(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
March 19, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
We had to recognize the wonderful Solemnity of Good St. Joseph!! We wish you the happiest of all days spent with St. Joseph. His role in the Redemption was crucial and should be remembered every day! All honor and love to the Great St. Joseph!

Below are some writings on St. Joseph from the Volumes! You enjoy and we will keep all of you in our daily prayers! May God continue to make St. Joseph more and more known and loved by all souls!
Ann Ellison

Volume 1 (no date)
Jesus: “These conversations of yours fill your mind with things that do not concern Me. They surround your heart with harmful sentiments and stifle the graces I have lavished on you, making them weak and lifeless. Ah, imitate Me as I lived in my home at Nazareth. I occupied my mind only with what concerned the glory of my Father and the salvation of souls. I opened my mouth only to say holy things and to atone for offenses committed against my Father. Thus, I attracted hearts and drew them to my love—especially my Mother and St. Joseph. Shall I tell you about the talks that I had with my Mother and my foster father? All that we said recalled God, and all that we did was done for God and all was referred to Him. Can you not do as much?”

Volume 4
December 25, 1900
Luisa: “But who could describe the beauty of the little Baby, who, in the moment of his birth even externally shone forth the rays of the Divinity? Who could describe the beauty of his Mother who remained totally absorbed in those Divine rays? With respect to St. Joseph, it seemed to me that he was not present during the actual birth, but was in another part of the cave, totally absorbed in that profound Mystery which—if he did not see it with the eyes of his body—he clearly saw with the eyes of his soul, because he was enraptured in sublime ecstasy.

December 26, 1900
Luisa continues her visit to the grotto.
As I continued to see the holy Baby, I saw the Queen Mother on one side and St. Joseph on the other, both profoundly adoring the Divine Infant. Being totally focused on Him, it seemed to me that the continued presence of the little Child kept them absorbed in continuous ecstasy. If they engaged in any other activity, it was only because of a prodigy that the Lord worked in them; otherwise, they would have remained immobile, unable to fulfill their external duties. I, too, completed my adoration and returned to my body.

Volume 17
December 24, 1924
Jesus: “My daughter, the act of My being born was the most solemn act in all creation; Heaven and earth felt themselves prostrate in profound adoration at the sight of My tiny Humanity—which held My Divinity in a kind of prison. Indeed, the act of My birth was an act of silence, profound adoration and prayer. My Mother prayed and remained enraptured by the force of the prodigy that came forth from Her. St. Joseph adored, the Angels adored; and all creation felt the force of the love of My creative power renewed in them. Everyone felt honored and received true honor, because the One who created them needed them to care for His Humanity.

“In the Incarnation I placed Myself at the mercy of My dear Mother. St. Joseph, to whom I made the gift of My Life, joined her at My birth. And since My works are Eternal and have no end, this Divinity, this Word, who descended from Heaven, did not leave the earth so as to have the chance to give Myself continuously to all creatures. As long as I lived, I gave Myself generously; and later, a few hours before My death, I worked the great miracle of leaving Myself sacramentally, for those who would want to receive the great gift of My Life. I did not consider the offense that they committed or their rejection in not wanting to receive Me. I said to Myself: ‘I have given Myself, and I do not want to leave ever again. Let them do what they want with Me, but I will always be theirs and at their service.’”

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