(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison
March 1, 2021
POINT # 10 (Constant Companion)

Dear Divine Will Family,
God created all of us to be social beings. We all seem to need people around us or at least knowingly close to us. Even those who live alone know that there are those who love them, are going to come and visit, or at least will give them a call. People who have absolutely no one is the saddest of all souls. Even in suffering, knowing we have those who care, those who will suffer with you, those who will compassionate you, brings some joy to the situation.
God created us to be “like” Him. He also loves company, a companion, someone who loves Him, who wants to be with Him to comfort Him or bring joy, gratitude, praise, and blessings. But, mostly gratitude and love. God is a very social Being, or why would He have created Heaven? There He has millions of souls gathering around Him, or even in Him. He loves their companionship….but mostly, He loves our companionship. The souls in Heaven live fully and completely in His Holy Will. We on the other hand have to use our human wills to will ourselves to live in His Holy Will. Even though we give our human wills to God to absorb and place in His Holy Will, our human will is always active…or else how or why are we always stepping out of the Divine Will? So, we still have to will ourselves to do what is good and holy, like giving our will at all times to the Divine Will. So, souls in exile can glorify God immensely more than those in Heaven because we must use our human wills to choose to glorify Him and to love Him and to be a constant companion to God.

And of course, choosing to live in His Holy Will each morning through your prevenient prayer, you enter into God and you become a constant companion to Him as long as you do not step out. And that is all well and good, but do we recognize Him as our constant companion all through the day? Do you talk to Him throughout the day? Do you ask Him questions, tell Him you love Him, and do your rounds for love of Him throughout the day? He wants us to be His constant companions throughout the whole day. You can’t be a constant companion if you are not recognizing Him through taking to Him, singing to Him, or something that brings Him to your consciousness.

Kathy Fahy talks to Jesus all day about everything….not being able to get a book in the box because it is too tight, her records may not be coming out exactly right, or they balanced perfectly, she is loving this person she spoke with…or whatever! She brings everything up to Jesus. He is definitely her constant companion, which makes her His constant companion. It makes life wonderful to know He is your best friend!

I have a friend that has trained herself to pray all day out loud. I traveled with her throughout Italy one time and she was always, always, always speaking under her breath. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was praying. I mean until she went to sleep at night and the moment she awoke, she was praying under her breath…it was constant, but not at all bothersome. In fact, it was so low, you had to be close to her to hear her. Now that is a constant companion to God. She did speak to us and with us and we had such a great time together. But when she was not talking, she was praying under her breath. I figured it must have taken her months and months to get into that habit. An excellent habit to say the least

Anyway, that is how I see the inhabitants of Heaven living…constantly glorifying God every moment of their Eternity! Praying constantly, but also doing the many things that God has you doing in Heaven, whatever that may be. I read somewhere that souls would travel all over, going into the planets, stars, flowers, water, etc., realizing the overwhelming love of God for each creature in each thing He created. Anyway, may His Will alone be done in all things and in all situations. Being a constant companion of God can only bring your life greater happiness, fulfillment and blessings than leaving Him out. Get in the habit of talking to Him throughout the day…it is really very satisfying and soon God is your best friend with whom to talk things over.

We love each of you very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours. May God allow you the graces to speak to Him all day about whatever you wish! He always is there to listen and help!

Ann Ellison

Volume 1 (No Date)
Jesus, “Do not be troubled that you cannot sleep. I am asking you to keep your God company—I am asking you to comfort your Spouse and your All—for I am continuously offended. O please! Do not deny Me this relief. Then in your afflictions I will not leave you.”

Jesus, “My daughter, do not go away from Me and leave Me alone—My love wants your company. This is another outpouring of my love—which does not want to be alone. But do you know whose company my love seeks? It seeks the love of creatures. In the womb of my Mama behold all creatures are conceived and live with Me. I am all love for them. I want to tell them how much I love them. I want to tell them about my joys and my sorrows. I want them to know that I have come into their midst to console them and make them happy. I want them to know that I will remain in their midst as a little brother—giving my goods and my kingdom to each one of them at the cost of my life. I want to give them my kisses and my caresses. I want to enjoy myself with them—but O how many sorrows they give Me!”

Volume 11
December 21, 1914
Jesus: “To keep Me company in my pains is my greatest comfort. This is why my Divine Father was not so inexorable after my Incarnation, but milder: He no longer received offenses directly, but indirectly, through my Humanity, which formed a continuous shield for Him. In the same way, I keep searching for souls who will place themselves between Me and my creatures; otherwise, I will turn this world into a heap of rubble.”

July 25, 1915
Jesus shares in the misfortunes of his creatures, and loves them even more. In his sufferings Jesus wants souls who love Him and who can comfort Him.
As I continued in my usual state, I complained to Jesus because of his abandonment, and He, always kind, sympathized with me and said: “My daughter, be brave. Be faithful to Me in these tragic times—times of horrendous slaughter and intense bitterness for my Heart.”
Almost sobbing, He added: “My daughter, in these times I feel like a poor sufferer. I suffer with the wounded soldier on the battlefield; I suffer with the soldier dying in his own blood, abandoned by everyone; I suffer with the starving man, consumed by his hunger. I suffer with so many mothers, their hearts bleeding for their sons at the warfront. Ah, all these sufferings crush me and pierce my Heart! And in the face of all these miseries, I see Divine Justice wanting to vent more Divine fury against rebellious and ungrateful creatures. Besides, who could ever describe how much I suffer in love? Ah, creatures don’t love Me—and my great Love is repaid with repeated offenses.
“My daughter, in the midst of so many misfortunes, instead of consoling others, I want to be comforted. I want to surround Myself with souls who love Me, who keep Me faithful company, and who offer all their pains to ease my sufferings, and to plead for those who are most in need of my mercy. Depending on whether souls are faithful to Me in these times of scourges and sufferings, when Divine Justice has been appeased, It will reward the souls who have remained faithful to Me and who have taken part in my sufferings.”

October 20, 1916
Jesus, “My daughter, I love each soul so much, that I have placed Myself as the guardian of each heart to watch over her, to defend her and to sanctify her with my own hands. But how bitterly they abuse Me! Some reject Me, some neglect and despise Me, some complain about my care for them, some slam the door in my face, frustrating all my plans for them. And I not only stand guard over their hearts–for that purpose I also send souls who live by my Will. Indeed, since they are present in Me wherever I am, I place them with Me as a second guardian over each heart. These second sentries console Me, make reparation to Me, and keep Me company in the loneliness to which so many hearts condemn Me—and they compel Me not to abandon those souls. Greater grace than this I could not give than to send the souls who live by my Will, who are the marvel of marvels.”

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