(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

March 29, 2021



Dear Divine Will Family,
Receptacles!! That is what we want to become…empty receptacles so God can fill us with Himself, and with all that He possesses, as much as a creature’s disposition will allow. How deeply we live in the Divine Will depends on our disposition and cooperation with the graces from Our Lady. Remember, Our Heavenly Mother is all that God is by grace, and She wants so badly for us to imitate Her. Of course, our graces would be to an infinitely smaller degree than that of the Mother of God, and our Mother! Isn’t it incredible that we have such a Mother in Heaven who loves us so much and would do anything to help us sanctify our souls for the glory of the Thrice Holy God! All we have to do is cooperate! So much easier said than done….how well I understand that! But, I believe She really looks at the desire of our hearts and souls, realizing that we do strive to be who God created us to be, but looking at our weaknesses and our lowliness, and feeling so sorry for us, She helps us even more! We are so very, very blessed to have such a Mother!

Our disposition and cooperation depends on love! How much do we love God and how much do we really want to live deeply in His Holy Will? To that degree, do we live in the Divine Will!

But, the whole theme here is to love God enough to truly empty ourselves of ourselves so that God can fill us to the full with Himself and all that He contains! Jesus explains very well below!

I would like to speak about something that is off the subject. It is very important to pray for any and all people do not understand Luisa or her doctrine, but are spreading false information about Luisa, her Cause and the presenters of the Doctrine. People who do not understand can harm the Cause of Luisa without even realizing it. It was almost shut down once before because of people who did not understand her. There is a video going around of someone, who admittedly has not read much of Luisa’s volumes, but still gives judgements against the presenters of Luisa’s doctrine which shows this poor soul does not understand Luisa’s writings at all.

This person suggested that the order she founded would be the organization to evaluate the writings of Luisa, which also shows that she has no knowledge of the history of the writings and all that has happened in the past 27 years since Luisa’s Cause was opened. Luisa’s Volumes have been approved so many times, it is hard to keep up with the count, including the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints in 2010. And in 2016, a “Dictionary of Mysticism” was published by the Vatican and Luisa was given her very own entry in that book. Enough said. Please pray that people will educate themselves before speaking about Luisa and her Volumes.

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God give us the immense graces needed to become empty receptacles of His most Holy and Divine Will!!
Ann Ellison
Volume 6
October 12, 1905
Self-knowledge empties the soul of herself and fills her with God.
Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a brief visit and told me: “My daughter, self-knowledge empties the soul of herself and fills her with God. Moreover, the soul contains many receptacles and everything that can be seen in the world resides in one of these receptacles—more or less in each one according to the concept of each thing that she makes for herself. Now, the soul who knows herself and who is filled with God, knows that she is “nothing,” or rather, a fragile, rotten and stinking vase, and so she is wary of letting more filthiness (that is the material things of this world) into her interior. Now one who had a festering sore and who kept putting filth into his wound would be quite crazy. And self-knowledge leads to knowledge of the things of this world, and the understanding that they are full of vanity, fleeting, good only in appearance, ephemeral, and deceitful. That is why, with her knowledge of the nature of earthly things, she is so wary of letting them enter into herself, and keeps all of her receptacles filled with the virtues of God.

Volume 15
January 5, 1923
The Divine Will working in the creature is the greatest of all miracles. Jesus prays that His Will be one with Luisa’s, because It can go forth from her to give life to all. Attentiveness is the path to knowledge.
Continuing in my usual state, I could hear my adorable Jesus praying within me, saying: “My Father, I pray that Our Will be one with the will of this little daughter of Our Volition. She is a legitimate child of Our Will. Ah, for the honor and decorum of Our Eternal Will, may nothing come out of her which is not born of Our Volition, that she may know nothing but Our Will. And, to obtain this, I offer You all the acts of My Humanity, done in Our adorable Will.”

Afterwards, a deep silence ensued, and I don’t know how but I felt so transfused in the acts that my Jesus had done in the Divine Will, that I kept following them, one by one, doing my own acts united with His. This made me absorb so much light, that Jesus and I remained immersed in a sea of light; and Jesus, coming out from within me, stood up, and placed the soles of His feet on my heart, and, waving His hand which sent forth more light than the sun, He cried out in a loud voice: “Come, come all of you, Angels, Saints, pilgrim souls, all generations—come and see the marvels—and the greatest miracle never seen before: My Will operating in a creature.” At the musical, melodious, strong voice of Jesus, which filled Heaven and earth, the Heavens opened and everyone ran around Jesus, and looked at me to see how the Divine Will was working. Everyone remained enraptured and thanked Jesus for such a great outpouring of His goodness. I was left utterly confused and humiliated, and I said to Him: “My Love, what are You doing? It seems as if You want to show me to everyone, to let everyone point at me. What repugnance I feel!” And Jesus answered: “Ah! My daughter, it is My Will that I want everyone to know and to point out—as a new Heaven and as a means to a new regeneration—and you will be left as though buried in My Will. My Will must be like the air that one breathes which can be felt, but not seen. It cannot be seen, and it gives life. It penetrates everywhere, even into the most intimate fibers, to give life to each beat of man’s heart. Wherever it enters—into darkness, into the depths, into the most secret receptacles—It makes Itself the life of everything. In the same way, My Will will be more than the air within you, which comes out of you, and will make Itself the life of everything. So, be more attentive, and follow the Will of your Jesus, because attentiveness will make you know where you are and what you are doing. Knowledge will make you form more esteem and appreciation for the divine royal palace of My Will.

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