(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

March 31, 2021



Dear Divine Will Family,
I am praying for everyone’s Holy Week this year. I pray it will be the holiest ever experienced by you. Divine Mercy Sunday may very well be the most important you will ever have as well. Reading and watching all that is going on out there, we may in for a very serious year! I am definitely not trying to cause fear in anyone…no one living in the Divine Will should have fear of anything or anyone! We are living IN God and He is living IN us…whom should we fear?? I would like to see everyone fully prepared, as well as their families.

It seems that many of the “good times” are gone and we are facing extremely evil spirits whose only goal is to destroy as many souls as possible. And it is terrifying to watch so many souls falling for the spirit of evil. There’s a prophecy that says during the end times, what is good will appear bad and what is bad will appear as good. That is exactly what we are witnessing today.

God created us to be here at this time in history! Why, some ask. I believe it is to save as many souls as possible. We have the power; we have Jesus within us to save millions of souls. I also believe that God expects this of us. He only has His faithful to help Him save souls! I don’t want to disappoint Him, nor face Him with my actions if I am not helping.

Please try to get your family and all those who pertain to you to honor Divine Mercy Sunday by doing the only two things required to receive that very special Plenary Indulgence offered on this very special day! Going to Confession within eight days before or after, and receiving Our Lord on Divine Mercy Sunday in a state of grace. Quite simple, really. The Novena and the Chaplet are beautiful ways to prepare our souls and to keep our minds on this special grace we about to receive!

What power we can obtain by visualizing Jesus living within own humanity. As my hands move over the keys to type, I visualize Jesus’ hands moving in mine. If I breathe, I visualize Jesus’ breathing, if I walk, I visualize Jesus walking in my steps! What power and love fills your soul! Love of all creation and all creatures, and knowing that with Jesus, we can do anything!! Most importantly giving God all the glory He is due from all creatures and all creation, pleading for His Kingdom to come and saving and sanctifying souls!! Our three missions living in the Divine Will; realizing that we can do these things only because Jesus is doing it all within our humanity!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God help us visualize clearly Jesus working within our humanity in His Holy Will!
Ann Ellison

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Volume 6
August 8, 1904
The soul must look for Jesus within herself, not outside. Everything must be enclosed in one word: “Love.” One who loves Jesus is another Jesus.

While I continued struggling, my adorable Jesus came for a brief visit, but even though I felt Him near me, when I tried to embrace Him, He escaped from me, and almost kept me from leaving my body to go in search of Him. Then, after I had struggled very hard, He let me see Him for a short time and He told me: “My daughter, do not look for Me outside of yourself, but within yourself, in the depth of your soul—because if you go outside and do not find Me, you will suffer very much and will not be able to bear it. If you can find Me more easily [inside you], why do you look for a struggle?”

And I said: “It is because when I cannot find You within myself right away, I believe I can find You outside. It is love that drives me to this.” And He answered: “Ah, it is love that drives you to this? Everything, everything should be enclosed in that one word: ‘Love.’ If the soul does not enclose everything in love, you can be sure that she does not know a thing about loving Me. And, according to the degree to which a soul loves Me, to that same degree do I expand the gift of suffering.

“Haven’t you ever observed two intimate friends? O how they try to imitate each other, and to reproduce each other within themselves! They imitate each other’s voices, manners, walk, movements, and clothes, so that either of them can say: ‘The one who loves me is another me, and since he is me I cannot help loving him.’ I do the same thing with the soul who encloses all of Me within herself, as though within a small circle of love. I feel as though I have been reproduced within her, and, finding Myself, I love her with my whole Heart, and I cannot live without her, because if I left her, I would leave Myself.” And, as He said this, He disappeared.

Volume 11
August 20, 1913
While I was praying, I saw my always adorable Jesus within me, and many souls around me, who were saying: “Lord, You have given everything to this soul!” And stretching their hands toward me, they said: “Since Jesus is in you, and all his goods are with Him, take them and give them to us.” I was deeply confused, and blessed Jesus told me: “My daughter, my Will contains every possible blessing and the soul who lives in my Will needs to act with confidence, conducting herself as co-heir with Me of all I possess. Creatures expect everything from this soul, and if they don’t receive it, they feel cheated. But how can she give so much if she does not work united with Me in complete confidence? That is why the soul who lives in my Will needs trust in giving, simplicity in communicating herself to all, and detachment from herself, so that she can live completely for Me and for her neighbor. That is how I am.

Volume 12
August 7, 1918
Jesus: “That is why I make the soul feel the consummation of my Life within her. She finds herself as if in a narrow passage, suffering mortal agonies. No longer feeling the Life of her Jesus within herself, she feels consumed. And when she feels that my Life in her is missing—the life on which she used to depend—she struggles and trembles, almost as my Humanity struggled on the Cross when my Divinity withdrew its strength and let It die.

“This consummation of the soul is not human, but fully Divine; and I feel satisfied as if another Divine Life of Mine had consumed Itself for love of Me. Indeed, in this case it was not her life that was consumed, but Mine—which she can no longer feel or see, so that it seems to her that I have died for her sake. And I renew the effects of my consummation for all creatures, while I redouble the grace and the glory that I give to this soul. I feel the sweet enchantment, the attractions of my Humanity, which allowed Me to do whatever I wanted. That is why, you, too, should let Me do whatever I want in you. Leave Me free, and I will carry out my Life.”

Volume 18
6th December, 1925
Now, after this, my sweet Jesus grew silent; and I diffused myself in the Divine Will. O how I would have wanted to place My loving kiss of recognition upon all created things! How I would have liked to place My little “I love You” in all the supreme Acts of the Divine Will, so that I would remain bound to them and they to me—to be able to surround My Jesus within me, with all the acts of the Eternal Will!

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