(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 30, 2021

(Your human will)


Dear Divine Will Family,
This is another one of my favorite subjects! But there are so many favorite subjects in the Book of Heaven…hard to determine which one is really my most favorite…I guess they all are!!

God’s Secret Chamber! I could not do it justice by writing about it. It is so well explain and spoken about through the writings below.

As I have said over and over again, it all comes down to “how much do you want to live in the Will of God?” Enough to do anything? Enough to give up your preferences, your wants and your desires? Enough to empty yourself of yourself? Accordingly, that is how deeply you will live in the Divine Will, and how many inspirations, how many communications, and how many insights you will receive from the Sanctifier! It is just that simple.

And accordingly as well is the happiness, the joy, the overwhelming peace and the immense love you will possess from the Sanctifier filling your soul to overflowing!!! As the Bible states: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him!” 1 Corinthians 2:9. This spells it out to me….St. Paul may not have realized that although he was speaking about Heaven, it is also pertained to your life in the Divine Will!!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers, please keep us in yours! May God enter into His Secret Chamber, which is in your most precious soul, fully and completely!
Letter of Luisa to Frederico Abresch
Dearest son, you must know that this is a task which God gave us in Creation. The origin of our existence was formed in the center of the Supreme Fiat. God created our human will as His divine chamber, as a secret office, in which He was to live together with us, and have His pulpit in order to teach us the celestial doctrine of His Will. Therefore, no law can impose on us not to live in It; neither the Holy Church, as much as we bow and adore Her dispositions, nor God Himself can say to us: “I do not want you to live in my Will”, because He Himself, with highest Wisdom, gave us this right by creation. By living in It, we must be the dwelling of God, the bearers of our Creator; the ones in whom, in order to pour out His delirium of love, He was to become the narrator of His Divine Being within the secret chamber of our human will. And therefore, He wants us to know how much He loves us, and that He wants us to live in His Will with that same love with which the children and a Father live.

Oh, how embittered He becomes if we do not live with Him; if He does not hold us tightly on His paternal knees; if He does not give us, continuously, His gifts, His life, His sanctity. He does not like dissimilarities – He wants us similar to Him. And in order to do this, listen to His device: He gives love in everything we do, and wants us to give Him our will as a gift in order to give us His own. In this exchange, He makes the Life of the Divine Will grow within us, in such a way that, as we give our will, His Will grows, and every time we give our will, He delights in working His divine marvel in us.

Volume 35
August 29, 1937
“How much more should I tell you, My daughter, of the great gift We gave to the soul by creating her human will? First, we created space, then the sky, the stars, the sun, the air, the wind and so on. That space had to serve Us so that We could create all of Our other works. It would not be a work worthy of Our wisdom to create things without having the space to put them in. In the same way, by creating the human will We created the vacuum, the place, in which to place the great gift of Our Most Holy Will that We gave to man. This space had to serve Our operating Will. We were to place in it the most extensive heavens and the brightest suns—not a single one, but one for each time man would act. That is why, while Creation had to serve man, this space of the human will was to serve His God—to form His delights; to always be able to form His resting-place, His throne, and His Divine chamber.

I gave man this gift, forming this space within him to have a place where I could communicate with him—to relate to him individually in sweet fellowship. I wanted to have My secret chamber. My love wanted to tell him many things, but I wanted the right surroundings in which to speak with him and where My love could come to give itself completely to man—while he would completely abandon himself in God. This is why I so love the thought of man living in Our Will—because I want what I created to be only for Myself. I reclaim My resting place, My throne, My Divine chamber. I cannot complete Creation until man comes back into My Divine Will and gives Me My royal place within his will. We have so many more beautiful things to do—many more things to say inside Our space of the human will—but We cannot say them or do them, because Our Will is missing. We find Our space all cluttered—so We do not have the space where We can place Our works. If We want to speak, he will not understand; he will not even have the ears to hear. That is why We will work unheard-of prodigies to regain what is Ours—the space to place Our works: Our Divine chamber.

Volume 36
July 11, 1938
He added: “My daughter, Our Will circulates in all created things as blood in the veins. The primary act, the motion, the heat is always Its own. But if My Will finds a soul who recognizes It and lives in It—while It keeps circulating in everything—It concentrates in this soul, forming Its own support to work Its wonders. And while, in Its power and immensity, It never leaves anyone, It opens Its communications with this soul for the good of those souls who will have ears to hear them, the intelligence to understand them, and the heart to receive them and love them. In this soul, It will place Its graces and Its intense love, while the human will living in It will serve as the room where It can continue Its operating Act, forming Its center—Its Divine chamber—where It can express Its love unceasingly. As the soul does her acts in My Will, she is reborn in God and God in her, and these births will make new horizons arise—more beautiful Heavens, brighter suns, and new divine knowledge. For every additional act she does in Our Will, We feel more moved to make Ourselves known. We feel more confident in placing Our trust in her, since Our Will lives within her. She will know how to jealously guard what We tell her and what We give her. That is why in every new birth she will rise to new love, new holiness, and new beauty. Then, looking at her in a loving delirium, We say to her: ‘Our Will makes you more and more beautiful, more and more a saint—and the more you live in It the more you grow and rise again in Our Divine Being. For every new act that you do, Our Will imposes Itself to make Us give you what is Ours, to tell you new secrets, and to grant you new discoveries of Our love.’

‘If We were not always giving to this soul, We would feel that Our divine life lacked motion. And this cannot be. Neither can she live without receiving—otherwise, she would feel that she lacked the food of love, the tenderness of her Heavenly Father. So, be attentive, and recognize that you are being carried in the arms of Our divine fatherhood. ‘

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