(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
March 19, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,

This is one of my favorite subjects in the Divine Will – knowledge!! One of the most important elements of living in the Divine Will. The more you know, the deeper and deeper you go down that rabbit hole until there is no getting out!! That’s exactly what we want!! No way out!! Reading and learning through any means possible is most important. Although, it has to be good and faithful knowledge of the Divine Will. These writings are very, very profound. You really need someone who is trained and who understands these writings, like a good Priest or theologian, if you have any questions to ask. I know some things; I certainly do not know it all, but one good thing is that I can find out things from an expert! I go to certain experts all the time if I don’t understand something. It would terrify me to rely on what I “think” I know.

One of the reasons for the moratorium is because people are misinterpreting the writings and causing scandal with the heresies they were teaching. I believe, and this is my humble opinion, it is better not to know these writings at all than to spread heresies about them. It came to the point that the Church almost shut the Cause of Luisa down…so it is very dangerous to interpret these writings on your own if you do not really understand what Jesus is teaching us.

But Jesus can help us understand if He sees a sincerity in our intentions to learn as much as we can for His glory and for His Kingdom to come! Remember, we must disappear. It is not about us…it is not about our own sanctification (Jesus will take care of that!), but about the sanctification of all souls, and the glory of the Father and for His Kingdom to come and be done on earth as It is done in Heaven by all souls….the answer to the Our Father! That’s what it is all about. Our intentions, living in the Divine Will, is what is going to spread the knowledge and bring more and more souls into this Life! They must be pure and have nothing to do with us! It is a universal and trans-temporal life, lived in the ambience of Eternity with God, living with His Intentions. God doesn’t have to think about Himself….He is All Holy, All Everything! He just thinks about souls and His Kingdom! He desire It to come and to be lived on earth as It is lived in Heaven so that He will live again that intimacy with His creatures for which He created us! It will come! .Jesus says It will, so It will! Enough said! Sorry, I do get carried away!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God infuse in our souls such a love to acquire knowledge that we read and study these writing every day!!
Ann Ellison

Volume 11
August 20, 1912
Then He added: “Man proposes, God disposes. As soon as the soul proposes to do something good—to be holy—I immediately provide the things that she needs to accomplish her purpose: light, graces, knowledge of Me, and freedom from attachments. And if I do not achieve her purpose with these, then I use mortifications so as not to deny anything to that soul, and to grant her what she had proposed. But O how many souls use violence to escape from this design that my Love has woven around them! Few are the souls who do not give up and who let Me accomplish my work.”

November 15, 1916
The soul forms her own paradise on earth.
I was complaining to my sweet Jesus that He no longer loved me as before, and He, full of goodness, said to me: “My daughter, it is impossible for Me not to love someone who loves Me. On the contrary, I feel so attracted to her, that I respond with a triple love to the smallest act of love she does for Me. And I implant a divine vein in her heart which gives her divine knowledge, divine sanctity and virtue; and, the more the soul loves Me, the more this divine vein expands, strengthening all the powers of the soul and diffusing them for the good of other creatures. I have placed this vein in you, and when you miss my presence and do not hear my voice, this vein will make up for all you lack, and it will be a voice for you and for all other creatures.”

Volume 12
August 25, 1921
The more knowledge one has about the Divine Will, the more value his acts acquire.
I was fusing myself entirely in the Holy Divine Volition, and my Jesus told me: “Daughter of my Volition, the more you immerse yourself in my Volition, the more the circle of your will expands within Mine. It is even true that the acts done in my Will fill everything, just as the light of the Sun fills the earth. But, by repeating her acts in my Will, the circumference of the Sun itself expands and the soul acquires a greater intensity of light and heat. Her will is bound to Mine every time she repeats her acts in my Will—and these knots make many divine streams flow over the whole earth, which impede the free course of Justice.” And I answered: “But O my Jesus, many chastisements fill the earth—and strike fear in the people.”

“Ah! my daughter—yet one can say that this is still nothing. And if it wasn’t for these rivulets—these knots of the human will made in the Divine Will—I would look at the earth as if it did not belong to Me anymore, and I would make chasms open everywhere to swallow it up. O how the earth weighs Me down!”

But He was saying this with such bitterness that He could have made the stones weep. Then He added: “Every time I speak to you about my Volition and you gain new understanding and knowledge, your act in my Will gains more value and you acquire riches still more vast. It is like the case of a man who owns a gem, and who knows that this gem is worth a penny—he has a one-penny fortune. Then one day he shows his gem to a skilled appraiser who tells him that his gem is worth five thousand dollars. Now the man no longer possesses a penny—he is worth five thousand dollars. Later on, he has a chance to show his gem to another, still-more-experienced appraiser who assures him that his gem is worth one hundred thousand dollars, and that he is ready to buy it if he wants to sell. Now that man is worth one hundred thousand dollars! In proportion to his knowledge of the gem’s value, he grows richer, and feels more love and appreciation for his gem. He cares for it more jealously, knowing that his whole fortune is contained in that gem—which once he had looked upon as a trifle. But the gem has not changed. What it once was, it is now. It is the man who has changed—by coming to understand the value of his gem. Now the same thing happens with my Will—and with the virtues as well. To the extent that the soul understands their value and comes to know them better, her acts come to gain new value and new riches. That is why, the more you know my Will, the more value your acts will acquire. O if you knew what seas of graces I open between you and Me every time I speak to you about the effects of my Will, you would die of joy and make merry—as if you had acquired new kingdoms to rule!”

Volume 13
October 29, 1921
Jesus: “My daughter, everyone is stingy with Me—even the good. How much misery they show Me, how many restrictions; how many things they hold back of all that I tell them and of all that they understand about Me! And you—how many times are you stingy with Me? Every time you either do not write what I tell you, or do not reveal it—that is an act of stinginess toward Me; because each additional knowledge that one acquires about Me is one more glory, and one more Love that I receive from creatures. That is why you should be more attentive and more generous with Me—and I will be more generous with you.”

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