(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

March 12, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
This point is so very important because it has to do with our capacity to understand and retain the knowledge of how to live this magnificent and royal life of God possessing our souls and us possessing our God! This is the Gift of living in the Divine Will! The more we read, the larger our capacity expands to learn even more, to understand more, to live it more fully and more completely and to fall so in love with It as to even to give our life for this Immense and Sanctifying Gift of God, Himself!

There’s very little else I can say except that it is important to open our hearts, minds and souls totally to allow God to expand our capacity, to infuse more knowledge and more holiness into our souls. Abandon yourself totally to Him, Who loves you so very dearly and only wants what is good and holy for you. You don’t have to change your life….He will do it for you without you even realizing that it has changed. One day you will wake up and you will realize that you don’t have any desire to sin in any way. You only want what God wants for you, for your family, for your country and for the world. It is His Will that will be your main thought in what you are doing or thinking. And it all came about without your realizing it. At least I know that is how it happened for me. He truly changes your heart and your mind to be totally His. He is such a loving and gentle Father Who disciplines you with love and such tenderness that you don’t realize that you are being disciplined!

There is no life on earth like living in the Divine Will, abandoning all to God, wanting what God wants, doing what God does, living so intimately with Him that you know for certain that He is there with you at all time and in all circumstances.

Love Him completely by giving yourself to Him completely, and make every effort that is necessary to live in His Holy and Divine Will always!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours. May God expand our capacity to the extent that He can flood us with more and more knowledge of His Holy Will!

Ann Ellison

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September 2, 1921
Each additional degree of knowledge prepares the soul for a new and greater one.
Jesus: “You ought to know that I have acted with you as a King who begins to love a friend who is very different from Him in status; but His love is so great, that He has decided to make him like Himself. Now, this King cannot do everything with one stroke and make His friend like Himself—rather He does it little by little. First, He prepares a royal palace for him, similar to His own; then He sends decorations with which to adorn the royal palace. He forms a little army for him; then He gives him half of His Kingdom, so that he can say: ‘What you possess, I possess. I am King—and so are you.’ But each time the King gives him His gifts, He looks at his faithfulness; and giving the gift provides him an occasion for new happiness, greater glory and honor for Himself, and a new celebration. If the King had wanted to give to his friend, all at once, all that He has given him little by little, He would have embarrassed His friend, because he had not been taught how to rule. But, little by little, through his faithfulness, he has come to be instructed, so that everything becomes easy for him.
I did the same with you. Having chosen you in a special way to live at the summit of my Will, I have instructed you little by little, making It known to you. And as I made It known to you, I enlarged your capacity, preparing it for new and greater knowledge; and every time I show you one value, one effect of my Will, I experience a greater happiness and I rejoice along with Heaven. Now, as these truths of Mine go out, you should redouble my happiness and my delights. So, let Me do it—and, you, plunge yourself more deeply into my Will.

Volume 13
February 4, 1922
The souls who live in the Divine Will take part in the eternal activity of the Divine Will.
While I continued in my usual state, as soon as my sweet Jesus came to me He said: “My daughter, the souls who live in my Will are the little wheels that rotate in the great wheel of Eternity. My Will is the motion and the life of the wheel of endless Eternity. As they enter into my Will to pray, to love, to act, and all the rest, the wheel of Eternity makes them go around within its immense circumference. And since in that wheel they find all that has been done and must be done, and all that should be done but is not done, as they rotate, they cast light and divine waves into what has been done and must be done, giving divine honor to their Creator in the name of everyone—and so they redo what has not been done by creatures. O how beautiful it is to see a soul enter into my Will! As she enters, the great wheel of Eternity winds her up, to make her go around within its great expanse; and the little wheel does its eternal rounds. This winding-up by the great wheel puts her in touch with all the Divine windings, and while she goes around, she does all that her Creator Himself does. Indeed, they are as it were the first and the last to be created by Me, because, as they go around, they find themselves at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. So, they will form the crown of the whole human family: the glory, the honor and the atonement for all; and the restoration to God of the whole order of things that He created. So, may your rounds be continuous in my Will; I will give you the wind-up—and you will be ready to receive it, won’t you?”
Then He added: “You have not spoken about all the rounds that the little wheel of your will does in the great wheel of Eternity.” And I said: “How could I speak about them, if I don’t know?” And He replied: “As the soul enters into my Will—even with a simple consent, with an act of abandonment—I wind her up so as to make her go around. And do you know how many times she goes around? She goes around as many times as there are minds that think, eyes that look, words that are spoken, works that are done, or steps that are taken. Souls go around at each divine act, at each motion, and at each grace that descends from Heaven. In short, they form their rounds with anything that is done in Heaven and on earth. The rounds of these little wheels are so quick and fast that no one can calculate them. But I count them all—first, to receive the glory and the eternal love that they give Me; and then, to unify all eternal blessings; to give those souls the capacity to surpass everyone—to embrace everyone, and to form the crown of all creatures.

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