(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 14, 2021


“…not even humility can enter Our Will—
only those who know themselves to be nothing!”

Dear Divine Will Family,
This is the last of the 30 Points for the Rapid Growth in Divine Will. If these are truly going to work for you, it is most important to continue studying them. Until this knowledge is rooted deeply in your soul, are you going to truly LIVE in the Divine Will constantly as Jesus expects? Can you say you are living in His Holy Will in a constant manner? Through study and practice in the Divine Will will we all achieve this. When Jesus sees your loving efforts, because you love His Will so much, He will help tremendously.

What is your foundation in your Catholic Faith? Is it sparse to say the least? Were you catechized properly in your Faith? Many were raised in the Faith when it began getting watered down, even to the point where some less serious sins were excused or was “not a big deal”! And now even Mortal Sins are overlooked and not spoken about. Hell does not even exist to some Catholics!! Many are lackadaisical, there’s rarely any reverence in Church anymore. No one seems to know there is a Tabernacle in the front…praise God that we do have our Tabernacle front and center…but I do wonder what good it does for most of the souls who attend our Masses. I wonder how people would act if Jesus appeared in front of them, right there on the Altar?? Would they even recognize Him? I pray they would all bow with great reverence….but I want to say to them now, “He is here, right in front of you…don’t you see Him!!”

I wept through most of Divine Mercy Sunday Mass! Very few souls joined us during this very special Gift from God, and we tried to convey to them the importance of this day. Hardly anyone took a pamphlet. How must Jesus have felt? It crushed me for Him. And the souls going out of Mass laughing with friends, still in Church, not paying any attention to Jesus? Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do! I rarely look up to watch anyone, truly. I am not interested in people watching. I am normally in my prayers after receiving Our Lord, but for some reason, I watched today…I don’t know why, but I did. Every act, and Jesus means it, every act that we do, good, bad or indifferent, we will stand in judgement before God! That is a terrifying thought. And another reason I don’t watch people.

It would be good if we not only study the Volumes, but the Catholic Catechism as well. The good Archbishop Pichierri recommended that they be studied together. He was a very smart man who really loved Luisa and her doctrine, may he rest in peace! It’s very important to understand the foundation of the Catholic Faith, before we are able to live deeply in the Divine Will!

A dear friend and an expert on this Gift of Living in the Divine Will just spoke about how many souls striving to live in the Divine Will continue to struggle because they really do not understand the very foundation of their Faith. If you don’t realize you are committing a sin, how are you going to live in the Divine Will? Study the Ten Commandments in detail. There are pamphlets to help understand most of the sins associated with the Ten Commandments. That would be wonderful to study, to see if there is a little venial sin that you continue to commit that you don’t even realize is a venial sin.

Jesus will allow some involuntary sins to remain with us so that we do not get proud and forget about who we really are…compared to God! That really helps keep us in our nothingness.

We are expected to become saints…true saints through Life in the Divine Will, but it also takes effort on our part to accomplish this. Understanding our Faith fully and completely, understanding the Ten Commandments and all the sins to which they pertain, and studying the Volumes that we have as much as duties and time permits. Jesus will make up for what we lack…no doubt about that! Through all this, we will gain self-knowledge; Jesus will help us put ourselves in order and we will live much more fully in the Divine Will and we will have that peace, joy and happiness which comes from being a true and legitimate child of God!!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in yours! May God help us in our endeavor to live much deeper in His Holy Will through knowledge of our Faith, the Gift of the Divine Will and of ourselves! Fiat always!!
Ann Ellison

PS: We have an examination of conscience that has a list of some of the sins associated with each Ten Commandments, called “A Detailed Catholic Examination of Conscience;” and we also have a booklet called “The Catholic Faith at a Glance.” It does not take the place of the Catholic Catechism in the least, but was made for people to use as a quick reference to some of what our Faith teaches us. If you are interested in either of these booklets, please call Kathy at 423+566-5178.

PSS: If anyone is missing any of these Points, please write to me and I will be happy to send you the missing ones.
Volume 12
November 27, 1917
The Sanctity of living in the Divine Will is free from self-interest.

I continue to write out of obedience. It seems as if my ever-beloved Jesus wants to speak about living in his Most Holy Will. When He speaks about his Most Holy Will, He seems to forget everything and makes one forget about everything, too. He leaves the soul with nothing but the thought of the sheer necessity—the unique blessing—of living in his Will. That is why, after I wrote about his Will on November 20, my sweet Jesus was disappointed with me and told me: “My daughter, you did not say everything. I do not want you to omit anything when I speak to you about my Will—not even the tiniest things–because all of them will serve for the good of posterity. In the past there have always been Saints who started each kind of sanctity. For example, there was the Saint who started the sanctity of penitence; another who started the sanctity of obedience; another of humility, and so with all the other sanctities. Now I want you to be the founder of the Sanctity of living in my Will.

My daughter, all the other sanctities are afflicted by time-wasting and self-interest—as, for example, a soul who strives to be obedient in all things. She wastes much time. Her constant requests for direction distract her from Me, she mistakes a virtue for Myself, and if she does not have the opportunity to take orders constantly, she becomes restless. Another soul suffers from temptations—O how much time she wastes! She never tires of talking about all her trials, and she mistakes that virtue for Me. And many times, these sanctities end in disaster. But the Sanctity of living in my Will is free from self-interest and waste of time. Nor is there any danger that souls might mistake a virtue for Me, because I Myself am the living in my Will.

This was the Sanctity of my Humanity on earth, and that is why It did everything for everyone, without a shadow of self-interest. Self-interest strips away the mark of Divine Sanctity. That is why it can never be a Sun; at most—as beautiful as it may be—it can be a star. And this is why I want the Sanctity of living in my Will. In these times, so sad, this generation needs these Suns to warm it, enlighten it, and make it fruitful. The disinterestedness of these terrestrial angels, living entirely for the good of others, without a shadow of self-interest—will open in hearts the way to receive my grace.

Ah! my daughter, the present generation deserves to be completely destroyed; and if I allow some small remnant to survive, it will be to form these Suns of the Sanctity of living in my Will, who, through my example, will repay Me for all that other creatures, past, present and future, owed Me. Then will the earth give Me true glory, and my “FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA, on earth as it is in Heaven” will achieve its complete fulfillment.

Volume 14
March 3, 1922
The Celestial Farmer Plants His Word.
While I continued in my usual state, my sweet Jesus came but without saying a word, taciturn and very grieved. I said to Him: “What troubles You, Jesus, that You don’t speak to me? You are my Life; your word is my nourishment, and I can’t fast so long. I am very weak, and I feel the need of continuous nourishment to grow and maintain my strength.”

Jesus, all goodness, said to me: “My daughter, I also feel the need for nourishment; and, after nourishing you with my word, that same word, having been assimilated by you and having been converted into blood, generates my own nourishment. If you cannot fast, neither do I want to fast. I want a return for the nourishment I have given you. Afterwards, I will return to nourish you anew. Now I am very hungry. Quickly, take away My hunger!”

I was confused and didn’t know what to give Him, because I have never possessed anything. But Jesus, with both hands, took my heartbeat, my breathing, my thoughts, my affections, my desires, transformed into as many little globes of light; and He consumed them, saying: “All this is the fruit of My word. It is Mine, and it is only fair that I consume it.

“My daughter, it is best that I devote Myself anew to working the soil of your soul, so that I can plant the seed of My word for your nourishment. I do as a peasant when he wants to sow his field. He plows ruts and furrows, then plants the seed. Later he returns to cover the furrows and ruts where he planted the seed to protect it, give it time to germinate and—when it is multiplied a hundredfold—to harvest it. He is careful not to cover the seed with too much soil lest he suffocate it and kill it underground, for then he would run the risk of having nothing to eat. That is how I act. When I plow the ruts and form the furrows I open and enhance the soul’s intellectual capacity, so that I can plant my divine word and form food for Me and for the soul. Then I cover the furrows and ruts with soil. This is the humility, the nothingness, the annihilation of the soul. I use any misery or weakness of the soul, for this also is soil; but it must come from the soul because I do not have this kind of soil. Thus, I cover everything and joyfully await my harvest. But, do you want to know what happens when you place too much soil over the seed? When the soul feels its miseries, its weakness, its nothingness, it worries, and devotes so much thought to these that the enemy uses the situation to tempt the soul, to discourage it and to make it lose confidence. This is unnecessary soil over My seed. O how My seed feels itself dying, how difficult it is for it to germinate under so much soil. Many times these souls tire the heavenly farmer, and He withdraws. O how many of these souls there are!”

I said: “My Love, am I one of those souls?”

He replied: “No, no! Whoever lives in My will is incapable of suffocating My seed. On the contrary, many times I don’t find any humility in these souls, but only their nothingness which produces so little soil that I can barely cover my seed with a thin layer. The sun of My Will germinates it quickly, and after a big harvest I immediately plant another seed. Rest assured of this. Don’t you see how I continually plant new seeds of truth in your soul?”

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