(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 24, 2021


YouTube of seraphim appears in church

Dear Divine Will Family,

I think many of you know how Adam was created and that he and Eve were dressed in the Light of the Divine Will. When God blew the Breath of Life into Adam, he received, at that moment, the Gift of the Divine Will and the Light of the Divine Will emanating throughout his body, dressing him in the magnificent Light of God! It wasn’t until he sinned that he realized he was naked because he lost this sublime Light within his soul that covered his entire body, and Eve’s as well! They both lost the Light of God.

The you-tube above is witness to the Light of God shinning and covering the body of a very holy Priest from within his soul! This is the Light of Divine Will that those who are striving sincerely and constantly to live this Life of God contains, but that we cannot see. The more we empty ourselves of ourselves, the more this Light fills our souls until it fills it completely and we are totally dead to ourselves, our preferences, our desires, our longings….all we want is whatever God wants. I don’t suspect too many will be filled to overflowing until we reach Heaven. At this time in history, we just have too many little imperfections and miseries.

But the video of the Seraphim appearing in church was amazing and it had a red tone. If you look at the you-tube of the Priest filled with the Light of God, you can see a red tone around his head….I am thinking that maybe since the Seraphim are always in front of God, praising Him, that when a soul is filled to overflowing with the Light of God, which is God, then the Seraphim would be there as well. I can’t prove this, but it seems logical. And I have always found God to be logical.

Anyway, enjoy these videos…God is trying to tell us that He is here with us at all times and in every circumstance…we must trust Him, and we must do everything we can to empty ourselves of ourselves so that He can fill us with Himself…His Light…the Light of His Divine Will!! Thank you, Jesus, for all You are teaching us and showing us of Your Love and care!!

We love you all so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in yours! May God fill your most precious soul to the full with the Light of His Holy Will!!
Ann Ellison
Volume 13
August 13, 1921
Sadness does not enter into the Divine Will. The Divine Will contains the substance of all joys, and the fount of all happiness.

I was feeling very upset, and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, said to me:
“My daughter, take courage, I don’t want you to be upset; because for anyone who lives in my Will, the smile of Heaven, the gladness of the Blessed, and the peace of the Saints caress her whole being. My Will contains the substance of all joys and the fountain of all delights; and the one who lives in my Will–even in sorrow—feels pain and joy, tears and smiles, bitterness and sweetness, kneaded together within her. Happiness is inseparable from my Will.

“You must know that as you think in my Will, as you speak, as you work, as you love, and so on, you bring forth into my Will as many children as the thoughts that you think, the words that you speak, or the acts of love that you bring forth. These children multiply themselves to the infinite in my Volition and go around Heaven and through all the earth, bringing new joy, new glory and happiness to Heaven, and new grace to the earth. They go through all hearts, carrying my sighs, my cries, and the pleas of their Heavenly Mother who wants them saved, and who wants to give them Her Life.

“Now, to be recognized as my children, these children, brought forth from my Will, must resemble their Mother who gave birth to them and they must follow her ways. If they look sad, they will be put out of Heaven, and they will be told: ‘Sadness cannot enter our dwelling-place.’ They will not find their way into creatures, because seeing them sad, creatures will doubt that they are true legitimate children of my Will. Besides, one who is sad does not have the grace to enter into others, to conquer, and to reign over them. A sad soul is not capable of heroism, of giving herself for the good of all. Many times these children are aborted, and they die during labor, without coming out into the light of the Divine Will.

Volume 16
August 20, 1923
Jesus speaking to Luisa about the Sanctity of the Blessed Mother:

“She was so enraptured in God, so fused and ordered in the Divine Will, that all her interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Will. She was aware of all the interior of every creature and put hers within to reorder it before God. It was really the interior of man that had more need of being redone and reordered, more than his exterior. And having to do the greater, it seems that She omitted the lesser, while She was the origin of (both) the exterior and the interior good. Yet, externally, it seemed that She did not do great or astonishing works. More than a sun, she passed unobserved and hidden in the cloud of light of the Divine Will, so much so that the very Saints ostensibly have done more striking things than my own Mother. Yet, what are the greatest Saints before my Celestial Mother? They are barely the little stars compared to the great sun, and, if they are illuminated, it is by reason of the sun. But even though She did nothing striking, She did not cease to be visibly majestic and beautiful, scarcely touching the earth. She was totally focused on the Eternal Will which, with so much love and consuming ardor, she ravished in order to transport It from Heaven to earth, the Eternal Will that the human family had so brutally exiled, even to the heavens. And She, with her interior totally ordered in the Divine Will, lost no time. Everything she did—her thoughts, her heart beats, her breaths—were enchanting bonds to draw the Eternal Word to earth. Indeed, she won, and she accomplished the greatest miracle that no one else could do.

October 30, 1923
Who Lives in the Divine Will Is Fed by the Flames of Jesus. The light of the Divine Will Purifies everything.

I live always anguished with my heart paralyzed from the sorrow of the privation of my sweet Jesus. I feel myself without life because He Who is true Life is not with me. Oh, how often do I repeat: “Tell me, o my only and greatest Good, where do your steps take You so that I may find you by following them? Ah, from afar I kiss those Hands that embraced me with so much love and pressed me to your Heart. I adore and kiss that Face that, with so much grace and beauty, was visible to me, and now hides and remains far from me. Tell me, where are You? What path should I take to go to You and rejoin You? Tell me, what must I do? Where have I offended You, since You have fled so far from me? And yet You told me that You would never leave me, and now You leave me? Ah, Jesus, Jesus, return to the one who cannot live without You, to your Little Daughter, to your poor exiled one.”

But who can say all my laments and the silly things I said? It was during this time that I felt myself losing (the use) of my senses and I saw, all aflame, an agonizing dove and a nearby person who, with his burning breath, fed the dove his flames in order to nourish it and prevent it from taking other food. He held it tightly and so close to his mouth that it could do nothing other than breathe and swallow the flames that left him. And the poor dove agonized and converted into those flames with which he was nurtured. I was astonished in seeing that, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, said to me:

“My daughter, why are you fearful that I may leave you? To leave you, I would have to leave myself, something I cannot do. However much power I have, I do not have the power to detach myself from myself. Likewise, I lack the power to detach myself from whomever does my Will. She becomes inseparable from me. Not only this, but I go about feeding her with my very flames. Have you not seen that dove all afire? It was the image of your soul and I was the one who fed it with my enflamed breath, I who delight so much in nurturing those who live in my Will with only the flames that spring from my Heart by means of my Breath. Don’t you know that whoever lives in my Will must be purified by its most pure light? And being purified is more than being placed under the press, because the press, although it crushes everything, it releases everything, the peels and kernels, which, settling to the bottom, causes turbidity. On the other hand, when something is purified, especially if it is purified by the dense light of my Will, there is no danger that it might deposit something turbid, but only what is absolutely clear, similar to the clarity of the light in which it has been purified. And this is a great honor for the soul that lives in my Will, because no matter what she does, if she thinks, speaks, loves, etc., my Will undertakes to purify it in Its most pure light. And this is necessary so that there be no distinction between what she does and what We do, but everything is similar and consonant.

Volume 19
May 31, 1926
The Difference Between a Soul Who Lives In the Divine Will and One Who is Resigned and Submitted. The First is like the Sun; the Other is like the Earth whose Life depends on the Influence of the Light of the Sun.

The Light of the Divine Will continues to envelop me; and, while my little mind swims in the immense sea of this light, it can scarcely take a few beads of light and a few small flames from among so many truths, joys, and bits of knowledge that the immense sea of the Eternal Will contains. At times I cannot not find the right words to capture a bead of light on paper. I say little in comparison with what I leave out—because my poor, little mind takes in as much as it needs to fill me; the rest I must leave.
What happens to me is like what happens to a person who dives into the sea. She becomes all wet; the water flows all around her—perhaps even into her vital organs; but when she comes out of the sea, what does she bring with her of all the waters of the sea? It is very little—and almost nothing compared to the water that remains in the sea. And by having been in the sea, can one perhaps say how much water, and how many species and quantities of fish remain in the sea? Certainly not! But all the same she will know how to speak about the little that she has seen in the sea. It is the same with my poor soul.

And now, while I found myself in this light, my sweet Jesus went out from within me and said to me:
“My daughter, this is the unity of the light of My Will; and so that you always love It more and confirm yourself in It more and more, I want to make you understand the great difference between one who lives in My Will in the unity of this light and one who is resigned and submitted to My Will. And, to make you understand this well, I will give you a comparison using the sun in the sky.

“In the vault of the heavens the sun shines its rays upon the surface of the earth. Look: Between the earth and the sun there is a kind of agreement: the sun in touching the earth and the earth in receiving the light and touch of the sun. Now, the earth, by receiving the touch of the light submits itself to the sun and receives the effects that the light contains—and these effects transform the face of the earth. They make it green again, and cover it with flowers. And, as the plants grow, the sunlight ripens the fruits and works so many other wonders that one sees on the face of the earth—always products of the influence that the sun-light contains.

“But, by communicating its influence, the sun does not give away its light; indeed, it jealously preserves its unity; and its effects are not lasting. That is why the poor earth now appears all covered with flowers and then all stripped; in nearly every season it changes, undergoing continuous transformations. If the sun gave the earth all of its light and influence, the earth would change into a sun and would have no need to beg for the sun’s influence—because it would bear the light within itself, having become the master of the source of the sun’s influence. Now the soul who is resigned and submits herself to My Will is like that. She lives by the influences that exist in My Will. And since she does not possess the light, she does not possess the fountainhead of the influences that exist in the Sun of the Eternal Will. And that is why she appears to be almost like the earth—now rich in virtue, then poor. And she changes in every circumstance—all the more so if she is not always resigned and submitted to My Will. She will be like the earth that does not want to be touched by the light of the sun. Indeed, if it receives the light’s effects, it is because it let itself be touched by its light—otherwise, it would remain in a state of decay, without producing a blade of grass.

“My daughter, from what I have said to you, you can understand that to live in My Will is to possess the source of the unity of the light of My Will with all the fullness of the effects that It contains. This is why light, love, adoration, and other things arise in each one of her acts. And she offers herself up, act for each act, and love for each love. As sunlight penetrates, harmonizes, and concentrates everything in herself, like a refulgent ray, she brings her Creator a response for all that I have done for all creatures and she sounds the true note of concord between Heaven and earth. What a difference exists between one who possesses the source of all the blessings that the Sun of My Will contains, and one who lives by its effects! There would be as much difference between the sun and the earth. The sun always possesses the fullness of the light and of its effects. It always shines, brilliant and majestic, in the vault of the heavens and has no need of the earth. And, while the sun touches everything, it is untouchable—it does not let itself be touched by anyone. If someone even dares to stare at it, with its light it eclipses, blinds, and terrifies him. On the other hand, the earth stands in need of everything: to be touched, to be laid bare. And, if it were not for the light of the sun and its effects, the earth would be a dismal prison, full of filth and misery.

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