(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

March 15, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
I pray your Lent is going well and that we are making many sacrifices! Of course, the only sacrifice God truly wants from us is the sacrifice of our own human will!! Only in that way can His Glorious Divine Will reign in our will, intellect and memory…in other words, in our souls! May this be the ultimate truth for all of us!

Well, it seems that I must humiliate myself again. I cannot apologize enough. Please forgive me for having to throw you into another change! In two weeks, I will be going back to strictly using my Yahoo.com account. The protonmail.com account is causing way too many problems. I could not understand what was wrong and why so many people were either not getting my emails or all of them were going into their junk and they were having to look in their junk mail every day to see if I had sent out an email. This was not right and was a horrific situation.

I finally realized that it was MailChimp that was at fault. So, I wrote to them and they said that Protonmail had to be authenticated. Authenticated?? I never had to authenticate Yahoo, or gmail, or even Hotmail, so why would I have to authenticate Protonmail? I realized that all the other email carriers did not encrypt emails! Anyone who had a mind to, could read your emails from these carriers. Protonmail encrypts your emails and no one can read them except the person to whom you are sending it. So, it seems that it is very difficult to use Protonmail for mass mailings in MailChimp and I would think many others. I guess they can’t encrypt that many emails going to that many people. But, to find a mass carrier that would be compatible would be a lot of work and probably as confusing to the souls who receive my emails as it was to use Protonmail. Besides, I don’t think there are any out there that could do it.

So, rather than keep Protonmail as my email address, I realized that my email list and their problems and just getting the message out there was much more important than keeping Protonmail. So, I will go back to Yahoo.com so that everything will go smoothly again. Please make sure that my yahoo email address is in your contacts if you deleted it when I went to Protonmail. I am so very, very sorry!

My yahoo address is: ourladysfiat@yahoo.com.
Well, now that that is over with, praise You, Jesus, let’s get back to what is really important! The Gift of living in the Divine Will in truth!!

We will let Jesus do the talking from now on. I’ve done enough!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God allow us to truly understand the truths which are in these marvelous and glorious writings of Luisa Piccarreta!
Ann Ellison

PS: You are most welcome to share any and all emails that I send out to you with your friends and family. God bless you!
Volume 12
January 29, 1919

Jesus: “My Love wants to pour Itself out; It wants to make known the excesses which my Divinity performed in my Humanity for the good of souls–excesses which greatly surpass the ones that my Humanity did outwardly. This is also why I often speak to you about living in my Will—something I have not revealed to anyone until now. At the most, they have known the shadow of my Will, the grace and sweetness of doing It. But to penetrate inside my Will, to embrace its immensity, to be multiplied with Me and—even while living on earth—to penetrate everywhere, both into Heaven and into hearts, casting off human ways and acting in divine ways—this is not yet known. This is so true that to many this Truth will appear strange, and those who do not keep their minds open to the light of the Truth will not understand anything. But, little by little, I will make my way. I will reveal first one truth, and then another, about living in my Will, so that in the end they will understand.”

September 25, 1920
The Truth is Light. Simile of the Sun.

Finding myself in my usual state, I saw my ever beloved Jesus as He seemed to be placing a globe of light in my interior. Then He told me: “My daughter, my truth is light, and when I communicate truth to souls, who are limited beings, I communicate my truths with a limited light—since creatures are not capable of receiving unbounded light. But the same thing happens with my truth as with the Sun: While It appears high in the heavens as a limited, circular globe of light, the light that It spreads surrounds the whole earth, and it warms the earth and makes it fruitful. So it is impossible for man to count the plants that are made fruitful, or the lands that are brightened and warmed by the Sun. While he can see It up high in the heavens in a twinkling of an eye, he cannot see where its light ends up, nor the good that It does. The same thing happens with the Suns of the truths that I communicate to souls: They appear limited within them; but as soon as these truths come out, how many souls they touch! How many minds they enlighten! How much good they do! This is why you saw Me place a globe of light inside of you: This represented my truths which I communicate to you. Be attentive in receiving them, and still more attentive in communicating them, to diffuse the light of my truths.

Volume 13
September 6, 1921
As the truths become known, new unions with Jesus are formed!

I was fusing myself completely in the Holy Will of my sweet Jesus, and I said to Him: “My Love, I enter into your Will, and here I find all the thoughts of Your mind and all those of creatures. And I make a crown with my thoughts and with those of all my brothers around Yours—and then I unite them together, making them one so as to give You the homage, the adoration, the glory, the love, and the reparation of your own Intelligence.”

While I was saying this, my Jesus moved in my interior, and standing up, He told me: “Inseparable daughter of my Will, how happy I am to hear repeated what my Humanity did in my Will. And I kiss your thoughts in Mine, your words in Mine, your heartbeat in Mine.” And as He was saying this, He covered me all over with kisses. Then I said to Him: “My Life, why do You rejoice so much and make merry every time You reveal another effect of your Will?” And Jesus replied: “You must know that every time I reveal one more truth to you about my Will, it is one more bond that I forge between you and Me, and with the whole human family. It is a greater union; it is a tighter link; it is the sharing of my inheritance. As I disclose it, I compose the deed of donation, and when I see my children growing in wealth and enjoying their inheritance, I feel new joys and I make merry.”

November 19, 1921
The truth must be simple.

Jesus: “My daughter, to know these truths, one needs the will and desire to know them. Imagine a room where the shutters are closed: No matter how much sun there may be outside, the room always stays dark. Now, to open the shutters means to want light. But this is not enough—if one does not take advantage of the light to reorder the room, to dust it, and to put himself to work, so as not to kill the light that he receives, and to become ungrateful. In the same way, it is not enough to want to know the truths if by the light of that illuminating truth one does not try to cleanse himself of his own weaknesses, reorder himself according to the light of the truth that he knows, and put himself to work with the light of truth, making it his own substance. Then the light of the truth he has absorbed can shine through his mouth, through his hands, and through his bearing. Otherwise, it would be as if he killed the truth; and by not putting it into practice he would be left in total disarray before that light. Imagine a poor room full of light, but in a shambles: Topsy-turvy, in total disorder, with a person inside who does not care enough to put it back in order–wouldn’t that be pitiful? That is what a person is like who knows these truths, and does not put them into practice.

But you must know that simplicity enters into all truths as their basic food. If truths were not simple, they would not be light, and they could not penetrate human minds to enlighten them. And where there is no light, no one can tell objects apart. Simplicity is not only light—it is like the air that one breathes which, though it cannot be seen, gives breath to all; and if it were not for the air, the earth and everyone on it would be left motionless. That is why, if the virtues and truths do not bear the mark of simplicity, they will lack both light and air.

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