(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
February 24, 2021
POINT # 8 (Doing things with Human Purpose)

Dear Divine Will Family,
I pray all are well and healthy. We pray for each of you daily, but if you need any specific prayers, please let us know. As a family, you are not alone. We are here and we love each of you so much. We will put your specific intention in our daily Rosary.

Point #8 is another very important point to ponder. And it is good for all of us to examine ourselves when pondering these points. Do I do most things with a human purpose? Am I after what I can achieve through the acts I do in the Divine Will?? Am I concerned about my own sanctity? Am I striving to live in the Divine Will for my own glory/sanctity? We all have some self-interest in many things, but getting rid of your ego and all self-interest is the only way to live in the Holy Will of God! Our interest must be what interest God now, not what interest us!

Ask yourselves: are my intentions for the pure love of God? Are my intentions for His Kingdom to come, which is His greatest desire? Or are they for all for human things? I know that we think that praying for our families and friends is one of the most important prayers we can pray for, but truly it is not. It is important for the children of the Divine Will to aim higher.

Remember this for it is true: When we truly and sincerely with all our hearts want what God wants, He turns it around and wants what we want: the salvation and sanctification of our family and friends! And remember also, when the Kingdom comes, there will be no more worries or problems, only love, joy, peace and harmony with God and His Holy Will! Isn’t this what we all really, really want?

And how can we live in His Will and not want what He wants more than what we want for ourselves??

When I asked everyone to pray for little Emily Alexander, I ask that God’s Will be accomplished in her life, not my will or my wants, or yours. God’s Will has to be the Authority that we all bend to and that we all desire with all our hearts to achieve in our lives and in our souls…reign in me Lord, with Your Will and with Your Love!

We love you all so very much and we keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God allow each of us to understand fully what it really means to be possessed by God, body and soul!!
Ann Ellison

POINT #8 (Doing things with a Divine Purpose and without a Human Purpose)

Volume 7
September 16, 1906
Jesus said to me: “My daughter, the most powerful magnet to attract hearts is the plain truth, simple and unadorned. It can dispose souls to endure any sacrifice for love of the truth and for love of the people who reveal this truth. Indeed, who disposed the Martyrs to shed their blood? The truth! Who gave so many other Saints the strength to conduct a pure and blameless life in the midst of so many struggles? It was the truth—and a plain, simple, and unbiased truth! That is why creatures want to visit you. Ah, my daughter, in these sad times, how hard it is to find anyone who shows forth this simple truth—even among clergy, religious, and devout people! In their speech and actions they always preserve some human element—of self-interest or some such thing—and so the truth appears as though covered or veiled. That is why the person who receives the truth from them is not affected by the pure truth, but by the self-interest or other human purpose in which the truth has been clothed—and that is why he does not receive the Grace and the influence which the truth contains. And this is why so many sacraments and so many confessions are wasted, profaned, and bear no fruit, even though I do not withhold my light from them. But they do not listen to Me, because they secretly think that if they did so, they would lose their prestige and popularity, their nature would no longer be satisfied, and they would violate their own interests. But O how they deceive themselves! Indeed, a soul who leaves everything for love of the truth will super abound in everything more profusely than other souls. That is why I tell you, as much as you can, not to neglect to show forth this plain and simple truth—understanding, of course, that you must always obey the one who directs you—but as the opportunity arises, show forth the truth.

Volume 10
November 9, 1910
The ill effects of human works done with a human purpose.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was commending the many needs of the Church to my blessed Jesus; and Jesus told me: “My daughter, the holiest works done with a human purpose are like cracked containers – if one pours any liquid into them, little by little it leaks on to the ground. And when souls go to those containers in time of need, they find them empty. This is why the children of my Church have fallen into such a wretched condition—because they do everything for a human purpose. And that is why, when they face needs, dangers, and opposition, they find themselves empty of grace. Indeed, that is why, being debilitated, worn out, and almost blinded by their human spirit, they give themselves up to excesses. O how vigilant the leaders of the Church should have been, so that I would not be made a laughing stock and almost the excuse for their wicked actions! It is true that it would be great scandal if they repented, but this would be a minor offense for Me compared to the many sacrileges which they commit. Alas! It is too hard for Me to tolerate them! Pray, pray, my daughter, because many sad things are about to be made known about the children of my Church.”

November 25, 1912
Jesus told me: “My daughter, those who have lived their lives in my Life ascend the golden stairs. I can say that they are my hands, my feet, and my Heart—the whole of Myself. Just as you can see that they are another Me, they are everything to Me, and I am their life. Their actions are pure gold and of incalculable value because they are Divine. Nobody will ever be able to reach their stature because they form my very Life—although almost no one knows anything about them—because they are hidden within Me. Only in Heaven will they be perfectly known.

“There are more souls on the wooden stairs; and these are the souls who walk on the path of the virtues, but not in union with my Life and with the continuous action of my Will. Their actions are made of wood (since only union with Me forms golden actions), and therefore their value is minimal. These souls are short, almost scrawny, because many human intentions are mixed in with their good actions, and human purposes do not foster growth. Everyone knows about them, because they are not hidden within Me but within themselves. That is why nobody covers them. They will not cause any surprise in Heaven, since they were already known on earth.

“My daughter, this is why I want you completely immersed in my Life, and not in yours, and I entrust to you the ones you know and see, that they may keep themselves strong and constant on the stairway of my Life. Then He pointed out to me someone whom I know, and He disappeared. May everything be for his Glory!”

Volume 13
December 22, 1921
Only the purpose of loving God keeps souls open to receive the current of all His graces. The Divine Will is the greatest of all virtues.

As I continued in my usual state, my ever beloved Jesus made Himself seen within a dazzling light; and this light, melting into a shower of light, rained down upon souls. But many did not receive this current of light. They seemed to be closed; and the current ran wherever it found souls open to receive it. And my sweet Jesus said to me: “My daughter, the current of my Grace enters into souls who act out of pure love. Only the purpose of loving Me keeps souls open to receive the current of all my graces. I am Love—and Love are they, and that is why they are in continuous currents of love for Me, and I for them. On the other hand, those who act with a human purpose are closed to Me; their current is open to all that is human, so that they receive the current of human things. One who acts with the purpose of sinning receives the current of guilt; and one who acts with a diabolical purpose receives the current of hell. The purpose of a man’s acts gives him many different hues; it transforms him into someone beautiful or into someone ugly, into light or into darkness, into sanctity or into sin. Whatever his purpose in acting is—so is the man. That is why my current does not enter into everyone; and since it is rejected by the souls who are closed to Me, it pours itself out more impetuously and abundantly upon souls who are open.”

Volume 14
April 17, 1922
Jesus, “Daughter of my Will, this light that you see is nothing other than my Will which wants to consume your will in order to give you the shape of Our Image, that is, the Three Divine Persons, in such a way that, transforming you completely in Ourselves, We will leave Our Volition in you as divine actor, which matches Us in everything We do. So, Our Images will come out from Ourselves, and Our Will, acting within you, will take as many of them from you. Oh, how the purpose of Creation will be fulfilled!

“The echo of Our Volition will be the echo of Our own Volition possessed by you; the exchanges will be mutual, love will be reciprocal; we will be in full harmony, and the creature will disappear within her Creator. Then, nothing else will be lacking to Our joy, to Our happiness, for which We delivered Creation. The ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and likeness’ will have its effect. Our Will alone, as actor within the creature, will give completion to everything, and the Creation will bring Us the divine purpose, and We will receive It in Our Bosom as Our work, just as We delivered It.

“And then, if you cannot be without Me, it is the echo of my love that resounds in your heart, and unable to be without you, it reverberates in you; and you, shaken, look for the One who loves you so much. And I, seeing that you are searching for Me, feel the echo of your love within mine, and I feel drawn to send you a new current of love, so that you may seek Me more!”

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