(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

June 11, 2021



“Do you see how much I have loved you? O please! Make a little room in your heart for Me. Remove everything that is not Mine. Then you will give Me more freedom to move and to breathe.”

Dear Divine Will Family,
This Snippet is longer than usual because you have all week to meditate on it and delve into the depth of all the love that Jesus holds in His Most Sacred Heart for you! And once I got into it, I couldn’t stop!

Everyone knows the most famous Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano! But what I love most about it is that the Flesh of Jesus that He left for us was the Flesh of His Most Sacred Heart! I just know that it was to tell us all of His immense love for each one of us! Thank you, Jesus, with Your Will, I thank and love You! For those few who may not know of Lanciano, here is a short story about it!

In the 8th century, a priest in Lanciano, Italy was experiencing doubts about the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. In the middle of saying Mass, he said the words of consecration (“This is my body,” “This is my blood) and saw the bread and wine transform into real human flesh and blood. The blood coagulated into five globules (later believed to be representative of the five wounds of Christ). Word of the miracle quickly spread, the local Archbishop launched an investigation, and the Church approved the miracle.
The flesh is still preserved to this day. Professor of anatomy Odoardo Linoli conducted a scientific analysis of the flesh in 1971 and concluded that the flesh was cardiac (heart) tissue, the blood appeared to be fresh blood (as opposed to blood that was 1200 years old), and there was no trace of preservatives.

And one other thing that it is important for us to realize when we receive Our Lord’s Body and Blood, and I quote a talk from Thomas M. Fahy:

“We are to believe that the Eucharist is Jesus Christ—simply, without qualification. It is God become man in the fullness of His divine nature, in the fullness of His human nature, in the fullness of His body and soul, in the fullness of everything that makes Jesus Jesus. He is in the Eucharist with His human mind and will united with the Divinity, with his hands and feet, His face and features, with His eyes and lips and ears and nostrils, with his affections and emotions and, with emphasis, with His living, pulsating, physical Sacred Heart. That is what our Catholic Faith demands of us that we believe.” (Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. – “What do we believe” – pamphlet, 2001, Eternal Life, Bardstown, KY 40004-0787)

Thank all of you for wishing me a wonderful vacation! You are so kind and sweet. I’m afraid I already miss you and doing the Snippets. But as soon as I get with my wonderful family, I am sure I will get over it! 😉

We love you all so very much and we keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in yours! May God give us the immense grace to truly realize the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all souls, most especially those legitimate souls living ONE Will with Him in Heaven and on earth!!
Ann Ellison
Volume 10
January 28, 1911

Love forces God to tear the veils of faith.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus showed me His Heart, and as I looked inside of Jesus, I could see His Heart inside Him, and when I looked inside of myself, I could see His Most Holy Heart also within me. O how much gentleness, how many delights, how many harmonies I could feel in that Heart! Then, while I was delighting with Jesus, I heard his most gentle voice coming out from His Heart, telling me:
“Daughter, delight of My Heart, Love wants its outpourings, otherwise one could not go on, especially one who really loves Me and does not permit within herself any other pleasure, any other taste, any other life but Love. I feel so drawn toward such souls that Love Itself forces Me to tear the veils of faith, and I reveal Myself, making them enjoy, even here below, intervals of Paradise. Love gives Me no time to wait for death with those who really love Me, but I anticipate heaven even in this life. So, enjoy and feel my delights. See how many joys My Heart contains. Take part in all that My Heart does and pour yourself out in my Love, so that your heart may expand and you may love Me more.”

February 8, 1911

Jesus: “Listen to Me carefully, my daughter, and you will comprehend what I am telling you. There is no created thing that does not draw life from My Heart. All creatures are like so many cords that grow from My Heart and draw life from Me. Naturally and by necessity, everything that they do is perfectly reflected in My Heart, be it even a single movement. As a consequence, if they do evil, if they do not love Me, they annoy Me continuously; that cord resounds in My Heart with sounds of pain, bitterness, and sin, and forms in It such sorrowful sounds as to make Me regret the part of that living cord that comes from Me.

“On the other hand, if it loves Me and strives to please Me, that cord gives Me continuous delight and produces sweet, joyful sounds, which harmonize with my own Life. That cord delights me so much that it makes me happy and allows me to enjoy my own Paradise.”

Luisa: “And this is what I would say about Love, and what Jesus would say. I will say it in a somewhat nonsensical and maybe disconnected way—because my mind does not adapt itself completely to words:

O my Jesus, Love are You, You are all Love, and Love do I want, Love I desire, for Love I long; I beg for Love, and Love I implore from You. Love invites me, Love is my life, Love kidnaps my heart deep into the bosom of my Lord. With Love He inebriates me, with Love He delights me, I, all alone, and only for You! You, all alone, and only for me! Now that we are alone, shall we speak about Love?”

“O please! Let me comprehend how much You love me, because only in your Heart can one comprehend Love.”

May 19, 1911

Confidence enraptures Jesus. Jesus wants the soul to forget about herself and to occupy herself with Him alone.

As I continued in my usual state, my ever-beloved Jesus appeared to me all afflicted, and I hovered around Him, intent on caring for Him, loving Him, embracing Him and consoling Him, with complete confidence in Him; and my sweet Jesus told me:

“My daughter, you are my happiness. I delight when a soul forgets herself and her miseries, and occupies herself only with Me—with my afflictions, my bitterness, and my love—and remains near Me with total confidence. This confidence captures My Heart and fills Me with so much joy that, just as the soul forgets herself completely for Me, I forget everything for her, and I make her one single thing with Me; and I reach the point of not only giving her, but of letting her take, everything she wants.

“It is quite different with the soul who does not forget everything for Me, including her miseries, and who, if she wants to be around Me, shows an exaggerated respect, with fear and without the confidence that captures My Heart—as though she wanted to be with Me with fearful restraint and suspicion. To such a soul I give nothing, and she can take nothing–because the key of confidence, ease, and simplicity is missing. These are all necessary for Me to give and for her to receive; and so, she comes with her miseries, and she remains with them.”

Volume 12
March 16, 1917

The close union between God and the soul is never broken.

As I continue in my usual state; my ever-beloved Jesus appears to me in fleeting glimpses, like lightning flashes. And if I complain, He says:

“My daughter, my daughter, my poor daughter, if you knew what is going to happen, you would suffer very much; so, to spare you so much suffering, I try to run away from you.”

Then I go back to complaining again, and I say, “My Life, I wasn’t expecting this from You. You seemed to be unable to live without me—and now, You go hours and hours… and sometimes you seem to want to let the whole day go by without me—Jesus, don’t do this to me! How You have changed!” And Jesus surprises me and says:

“Calm down, calm down. I haven’t changed. I am immutable. Besides, I tell you that when I communicate Myself to a soul, and when I have kept her closely united with Me—when I have spoken to her, and poured out my Love—that bond between Me and that soul is never broken. At the most, my manner may change—I may act one way now, and another tomorrow—but I will keep inventing ever-new ways to speak to her, and I will pour Myself out in Love for her.

“Can’t you see that if I have not told you anything in the morning, I am longing for evening to come to say a word to you? And when they read the meditations on my Passion, since I am within you, I pour Myself up to the brim of your soul and I speak to you about my most intimate secrets—things that I have not revealed to anyone until now—things that show souls how they must follow Me in my work. Those meditations will be the mirror of my interior Life, and whoever will reflect himself in that mirror will copy my own Life within himself. O how much those meditations reveal my Love, my thirst for souls that consumes every fiber of My Heart, every breath, every thought, and every part of Me!”

Volume 14
May 15, 1922

“Have you seen how much I love you and that your name is written not only in My Heart but also in all My attributes? This name of yours, written in Me, opens for you new currents of grace, of light, of love, and all the rest. Yet, despite all this, do you still say that I don’t love you? How could you even suspect such a thing?”

November 6, 1922

The Divine Will Crystallizes the Soul. Exploring the Palace of the Divine Will.

As I found myself in my usual state, my ever-beloved Jesus showed Himself holding many small sheep in His arms. Some rested on His breast, others on His shoulders, others wrapped around His neck, others in His arms to His right and left; and yet others thrust their little heads out of His Heart. But the feet of all the sheep rested upon the Heart of Jesus and He nourished them with His breath. They all had their mouths open towards the mouth of my sweet Jesus to receive food for their nourishment.

How beautiful it was to see Jesus delighting and enjoying Himself in them, totally attentive to feeding them. They seemed like so many children newly born from His Most Sacred Heart. Then Jesus spoke to me and said:

“My daughter, these sheep that you see in My arms are the children of My Will, the legitimate offspring of My Supreme Will. They may come forth from My Heart, but their feet will remain standing in the center of My Heart to keep them from taking anything from the earth, nor being concerned with anything but Me. Look how beautiful they are! How clean they are as they grow, how well fed, nourished only with My food. They will be the glory and crown of My Creation.”

Instructions from Jesus so that we can live fully in His Heart and He can live fully in ours!
“Before I can pour my graces into your heart, I want you to understand that you can do nothing by yourself. I distrust those souls who attribute what they do to themselves and who steal my graces. On the other hand, with those who know themselves, I am generous in pouring out my graces in torrents. Knowing very well that they can attribute nothing to themselves, they are grateful to Me. They fittingly esteem my grace and live in constant fear that—if they do not cooperate with Me—I may strip them of all my gifts.

“It is entirely different in hearts that reek with pride. I cannot even enter into their hearts because they are so full of themselves that they leave no room for Me. These wretched souls take no account of my graces. They go from fall to fall, to their ruin. That is why today I want you to make continuous acts of humility. I want you to act like a baby in swaddling clothes, who cannot take a step or move a hand—but who depends entirely on his mother. In this way, you will stay close to Me like a baby—always asking Me to help you; always confessing your nothingness—in short, depending on Me for everything.

“Without love, they are dead. They do not attract My eyes and they have no power over My Heart. Be careful, then. Let love inspire even the least of your works. Let them be done in Me, with Me and for Me.”

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