(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

August 13, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,

I have many people asking me to explain the “rounds.” Some have a hard time grasping the why and how of doing them. And I know it can get very confusing. I see it in two ways:

1st: Love coming from God in all creation, in all souls and in all holy Angels, and then returning that love to Him, so it looks like a round;

2nd: Going around all that God has created out of so much love for His creatures, (creation) and to every soul, past, present and future, and repairing all sinful acts, making Divine all holy acts not accomplished in the Divine Will, and/or taking all acts that should have been done, but were not done and that Jesus did perfectly for the glory of His Father. Every sinful act leaves an act of love not done….and these are the acts that Jesus did for each of us and left suspended for us to take and present to His Father for the Father’s glory!

Below is another way of explaining the rounds!

The rounds are a way to return to God our love for all that He has created for us and for all that He has done and is doing for us, as in the Creation of the universe, the Redemption of all human generations and the Sanctification of souls. In the Holy Will of God, we are able to do this in a most remarkable way, with our spiritual souls dispersed in unity with the Divine Will in all creation, accomplishing this action in our name and in the name of all souls, past, present and future.

There are three “Fiats” of God, “Creation, Redemption, and Sanctification.” While making the Rounds, we thank, love, praise and adore our Heavenly Father for these three “Fiats,” which is His just due from all created souls. It is just and right for us to reciprocate with God all the love He has given in all He has done and is doing for our good!

It delights God for us to surround Him with all the goods He has created for us, i.e: the heavens, stars, all the flowers, all the minerals of the earth, animal life, and all that His Beloved Son suffered for our salvation. And when He looks at His three “Fiats”, He sees our “I love You,” in each thing He created and that which He suffered out of love for us.

It is a return of love to God, in the Divine Order, for His love in all of Creation, Redemption, and in all the works of the Holy Spirit for the Sanctification of all.…just for each one of us, individually!

I pray these explanations help souls to understand better the way of the rounds for the Glory of our Heavenly Father and for the love of all that Our Lord and the Holy Spirit is doing, has done, and will do for each one of us!

We love you all so very much and keep each one of you in our daily prayers! May God bless each of you and your families abundantly, as we thank Him abundantly for all His has, is, and will be doing! Amen!
Ann Ellison


Volume 13
February 4, 1922
The souls who live in the Divine Will take part in the eternal activity of the Divine Will.

While I continued in my usual state, as soon as my sweet Jesus came to me, He said:

“My daughter, the souls who live in my Will are the little wheels that rotate in the great wheel of Eternity. My Will is the motion and the life of the wheel of endless Eternity. As they enter into my Will to pray, to love, to act, and all the rest, the wheel of Eternity makes them go around within its immense circumference. And since in that wheel they find all that has been done and must be done, and all that should be done but is not done, as they rotate, they cast light and divine waves into what has been done and must be done, giving divine honor to their Creator in the name of everyone—and so they redo what has not been done by creatures. O how beautiful it is to see a soul enter into my Will! As she enters, the great wheel of Eternity winds her up, to make her go around within its great expanse; and the little wheel does its eternal rounds. This winding-up by the great wheel puts her in touch with all the Divine windings, and while she goes around, she does all that her Creator Himself does. Indeed, they are as it were the first and the last to be created by Me, because, as they go around, they find themselves at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. So, they will form the crown of the whole human family: the glory, the honor and the atonement for all; and the restoration to God of the whole order of things that He created. So, may your rounds be continuous in my Will; I will give you the wind-up—and you will be ready to receive it, won’t you?”

Then He added:

“You have not spoken about all the rounds that the little wheel of your will does in the great wheel of Eternity. And I said: “How could I speak about them, if I don’t know?” And He replied:

“As the soul enters into my Will—even with a simple consent, with an act of abandonment—I wind her up so as to make her go around. And do you know how many times she goes around? She goes around as many times as there are minds that think, eyes that look, words that are spoken, works that are done, or steps that are taken. Souls go around at each divine act, at each motion, and at each grace that descends from Heaven. In short, they form their rounds with anything that is done in Heaven and on earth. The rounds of these little wheels are so quick and fast that no one can calculate them. But I count them all—first, to receive the glory and the eternal love that they give Me; and then, to unify all eternal blessings; to give those souls the capacity to surpass everyone—to embrace everyone, and to form the crown of all creatures.”

Volume 16
December 6, 1923
The mission of the Most Holy Virgin, Jesus, and Luisa to make the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon the earth.

While I was praying, my sweet Jesus appeared in my interior and looked at me with a fixed gaze. Drawn by his gaze, I looked at Him, even within His interior, which seemed to me like a crystal in which could be seen everything that my beloved Jesus was doing. Uniting together with Him, I tried to do what He was doing.

At other times it seemed to me that Jesus took my soul in his Hands and cast it into flight in the immensity of his Will, saying to me:
“The Little Newborn of my Will, you were born in my Will and in It I want you to live. Fly, fly in the Eternal Will; fulfill your role; see what there is to do between the Divinity and the creatures; go ’round through all the generations but always in my Will; otherwise, you will not find everything. And loving, operating, repairing, adoring for everyone, you will go before the Supreme Majesty to give Them all the love and homage of each and every one as the true firstborn of our Will.”

I took flight and Jesus followed my flight with his gaze. But who can say what I did? In his Will I found all the love that his Will intended to give to creatures, and, since they did not take It, It was suspended, waiting to be taken. I made It mine and investing all the created intelligences, I formed for each thought an act of love, of adoration and of everything that each intelligence should have given to God. And embracing everything within me, as if everyone were put in my lap, I took flight to Heaven to take them to the lap of the Celestial Father. I said to him:

“Holy Father, I come to your Throne to bring You in my lap all your children, your dear images that you created, placing them once more in your Divine Lap so You might bind and retie once again that Will broken between You and them. It is the Little Daughter of your Will that asks You this; I am little, it is true, but I make the pledge to satisfy You for everyone. I will not leave your Throne if You do not bind for me the human will with the Divine so that, carrying it to earth, the Kingdom of your Will may come upon the earth. Nothing is denied to the little ones, because what they ask is what You want and nothing other than the echo of your own Will.”

And I returned to Jesus, Who awaited me in my little room. He received me in his arms and overwhelmed me with kisses and caresses. He said to me:
“My little one, to assure that the Will of Heaven descends upon the earth, it is necessary that all the human acts be sealed and polished with the acts of the Divine Will. In this way the Supreme Will, seeing that all the creature’s acts are sprinkled with Its own and being attracted by the powerful magnet of Its own Will, will descend to earth and reign there. This mission, then, has been given to you as the firstborn daughter of our Will.

“Know that to dispose the Word to descend from Heaven, my Mother made this pledge to go around to all the generations. And making all the acts of the human will her own, she put in them the Divine Will, because she held so much of the treasure of the Supreme Will as to surpass all that all creatures combined would possess. And each round that She did in It multiplied this treasure. And seeing that one of Our most faithful creatures with so much grace and love had arrayed all the human acts with the Divine Will—taking to her Heart what was necessary to do this—and seeing that our Will was in the world, I, Eternal Word, was drawn and descended from Heaven.

“The second pledge was suited for Me to form the Redemption. How much I had to go around through all the human acts to take them all as in my grasp and cover them, seal them, polish them with my Divine Will to attract my Celestial Father to see all the human acts covered by the Divine Will that man had repelled to the Celestial regions, so that my Divine Father could open the doors of Heaven which the human will had closed. There is no good that does not descend that is not by means of my Will.

“The third pledge is yours. As the firstborn daughter of our Will, it is fitting for you to add the third seal of our Will upon all human acts, to obtain that the Kingdom of my Will come upon the earth. Therefore, go ’round, my daughter, over all the human acts of creatures. Penetrate even into hearts, bringing to each heartbeat the heartbeat of my Will, to each thought a kiss and the knowledge of my Will. Imprint that Omnipotent Fiat on each word; invade everything; sweep everyone in It, so that my Kingdom come upon the earth. Your Jesus will not leave you alone in these rounds; I will assist you and guide you in everything.”

And while He said that, I took flight and went around to everything and to everyone. But who can say what I did? Only Jesus can say it, the One who made me do it. So, I continued throughout the night, always together with Jesus. And as I went around, at times I retrieved all the thoughts, all the words, all the works, steps, and heartbeats enclosed in his Will. And Jesus rejoiced and received everything with love. He said to me:

“See the great difference there is between the sanctity in my Will and the other Virtues? The first is for the creature to receive in each instance currents of grace, of light, of love, and to be in harmony with his Creator in every act. It is, therefore, a sanctity that most approaches his Creator. The second, the sanctity of the other virtues, happens at (specific) times or in (particular) circumstance when the occasion of exercising it is presented—patience at one moment, then obedience, and then charity, and well as other things. And if these opportunities are not presented, the Virtues are interrupted and without growth. They cannot receive the good that the virtue contains when it is practiced. But in the sanctity of my Will there are no stops or interruptions. My Will is always intent on darting the creature; she can receive it in every instant—if she breathes, if she thinks, if she speaks, if her heart beats, if she eats or sleeps, all enter my Will, and in each instant, she can fill herself with my Will and with all the goods that It contains.”

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