(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
February 24, 2021
POINT # 9 (Detaching from Everyone and Everything)

Dear Divine Will Family,
When you were in 1st grade, were you not taught the answer to “Why did God create me?” The answer was “to love Him, to know Him and to serve Him!” And the rest of that answer was and to love Him above all things! The answer today, as a child of His Holy Will is “to love Him, to understand Him, and to be His legitimate child.” He doesn’t want servants, not even friends and not adopted children. He wants to be a Father to legitimate children, who love Him and who want to understand Him. To love Him is something we are raised from tiny to do, but to love Him the way He deserves to be loved, we must love Him with His very own Will. Living in His Holy Will makes that very easy to do, and it is through living in His Holy Will that we can begin to understand Him. No one ever talked to me growing up, or otherwise, about understanding God. The concept was never in any of my religion classes, or even taught to me by my very holy and very Catholic mother. I never thought about understanding God until I met Tom Fahy and Luisa Piccarreta! What a very blessed day that was in my life!

Well, I think I got off the point. The point is, if we want to love God, understand Him (at least as much as He will allow), and be a legitimate child of His, the only way is to live in His Holy Will! But, to accomplish the living in His Holy Will, you are going to have to be detach from everyone and everything. (One day we will talk about indifference to everyone and everything.)

Of course, I don’t mean to abandon your family, friends and co-workers, and your duties! Duties come even before devotions. But life in the Divine Will must be your first priority. It must come first before family and friends, etc. As the saying goes which I was taught, your priorities have to be God, country, family, friends, then yourself! You are fourth and last. God, or in this case, living in His Holy Will is always first and above all else.

We just had an email on detachment. It might be good to go over that again, but I have added a few small quotes to go along with it. But at the very bottom, I have added a quote that makes the effort all the more sweeter! Thank you, Jesus!

I pray your Lent is going well and sacrificially. I am very grateful to Jesus because I am seeing things in the Passion book that I have never seen nor realized before, and like all of you, I have lost count of the times I have read it and read it very carefully! So, I am really getting a lot from the Passion book this Lent…thank you, Jesus!

We love you all very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God allow us the graces to make even more sacrifices for His glory, for His Kingdom to come, and for the salvation of all souls! Amen, so be it!!
Ann Ellison

PS: You know I was reading the other day, and it was not Luisa, that if we detach ourselves from everyone and everything, we will be more able to discern His Will for our lives. Makes sense!

Volume 10
December 24, 1910
Irresolute souls are good for nothing.
Having received Communion, I was praying to good Jesus for a priest who wanted to know whether the Lord was calling him to the religious state; and my good Jesus told me: “My daughter, I call him, but he is always undecided. Souls who are not decisive are good for nothing, while, on the other hand, a soul who is determined and decisive overcomes all difficulties—he destroys them all. And the very ones who raise those difficulties, when they see him so resolute, lose their strength and do not have the courage to oppose him. It is just a little bit of attachment that binds him, but I do not want to contaminate my grace in hearts which are not set free from everyone. Let him detach himself from everything and from everyone, and then my grace will inundate him all the more, and he will feel the strength that he needs to answer my call.

Volume 15
May 18, 1923
He [Jesus] made me sense that the Most Blessed Sacrament was passing by in the street, and He squeezed my heart more firmly. And I asked Him: “My Jesus, what is happening? Where are You going, and who is carrying You?”

And, filled with sadness, He answered: “I am going to a sick person, carried by a murderer of souls.”
And, I was frightened, and I asked Him: “Jesus, what are You saying? What do You mean? Your ministers, murderers of souls?”

And He said: “How many soul-murderers live in My Church! There are self-interested murderers, who make a slaughter of souls—who instead of helping to detach souls from all the things of this world, by their example ensnare them even more. Then there are immodest murderers, who corrupt souls instead of purifying them. And there are entertainment-seeking murderers, dedicated to pleasure, to strolls and other pastimes, who, instead of helping souls to recollect themselves—and inspiring them to love prayer and solitude—distract them. These are all mass-murderers of souls. And how much pain My Heart feels, seeing that the very ones who ought to help and sanctify souls are the cause of their ruin!”

Volume 16
October 30, 1923
Jesus” “My daughter, why are you fearful that I may leave you? To leave you, I would have to leave myself, something I cannot do. How ever much power I have, I do not have the power to detach myself from myself. Likewise, I lack the power to detach myself from whomever does my Will. She becomes inseparable from me.

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