(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

February 19, 2021



Dear Divine Will Family,
Well, how is your Lent going so far? I pray it is as you wish, doing everything for the love of God and for His Kingdom to come. I was told one time when I was sending money to the poor, “Ann, remember always to pray for the Kingdom of God to come and reign, for when it does, there will be no more poor souls, or suffering souls, or any sins; all will be peace, joy, love and abundance!” I have always remembered that and I know that God awaits His Kingdom with great anticipation. Can you imagine a world without sin, or suffering, but only love and joy and abundance?

I was blessed to see the Kingdom reigning on earth one time. God allowed me a peek of It one day after Holy Communion and I have never forgotten it. The joy and love were so overflowing in everyone that I could not hold back the tears of joy and happiness. It fills the whole inside your body and soul! There is nothing on earth but holiness, happiness, joy, peace, sharing, laughing, love, and so much abundance that there is no sweat of the brow any more. All creation is in order because man is in order, and so the earth knows exactly what it was created to do and it gives back 100-fold of what was planted in it.

Married men and women are able to see and understand God reigning in each other and they are always giving thanks and adoring the God within each other. And they gave themselves so completely to each other that there was nothing left to give…all of themselves! They knew they were also giving all of themselves to God, Who reigned in each other.

And I understood this so much better one day when I heard a talk on the writings of Great Pope Saint John Paul II. He explained that when the Blessed Mother gave Her Fiat to the Holy Spirit, Her Spouse, She was giving Her entire self to Him because through this giving of Herself completely to Her Spouse, She was giving Herself completely to God and in this way She was totally Consecrated to God. And that is how married couples are Consecrated to God is through the total self-giving of themselves to each other! The two become one, as God intended! And I can’t tell you the love, joy and happiness that I experienced in these married souls who were living their marriage as God created them to.

May all be as God Wills it in our lives! And may He be the One for whom we do everything this Lent! What a future He has planned for mankind!!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our prayers! God bless each of you abundantly and keep you all safe and healthy!
Fulfilling One’s Duty

Volume 12
August 14, 1917
Jesus: “As it is, many souls find themselves on a false path to sanctity. Many places it in pious practices—and woe to those who interfere with them! O how they deceive themselves! If their wills are not united with Jesus and transformed in Him—which constitutes continuous prayer—their sanctity remains a sham in spite of all their pious practices. Indeed, these souls slide very easily from pious practices into imperfections, self-indulgence, sowing of discord, and other faults. O how shameful this kind of sanctity is!
“Other souls equate sanctity with going to church and attending all the services, but their will is far from Jesus. Indeed, they show how little concern they have for their own duties; and if they are hindered, they get angry, and their sanctity evaporates. They complain and disobey and open wounds within their own families. O what a bogus sanctity! Others equate holiness with frequent confession, detailed spiritual direction, and in having scruples about everything. But these same souls have no scruples at all if their will conflicts with the Will of Jesus—and woe to those who contradict them! These souls are like inflated balloons: A little hole is enough to release the air, and their sanctity quickly deflates and falls to the ground. These poor balloons always have something to say, and they are very inclined to melancholy. They constantly struggle with doubts and for this reason they would like to have a director all to themselves, one who would advise them, soothe them, and console them in every little thing. But, even then, they soon grow more agitated than before! Poor sanctity, what a counterfeit you are!”
Luisa: “I would like to have my Savior’s tears to weep with Him over these false sanctities, and to show the whole world that true sanctity lies in doing the Divine Will and in living in the Divine Volition. This sanctity sinks its roots so deeply that it cannot be moved, because it fills Heaven and earth, and draws strength from every side. This soul is firm—immune to inconstancy or willful fault. She attends to her duties; and she is the most self-less and detached from everyone and everything—even from spiritual directors—and since her roots run so deep, she shoots up so high that her plants flower and bear fruit in Heaven. She is so hidden in God that the earth sees little or nothing of this soul. The Divine Will keeps her absorbed within Itself. Jesus remains the sole author, animator and craftsman of the sanctity of this enviable creature. She owns nothing of her own, but holds everything in common with Jesus. The Divine Will is her passion; the Will of her Jesus is her hallmark, and ”FIAT” is her continuous motto.

Volume 19
May 13, 1926
Jesus: “Apparently, this does not seem such a great thing; but, on the contrary, it is everything—because one who is called to a mission and who fulfills the duties that come with that mission shows that he does it for God; and sanctity lies in the fulfillment of one’s duties.
“Therefore, it is not the diversity of states that endanger sanctity, but the lack of the Divine Will and the lack of fulfillment of one’s own duties to which God calls the creature. All states are holy, even matrimony, provided that there be the Divine Will within and the exact sacrifice of one’s duties. But the greater part are indolent and lazy and not only do not become holy, but form of the state of each, for some a purgatory and for some a hell.
“My daughter, the first duty of the soul is to adore Him who has created her. The first act that expresses holiness is one’s duty. Duty invokes order, and order raises the most beautiful harmony between Creator and creature: a harmony of will, of love, of ways of acting, and of imitation. Duty is the substance of sanctity, and since all created things naturally possess and bear the imprint of true adoration, so the soul united with them can give the most perfect adoration to Him who has created her. That is why every created thing is one profound act of adoration that they send up to Him who has created them. And the soul who unites herself to them in virtue of Our Will places them all in adoration, giving to God the adoration that each one is duty bound to give. And raising herself above all, she brings everyone to Us, and she begins to beat in Our heartbeat and to breathe in Our breath.”

Being Always Obedient

Volume 2
March 19, 1899
Jesus: “The world has fallen to such a sorry state because it has lost the spirit of obedience to authority. And since God is the highest authority—and they have rebelled against Him—they no longer obey the Church, the law, or their so-called leaders. O my daughter, what will become of these gangrenous members, infected by the bad example of the very ones who ought to be leading them—superiors, parents, and so many others? Ah! They will reach the point where they will lose all respect for parents, brothers, princes, and kings. These members will become like so many venomous snakes poisoning each other. That is why I have no choice in these days but to send chastisements and to destroy this rebellious people. Then the few who survive will learn to be humble and to obey. So, let Me work—and do not try to resist my chastisements.”

Volume 19
March 28, 1926
Jesus: “This is the way We usually do Our works: Carrying out the minor things as a preparation for the greater ones. Did I not do the same with you? Certainly, I did not speak to you in the beginning of the Supreme Fiat, or of the heights of sanctity that I wanted you to reach in My Will. Nor did I speak one word to you about the exalted mission to which I have called you. But I treated you like a little baby, in whom I took My delight by teaching you obedience, the love of suffering, detachment from everything, and death to your own ego; and, as you paid attention, I rejoiced, because I saw a place prepared in you where I could plant My Fiat and the sublime lessons that I wanted to teach you about My Will.”

August 8, 1926
Jesus: “Now, when the soul does not let herself be governed by My Will, she loses the unique divine strength in all her actions. That is why all of her acts which do not go forth with one united force remain divided among themselves—as broken love, divided action, and disjointed prayer. That is why all of the divided acts of the soul are poor, wretched, and dark. That is why patience is poor, charity weak, obedience unsteady, humility blind, prayer mute, and sacrifice without life or vigor—because when virtue lacks My Will, it lacks the unique strength that unites everything with the same power in every one of a man’s acts. And that is why his acts not only remain divided among themselves, but become spoiled by the human will. And thus each one of his acts remains defective.


Volume 1 (No date)
Jesus: “I do not want you to think about your sins anymore. When a soul has humbled herself—having been convicted of her guilt—and has cleansed her soul in the Sacrament of Confession with a firm intention to die rather than offend Me—such a soul offends my mercy if she thinks of her sins. Such thoughts keep her from drawing close to my love, because her mind is always trying to wallow in the mud of the past. Such a soul keeps Me from letting her fly toward Heaven, because she weighs herself down with the constant thought of her sins. Besides, I no longer remember anything about your sins. I have completely forgotten them. Do you see any shadow of bitterness on my part?

Volume 1 continued
My beloved, the things of the past have done no more than prepare you a little

Volume 8
July 1, 1907
Jesus: “When in the world has my Will ever brought forth sins or imperfections? My Will is always holy, and one who lives in my Will is already sanctified. She enjoys, contemplates, and feeds upon all that my Will contains. And even though she has committed sins in the past, when she finds herself in the beauty, sanctity, and immensity of the goods in my Will, she forgets the ugliness of her past and remembers only the present—unless she goes out of my Will. Then, as she returns to her own being, no wonder she remembers sins and miseries. Remember that these thoughts of sins and self cannot enter my Will—and if they trouble her, this means that she is not stable and fixed in Me, but makes some exits.

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