(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

April 28, 2021


My Dear Divine Will Family,
In reading these three excerpts if you do not fall madly in love with your Creator, your Savior, your Sanctifier, then you do not have a heart! The love expressed in these excerpts are so tremendous that I wept while reading them. How little I do for the One who loves me so much!! I can understand Luisa wanting to give her life for Him and to rid herself of this life on earth to spend eternity with Jesus! These readings will fill your whole body with so much love as to almost overflowing and choking you!
How beautiful are the words of Jesus are to all of us! Remember that is the reason He wanted Luisa to write all these events down because He was saying all this to you and to me….to everyone, most especially those who want to love Him with all they have…with all their heart, mind, body and soul!
And to think that just one act that we do in the Divine Will gives us another paradise in Heaven. How many do we do in one day?? Wow! But we must be careful to make sure our acts really are accomplished in the Divine Will, and that they are not just human acts. Some of us can fool ourselves…I know I have!

Have you emptied yourself of yourself enough for God to come and possess you and act in your stead? How many of us think we are something? When in reality we are nothing. Compare yourself to God and let me know how you feel afterwards. His goodness, purity, holiness and love are enough to crush you into dust, much less think you are something compared to Him!

Anyway, I am going off again and should just be quite and enjoy the beauty of these writings and the love of God for me and for all His creatures! There is no substitute on earth or in Heaven compared to the Love of God for you!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in yours. May God help us to fully understand what our acts do in His Will, and His Immense love for each of us!
Ann Ellison
Volume 10
January 28, 1911
Love forces God to tear the veils of faith.
As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus showed me his Heart, and as I looked inside of Jesus, I could see his Heart inside Him, and when I looked inside of myself, I could see his Most Holy Heart also within me. O how much gentleness, how many delights, how many harmonies I could feel in that Heart! Then, while I was delighting with Jesus, I heard his most gentle voice coming out from his Heart, telling me: “Daughter, delight of my Heart, Love wants its outpourings, otherwise one could not go on, especially one who really loves Me and does not admit within herself any other pleasure, any other taste, any other life but Love. I feel so drawn toward such souls that Love Itself forces Me to tear the veils of faith, and I reveal Myself, making them enjoy, even here below, intervals of Paradise. Love gives Me no time to wait for death with those who really love Me, but I anticipate heaven even in this life. So, enjoy and feel my delights. See how many joys my Heart contains. Take part in all that my Heart does and pour yourself out in my Love, so that your heart may expand and you may love Me more.

Volume 11
March 3, 1912
One who lives in the Divine Will acquires the temperament of Jesus and, with it, all its divine qualities, each of which makes a melody in Heaven. These souls fulfill the purpose of all that Jesus did.

As I continued in my usual state, my adorable Jesus came to me and said: “My daughter, the soul who does my Will loses her temperament and acquires mine. Just as in my temperament many melodies form the Paradise of the Blessed—so that music forms my sweet temperament, my goodness, sanctity, beauty, power, wisdom, immensity, and so on with all the rest of my attributes–the soul receives within herself all the variety of these melodies, taking part in all the qualities of my temperament. As she does even her tiniest actions, she makes a melody for Me and, as I hear it, I immediately recognize this music as a melody made by the soul from my Will—from my temperament. And so, I run to listen to it, and I like it so much that it renews and consoles Me for all the wrongs that other creatures do to Me.

“My daughter, what will happen when these melodies pass into Heaven? Then I will put the soul in front of Me. I will play my music, and she will play her own. We will flash lightning to each other. And the sound of one will echo the sound of the other; and our harmonies will blend together. Then the Blessed will see that this soul is nothing less than the fruit and prodigy of my Will. And all Heaven will enjoy one more Paradise.

“These are the souls to whom I keep repeating, ‘Had I not created Heaven, I would create It just for you,’ because I place in them the Heaven of my Will, and I make of them my true images. And I go wandering in these Heavens, delighting and playing with them. To these Heavens I repeat, ‘Had I not left Myself in the Sacrament, I would have done it just for you,’ because they are my true Hosts. Just as I could not live without a Will, in the same way I could not live without these Heavens of my Will. Indeed, they are not only my true Hosts, but the very purpose of my Calvary and of my very own life.

“These Heavens of my Will are dearer to Me and more privileged even than the Tabernacles and the Consecrated Hosts, because in the Host my Sacramental Life comes to an end when the species is consumed, but in these Heavens of my Will the Life of my Will goes on forever. They serve as my Hosts on earth, and they will be my eternal Hosts in Heaven.

“To these Heavens of my Will I say, ‘Had I not incarnated Myself in the womb of my Mother, for you alone I would have incarnated Myself, and for you alone I would have suffered my Passion,’ because I find in them the true fruit of my Incarnation and of my Passion.”

August 3, 1916
With each act that a soul performs she acquires one more paradise in Heaven.
This morning, I was praying and complaining to Jesus for not answering me—and especially because He will not stop the chastisements–and I said to Him: “Why should I pray if You won’t answer me? On the contrary, You tell me that evils will increase.” And He replied: “My daughter, good is always good. Moreover, you must know that each prayer, each reparation, each act of love–indeed any holy thing that a creature does—is one more paradise that she acquires. So, the simplest holy act will form one more paradise; one act omitted means one less paradise. Indeed, every good act comes from God, and that is why in every good act the soul embraces God; and since God contains infinite, innumerable, immense and eternal joys—so many that the very Blessed will never finish enjoying them in all eternity—it is no wonder that since each good act draws God to the soul, God is almost bound to crown them with happiness. That is why, if the soul suffers even some distractions for love of Me, in Heaven her mind will receive more light and she will enjoy as many more paradises as there were times when she sacrificed her mind for Me; and so much the more will she comprehend God. If she suffers coldness for love of Me, she will enjoy many paradises filled with all the variety of delights my love contains. And, if she suffers from interior darkness, in my inaccessible light she will enjoy delights in proportion; and so with all the rest of her sufferings. So great is the meaning of one prayer, more or one less.”

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