(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 12, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,

How can you hear God and know His Will for your life, if you have not developed silence in your mind and in your heart?

Knowing and learning from Thomas Fahy for almost 27 years, I know the value of silence. No one could have taught me that better than Tom! I truly believe that through his silence, he developed the constant thought of God! I know that virtue is a gift from God, but because Tom was so silent most of the time, thinking only of God and His Holy Will, God granted this gift to Tom. I feel this way strongly because I lived with Tom and Kathy for so many years, and every time I approached Tom, if he wasn’t busy with the business end of having this organization, he was in the Volumes learning more or contemplating a concept or an insight that God had given him. He was always, always, always thinking of God and the knowledge he was learning from the Volumes.

Talking to Tom about worldly things, or just simple conversation was a waste of his time and he would shut you off in a minute! The only thing I can think of that he would talk about at times other than God or the Volumes were his cute little grade-school jokes he enjoyed so much, or maybe about souls who needed prayer or help in some way. If you called him, he only wanted to talk about God, concepts or insights into the Gift of Living in the Divine Will. I think a lot of his friends can confirm that….of course he was very interested in the prophecies of Garabandal, but only because they pertained to the coming of the Kingdom.

His silence taught me more than I can say. In one of the excerpts I have here Jesus states, “….silence says the grandest things that speech cannot say!” The silence of Tom said, “I love God above all else, especially the things of this world and I only want to contemplate Him and His Will!”
I pray that God will grant all of us the love of silence so we too can contemplate only God and His Will!!
We love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours!
Ann Ellison

PS: I pray your Divine Mercy Sunday was as beautiful as ours! We thank Jesus with all our hearts for this magnificent Feast day given to souls from His most profound, loving and compassionate Mercy!

PSS: In the Volume 2 reading about forming an interior dwelling for Jesus, it states that the foundations are laid in humility! This extremely important virtue, which keeps all the other virtues in their place, is one that if we don’t have it, we cannot live in the Divine Will. At the bottom of this email, I have copied and pasted a list of “17 points that show a lack of humility!” This was written by Saint Josemaria Escriva. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Volume 1 (No Dates)
Jesus: “Don’t you want to trust Me? Don’t you know how much I love you? Don’t you see that everything I allow—either through creatures, from demons, or directly from Me—is truly for your good—and serves only to lead each soul to the state I have chosen for her? With this in mind I want you to rest in my arms with your eyes closed. I want you to stop questioning—stop looking this way and that. I want you to trust Me completely and to let Me work freely in you. If you insist on resisting my advice, you will waste precious time—and you will end up opposing my Will for you. In regard to creatures, practice profound silence. Be kind and submissive to everyone. Let your life, breaths, thoughts and affections be continuous acts of reparation to satisfy my Justice. And offer Me—with them—the many offenses that you will receive from creatures.”

Volume 2
October 29, 1899
Forming an interior dwelling for Jesus.
Jesus, “Once the soul has detached herself from everything, then do I enter, and together, with the souls will, we build a house. The foundations are laid in humility, and the deeper they are, the higher and stronger the walls will be. The walls will be built with the stones of mortification, and cemented with the purest gold of charity. Once the walls have been built, I, like a most excellent painter, plaster it and paint the most excellent murals–not with lime and water, but with the merits of my Passion, represented by the lime, and the colors of my Blood, represented by the water. This serves to protect the wall from rain, from snow, and from any shock. Then come the doors, and in order for them to be solid like wood and not subject to wood-worms, silence is necessary, which puts the exterior senses to death.

The ornaments of this house will be the most precious stones, the most expensive pearls and gems drawn from this life of Mine, and produced by pure suffering. And since the Giver of all good things dwells in this house, He fills it with the dowry of all virtues, He perfumes it with the gentlest scents, makes lovely flowers give off their fragrance, produces a most ravishing heavenly melody, and makes one breathe the air of Paradise.

I forgot to say that one must make sure that peace reigns in that house—and this consists of recollection and the silence of the inner senses.

Volume 18
16th September, 1925
Luisa, I continued to think about the pains of My adorable Jesus’ Passion while I bore the nail of His abandonment in my heart. My beloved Jesus showed Himself to me in my interior all silent and so afflicted that He aroused my pity, and I said to Him: “My Love, why are You quiet? It seems to me that You do not want to tell me anything more and do not want to trust me with Your secrets and sufferings.”
And Jesus, all goodness, but afflicted, said to me: “My daughter, silence says the grandest things that speech cannot say. Silence is the decision of the soul who does not want to be distracted and, so, remains quiet. It is the silence of a father with his beloved son, who finds himself in the company of other unruly sons, and whose silence signals his desire to punish them.”

1st October, 1925
Jesus, “So, get rid of the thought that I am abandoning you. Rather than think that I leave you, I would rather that you be convinced that I am hidden more deeply within you and bring silence into the little vessel of your soul. The truth is that nothing has been displaced in you: The preparations that were there are still all in order. This is so true that it is enough that My Will wants it, and I make a little round in the preparations that are there and they are already with you.

Besides, how can I leave you? Whoever does My Will and lives in It keeps intact the bonds of Creation that exist between Creator and creature, as well as the bonds of Redemption and the bonds between the Sanctifier and those who are sanctified. My Will seals all these bonds and makes the soul inseparable from Me. So, rest assured that your Jesus does not leave you.

Volume 19
July 20, 1926
How beautiful it was to be united to Jesus in profound silence.


17 Signs of a Lack of Humility
Jose Maria Escriva
Thinking that what you do or say is better than what others do or say.
Always wanting to get your own way.
Arguing when you are not right or — when you are — insisting stubbornly or with bad manners.
Giving your opinion without being asked for it, when charity does not demand you to do so.
Despising the point of view of others.
Not being aware that all the gifts and qualities you have are on loan.
Not acknowledging that you are unworthy of all honor or esteem, even the ground you are treading on or the things you own.
Mentioning yourself as an example in conversation.
Speaking badly about yourself, so that they may form a good opinion of you, or contradict you.
Making excuses when rebuked.
Hiding some humiliating faults from your director, so that he may not lose the good opinion he has of you.
Hearing praise with satisfaction, or being glad that others have spoken well of you.
Being hurt that others are held in greater esteem than you.
Refusing to carry out menial tasks.
Seeking or wanting to be singled out.
Letting drop words of self-praise in conversation, or words that might show your honesty, your wit or skill, your professional prestige.
Being ashamed of not having certain possessions.

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