(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

June 4, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
Please believe me when I say that when I write these comments, they are more for me than for you. It is like therapy for me to talk myself into doing whatever I need to do to live more constantly, more attentively and more obediently, with great faith and confidence in the Divine Will!

If we are studying these writings and we desire with all our hearts for this Life of God reigning in our souls completely, and we desire to truly live ONE Will with God, Himself, it seems to me that we would do anything, mortify ourselves to the highest degree, sacrifice everything and everyone to have this life in the Divine Will, right?

So, why are we not making the sacrifices of all sacrifices, which can be different for each of us; and why are we not mortifying our worldly preferences, wants, and desires? I am sure some of you are doing this…and bravo to you!! But then there are those souls like me!

Thinking about all this, I have to say that God is so good!! As I am thinking about this and writing this, it seems as though I am realizing that “we can do nothing without God,” and “all things are possible with God!” If we just have faith and confidence in Jesus working in our souls, it will all come, with our cooperation, in His time, not in our time! I may be too anxious to live what Luisa described, instead of being patience and waiting for Jesus to take me where He wants my soul, not where I want my soul to be. It is all up to Him anyway!

He will give us the graces He deems necessary to unite our souls to His Divine Will to the degree He has already deign from all eternity! He will never leave us and He will never give up on us. He chose us to live this Life with Him, and He had His own reasons. He knows our names and He knows the number of those who will live in His Holy Will!

May we always thank Him with immense gratitude for all He is doing to bring us to the degree He wants us in His Holy Will! Thank You, Jesus!!

We love all of you so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers, please keep us in yours! May God give us the immense grace to have the faith and confidence necessary to allow Jesus to work in our souls completely and with all abandonment!
Ann Ellison

Volume 1 (No Date)
If people mortify you, insult you, or contradict you, I want you to keep your gaze fixed on Me. I want you to think that with my own lips I am saying to you: “Daughter, it is I Myself who want you to suffer this—not creatures. Avert your eyes from them. Let it be you and I, always—you must cast off all the others. You see: I want to make you beautiful through these sufferings. I want to enrich you with merits. I want to cultivate your soul and make you like Me. You will give Me your soul as a gift. You will thank Me affectionately. You will be grateful to people who make you suffer, and you will repay them with some benefit. Do this and you will walk uprightly before Me. Nothing will ever disturb you again—and you will enjoy perfect peace.

After I tried to practice these counsels for a while–now succeeding and now falling (although I see clearly that I still lack this upright spirit—and my ingratitude fills me with shame)—He made me understand the necessity of mortification. (But at the same time, I remember Him adding that everything should be done for love of Him, and that the most beautiful virtues and the greatest sacrifices lose their savor if they are not inspired by love. Charity, He told me, is a virtue that gives life and splendor to all other virtues. Without love, they are dead. They do not attract my eyes and they have no power over my Heart. Be careful, then. Let love inspire even the least of your works. Let them be done in Me, with Me and for Me.)

Just as people do not honor a coin that does not bear the image of their king—rather they despise and reject it—I do the same with your works: If they have not been grafted on to my cross, they have no value. You see, I am not interested in destroying creatures, but yourself. I want to make you die to yourself, that you may live only in Me and by my own life. It is true that this will cost you more than any sacrifice you have made. But take courage. Do not fear. It is not you who will do it, but I Myself who will work in you.

Volume 11
August 3, 1916
This morning, I was praying and complaining to Jesus for not answering me—and especially because He will not stop the chastisements–and I said to Him: “Why should I pray if You won’t answer me? On the contrary, You tell me that evils will increase.” And He replied:

“My daughter, good is always good. Moreover, you must know that each prayer, each reparation, each act of love–indeed any holy thing that a creature does—is one more paradise that she acquires. So, the simplest holy act will form one more paradise; one act omitted means one less paradise. Indeed, every good act comes from God, and that is why in every good act the soul embraces God; and since God contains infinite, innumerable, immense and eternal joys—so many that the very Blessed will never finish enjoying them in all eternity—it is no wonder that since each good act draws God to the soul, God is almost bound to crown them with happiness. That is why, if the soul suffers even some distractions for love of Me, in Heaven her mind will receive more light and she will enjoy as many more paradises as there were times when she sacrificed her mind for Me; and so much the more will she comprehend God. If she suffers coldness for love of Me, she will enjoy many paradises filled with all the variety of delights my love contains. And, if she suffers from interior darkness, in my inaccessible light she will enjoy delights in proportion; and so, with all the rest of her sufferings. So great is the meaning of one prayer, more or one less.

Volume 12
March 27, 1918
By living in the Divine Will, the soul finds everything in a Divine and infinite way.
I was complaining to Jesus because I could not even listen to Holy Mass; and Jesus told me:
“My daughter, am I not the essence of the Sacrifice? Now, since I am present in each Sacrifice, the soul who lives with Me and in my Will is sacrificed with Me—not only in one Mass, but in all the Masses. And since she lives in my Will, she remains consecrated with Me in all the Hosts.

“If you never go out of my Will, I will let you go anywhere you want to be. Besides, you and I will enjoy such a constant current of communication between us that you will not do one act without Me, and I will not do one act without you. That is why, when you need something, you should enter into my Will, and there you will find whatever you want already prepared for you—as many Masses, as many Communions, and as much love as you want. In my Will nothing is lacking. Indeed, in my Will you will find everything in a divine and infinite way.

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