of Him, your family, and your neighbors before yourself! You are fourth, the rest comes first, especially God! So, the first three points are very important and if you are thinking that you already know these things and it is a waste of your time, then you really need to “get back to the basics!”

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in yours. May God bless you and yours abundantly and keep you safe and healthy! And may He help us all realize the importance of keeping ourselves in the basics of striving to live this extraordinary Life and not going out!
Ann Ellison

Meaning of Fusing: join or blend to form a single entity.
Meaning of diffusing: spread or cause to spread over a wide area or among a large number of people.

Volume 11
March 14, 1914
As the soul who lives in the Divine Will fuses herself in Jesus, she takes possession of all that belongs to Jesus, and He cannot refuse her anything.
Today I fused myself entirely in Jesus, to the extent that I felt Jesus real and alive within me. As I felt Him within me, He spoke to me in such a tender and moving way that I felt my poor heart break: My daughter, it is impossible for Me not to please a soul who does my Will. As you see, I no longer have hands, feet, Heart, eyes, or mouth. I have nothing left of my Will: Since you took everything—you took possession of everything. I have nothing left which is not yours. That is why just punishments are not being poured out upon the many great evils flooding the earth—because it is hard for Me not to please you. Besides, how can I do it if I have no hands? You don’t believe Me, do you? If I needed hands, I would be forced to steal them from you, or to convince you to give them to Me. How hard it is—how hard it is for Me to displease anyone who does my Will! I would displease my very Self.
These words of Jesus left me stunned. Moreover, I could see that I really had the hands, feet and eyes of Jesus; so, I said to Him: “Jesus, let me come.” And He answered: “Let Me increase my life in you a little more—and then you will come.”

March 19, 1914
The soul who diffuses herself in the Divine Will forms the delight of the Most Holy Trinity.
It seems that blessed Jesus wants to speak about his Most Holy Will. I was diffusing myself throughout his interior—in his thoughts, desires, and affections, in his Will, in his Love, in everything—when Jesus told me with infinite sweetness: O if you knew the happiness I receive from one who does my Will! Your heart would break with joy. As you diffused yourself in my thoughts, desires, and so on, you formed the delight of my thoughts, while my desires, fusing in yours, played with them. United with your will and your love, your affections streamed and merged into my affections, into my Will and into my Love, kissing each other; and pouring like a rapid river into the immense sea of the Eternal One. All of your thoughts, desires, and affections were playing with the Divine Persons—now with the Father, now with Me, and now with the Holy Spirit.
Not wanting to turn within, We play with her—all Three of Us together, making her Our own special jewel. This jewel—our delight—is so dear to Us that We keep it with jealousy “ad intra,” in the most intimate part of our Will; and when creatures embitter Us and offend Us, to cheer Ourselves up, We take our jewel, and We enjoy Ourselves together.

Volume 12
March, 18 1917
By fusing herself in Me, the soul repeats all that I did, and continue to do. What happiness those souls will enjoy with Me in Heaven who have lived their lives in Me, embracing all creatures and all reparations with Me! They will continue their lives in Me; and as creatures think or offend Me with their thoughts, those thoughts will be reflected in their minds, and they will continue the reparations they did on earth. United with Me, they will form the honor guard before the Divine Throne; and as creatures on earth offend Me, they will honor Me in Heaven. They will guard my Throne; they will have the places of honor; they will be the ones who comprehend Me the most—and the most glorious. Their glory will be completely fused in Mine, and Mine in theirs.

To this end, may your life on earth be completely fused in Mine. Do not do any act without making it flow into Me; and every time you fuse yourself in Me, I will pour new graces and new light into you. I will become the vigilant sentry of your heart to keep the least shadow of sin far away from you. I will guard you as my own Humanity, and I will command the Angels to surround you like a crown, that you may be protected from everything and everyone.

Volume 1 (No date)
I want you to abandon yourself in my arms as if you were dead. If you do not keep your attention on Me and on what I am doing—and not on what creatures say and do—I cannot work freely in you.
Don’t you want to trust Me? Don’t you know how much I love you? Don’t you see that everything I allow—either through creatures, from demons, or directly from Me—is truly for your good—and serves only to lead each soul to the state I have chosen for her? With this in mind I want you to rest in my arms with your eyes closed. I want you to stop questioning—stop looking this way and that. I want you to trust Me completely and to let Me work freely in you. If you insist on resisting my advice, you will waste precious time—and you will end up opposing my will for you. In regard to creatures, practice profound silence. Be kind and submissive to everyone. Let your life, breaths, thoughts and affections be continuous acts of reparation to satisfy my justice. And offer Me—with them—the many offenses that you will receive from creatures.

Volume 1 (No date)
Before I can pour my graces into your heart, I want you to understand that you can do nothing by yourself. I distrust those souls who attribute what they do to themselves and who steal my graces. On the other hand, with those who know themselves, I am generous in pouring out my graces in torrents. Knowing very well that they can attribute nothing to themselves, they are grateful to Me. They fittingly esteem my grace and live in constant fear that—if they do not cooperate with Me—I may strip them of all my gifts.
It is entirely different in hearts that reek with pride. I cannot even enter into their hearts because they are so full of themselves that they leave no room for Me. These wretched souls take no account of my graces. They go from fall to fall, to their ruin. That is why today I want you to make continuous acts of humility. I want you to act like a baby in swaddling clothes, who cannot take a step or move a hand—but who depends entirely on his mother. In this way, you will stay close to Me like a baby—always asking Me to help you; always confessing your nothingness—in short, depending on Me for everything.

Volume 14
March 3, 1922
My daughter, it is best that I devote Myself anew to working the soil of your soul, so that I can plant the seed of My word for your nourishment. I do as a peasant when he wants to sow his field. He plows ruts and furrows, then plants the seed. Later he returns to cover the furrows and ruts where he planted the seed to protect it, give it time to germinate and—when it is multiplied a hundredfold—to harvest it. He is careful not to cover the seed with too much soil lest he suffocate it and kill it underground, for then he would run the risk of having nothing to eat.
That is how I act. When I plow the ruts and form the furrows I open and enhance the soul’s intellectual capacity, so that I can plant my divine word and form food for Me and for the soul. Then I cover the furrows and ruts with soil. This is the humility, the nothingness, the annihilation of the soul. I use any misery or weakness of the soul, for this also is soil; but it must come from the soul because I do not have this kind of soil. Thus, I cover everything and joyfully await my harvest. But, do you want to know what happens when you place too much soil over the seed? When the soul feels its miseries, its weakness, its nothingness, it worries, and devotes so much thought to these that the enemy uses the situation to tempt the soul, to discourage it and to make it lose confidence. This is unnecessary soil over My seed. O how My seed feels itself dying, how difficult it is for it to germinate under so much soil. Many times these souls tire the heavenly farmer, and He withdraws. O how many of these souls there are!

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