(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 21, 2021


I bless these writings with all My Heart; I bless each word; I bless the effects and the merits that they contain. These writings are part of My very Self.
Then He called the Angels who bowed low and began to pray. And because there were a few Priests present who needed to see the writings, Jesus told the Angels to touch their foreheads to imprint on them the Holy Spirit and to infuse them with light so that they could understand the truth and the goodness that these writings contain.

Dear Divine Will Family!
I’m afraid I did not keep my own word to try and keep these Snippets short. That’s one reason I called them Snippets. This one is a little, not much, but a little longer than most because the messages are so important for this Pentecost Sunday!

We are to be perfect as Our Heavenly Father is perfect! Which seems like an impossibility to all humans…until Luisa’s writings became known to all of us. We certainly cannot make ourselves perfect, but the Holy Spirit can for those who are sincerely striving to live in the Divine Will. He will always make up for what we lack in purity, holiness, faithfulness, constancy, attentiveness….in everything for those faithful souls of good will!

We are to become saints! I looked up the word, “sanctification” and I love the definition I picked out, “To sanctify something is to set it apart for special use; to sanctify a person is to make him holy.” Only God can sanctify a person through the Holy Spirit! Living sincerely in His Holy Will, we are living in the Holy Spirit, so, cooperating with His graces, we can really become saints. That’s where the “fiat” [Thy Will be done] comes in. The fiat in every circumstance and in all conditions, and all that is good and holy and all that is hard and suffering, makes us saints.

God is not going to allow anything to happen in our lives that is not for a reason. When we are in those hard circumstances, asked God what He is trying to teach you? What is it that you need to learn, which virtue? Patience, kindness, love, detachment, etc., whatever it is, it is to make you a saint! We are not allowed to live and act in the Divine Will if we are not striving to cooperate with all the graces, and to become another humanity for Jesus, so we must be striving to become saints in the Divine Will!
And this is extremely important to God because each of your acts in His Holy Will gives Him the glory that all souls owe Him and gives extra graces to all souls, keeping some from falling into hell! Plus, each act calls His Kingdom to come to every soul!

We love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. May God make each of you a great saint in and with His Holy Will!
Ann Ellison

PS: I have prayed very hard about keeping my comments short so as to shorten the Snippets I send out, but only a few asked me to shorten them, but I had many precious souls ask me not to stop with my comments. I heard the Will of God in these souls. The majority rules! Love you all so much!!
Volume 11
June 12, 1913
Now, this union with Me—mind to mind, heart to heart, and limb to limb—produces in you, in the highest degree, the Life of my Will and of my Love. The Father is formed in this Will, and the Holy Spirit in this Love; while the Son is formed in the acts, words, works, and thoughts, and by all the rest that can spring from this Will and from this Love—and this is the life of the Trinity in souls. In this way, if We need to operate, it makes no difference whether We operate within the Trinity in Heaven, or within the Trinity in souls on earth.

March 19, 1914
The soul who diffuses herself in the Divine Will forms the delight of the Most Holy Trinity.
It seems that blessed Jesus wants to speak about his Most Holy Will. I was diffusing myself throughout his interior—in his thoughts, desires, and affections, in his Will, in his Love, in everything—when Jesus told me with infinite sweetness:

“O if you knew the happiness I receive from one who does my Will! Your heart would break with joy. As you diffused yourself in my thoughts, desires, and so on, you formed the delight of my thoughts, while my desires, fusing in yours, played with them. United with your will and your love, your affections streamed and merged into my affections, into my Will and into my Love, kissing each other; and pouring like a rapid river into the immense sea of the Eternal One. All of your thoughts, desires, and affections were playing with the Divine Persons—now with the Father, now with Me, and now with the Holy Spirit.

“Not wanting to turn within, We play with her—all Three of Us together, making her Our own special jewel. This jewel—our delight—is so dear to Us that We keep it with jealousy “ad intra,” in the most intimate part of our Will; and when creatures embitter Us and offend Us, to cheer Ourselves up, We take our jewel, and We enjoy Ourselves together.”

Volume 12
April 8, 1918
The difference between living united to Jesus, and living in the Divine Will.

To continue my explanation of living in the Divine Will, I was told that it was like living in the state of union with God; and my ever-beloved Jesus came to me and said:

“My daughter, there is a huge difference between living united to Me and living in my Will.” As He said this, He extended his arms toward me and told me: “Come into my Will, even for one instant, and you will see the vast difference.”

I found myself in Jesus. My tiny atom swam in the Eternal Volition. And since this Eternal Volition is one single Act which contains all acts, past, present and future, in their entirety—and since I was in the Eternal Volition—I took part in that single Act which contains all acts, as much as a creature can do. I also took part in all the acts that do not exist, and which must come to be until the end of the ages, and as long as God will be God. And for these acts too I loved Him, I thanked Him, I blessed Him, and so on. Not a single act escaped me. I took the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I made it mine, just as their Will was mine—and I gave it to Them as if it were my own. How happy I was to be able to give Them their own Love as mine! And how much they delighted and poured out their love on receiving their own Love from me, as if It were mine! But who could describe all that took place? I lack the words.

Then blessed Jesus told me:

“Have you seen what living in my Will is? It is to disappear and to enter the sphere of Eternity. It is to penetrate into the Omnipotence of the Eternal One—into the Uncreated Mind—to take part in everything and in each Divine act, as much as a creature can do. It is to express, even on earth, all the Divine qualities. It is to hate evil in a divine way. It is to extend oneself to everyone without wearying, because the Will that gives life to the soul is divine. It is the Sanctity that is not yet known, but which I will make known, and which will become the last, the brightest, and the most beautiful ornament, the crown and fulfillment of all sanctities.

“The soul who lives united with Me does not disappear. Two beings in union appear together; but one who does not disappear cannot enter into the sphere of Eternity to take part in all the Divine activity. Reflect deeply on this, and you will see the great difference.”

Volume 14
April 8, 1922
The Most Holy Trinity is Hidden in the Soul. Jesus’ Pain at Seeing Mankind’s Deformed Intellect, Memory and Will.

Being in my usual state I reflected upon the pain that my dear Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane when all our sins came before Him. Then Jesus, greatly afflicted, said in my interior:
“My daughter, My pain was immense and incomprehensible to the created mind. It was especially intense when I saw the deformed human intellect. My beautiful image, which I reproduced in the created mind, was no longer beautiful, but ugly … horrible.

“I gave man a will, an intellect and a memory. My Heavenly Father’s Glory radiated from within this human will, to which, before all else, He communicated His Power, Holiness and loftiness. He thereby elevated it and clothed it with His own Holiness, Power and nobility. In so doing He left all avenues open between Himself and the human will, so that the human will might enrich itself ever more with the treasures of My Divinity. There was no concept of ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ between the human will and the Divine. Everything was held in common and in mutual accord. The human will was Our image, similar to Our Essence, a reflection of Ourselves, and therefore Our Life was destined to be its life. My Father’s Will created a free and independent will as man’s prime act, just as My Father’s prime Act is His Divine Will.
“But how disfigured this will has become, having traded its freedom for slavery to the vilest passions! Ah! In this human will lies the cause of all man’s miseries! It is no longer recognizable! How far it has fallen from its noble station; how disgusting to behold!”

“Later, as secondary Act, I, Son of God, contributed, endowing man with intellect, and communicating to this intellect My Wisdom and the science of all things, so that knowing these things it could savor them and rejoice in their goodness. But woe is Me! How full of filthy vices is the mind of creatures! It has used this knowledge to disavow its Creator!

“Then, in a third act, the Holy Spirit participated, and gave to the creature a memory; so that as it recalled the many benefits received in intimate relationship with its Creator, it might allow continuous currents of love to flow. Love was destined to crown it, to embrace it, and penetrate its whole life. But how sad Eternal Love becomes! This memory remembers pleasures, riches, and even remembers to sin!
“Thus, the Most Holy Trinity is expelled from within the very gifts that It has given to Its creature!
“My sorrow upon seeing the deformities of these three capacities given to man was indescribable. We had established our throne in him and he had thrown Us out.”

Volume 17
May 4, 1925
The Mission of the Divine Will Reflects the Image of the Most Holy Trinity. The Divine Will wants to Receive Its Rightful Honor. Man Must Return to the Divine Will from which He Came.

Jesus: “My daughter, have you written everything about the mission of My Will?”

And I answered: “Yes, yes, I have written everything.”

And He replied:

“And what if I were to tell you that you have not written everything? You even left out the most essential part.” So, start writing again and add the following:

“The mission of My Volition will reflect the Most Holy Trinity on earth. And as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit live in Heaven, inseparable yet distinct among themselves, forming the whole beatitude of Heaven, so also on earth there will be three persons who will be distinct and inseparable among themselves in carrying out their mission: With her Maternity, the Virgin reflects the Paternity of the Heavenly Father and takes hold of His Power to fulfill her mission as Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of the human race; then My Humanity has the mission of Redeemer, enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating Himself from the Father and Holy Spirit, and as Redeemer I show forth My Heavenly Wisdom, thus adding to the bond that binds Me inseparably to My Mother; and you have been chosen for the mission of My Will. In you the Holy Spirit will make His Love overflow, revealing to you the secrets and prodigies of My Will and the blessings It contains. And those who will want to know how many blessings this Supreme Will contains and who want to love It and let It reign in them—He [the Holy Spirit] will make them happy. They will offer their souls to let It indwell their own hearts and to form Its Life in them. And they will add to the bond of inseparability among you, My Mother and the Eternal Word.

“These three missions are distinct and inseparable. With unheard of suffering the first two have prepared the graces, the light, the work and everything for the third mission of My Will—to fuse everything in It without abandoning their own roles so as to find repose, because My Will alone is heavenly rest. These missions are unrepeatable. Indeed, the outpouring of My grace, light, and knowledge was so great that all the generations of men could be filled with it—more than that: They could not hold all of the blessings that these missions contain.”

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