(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

August 15, 2021



Dear Divine Will Family,
There was no way I could pass up sending out a Snippet to honor of Our Blessed Mother, Mary, on the magnificent Feast Day of Her Assumption into Heaven…the Feast of the Divine Will in Heaven.

I love the fact that all the Saints who were already in Heaven from the Ascension on waited for Her arrival before they celebrated the Divine Will, which was also the only reason they were in the Paradise of everlasting glory and joy in His Holy Will!

It is a day to celebrate with immense gratitude Our Blessed Mother, for it was She who chose us to come and live in the Kingdom of God on earth as It is lived in Heaven! We honor You, love You and thank You, dear Heavenly Mother, for everything, most especially for never doing your own will, but always that of God’s! This brought our Redeemer to earth, Who laid the foundation for the Kingdom to come! It is the Holy Will of God reigning in You, dear Mother, for which we owe so much!

We ask that You please come and help us live in the Divine Will as perfectly as possible for our poor souls, for the love, honor and glory of the Triune God, Who You love so much! We ask You this favor for the glory and love of Your Most Beloved Son, Jesus; for Your Most Beloved Spouse, the Holy Ghost; and for Your Beloved Father! We love and honor You, dear Mother with all our hearts and give ourselves to You as Your legitimate children, to love and raise as You did your own Beloved Son! Fiat always and Amen!!

We love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayer, dear brothers and sisters in the Divine Will! May God allow Our Mother to teach us and raise us to be as perfect as our poor souls will allow for love of Him and for His glory and for His Kingdom to come!! Fiat!
Ann Ellison

Volume 18
15th August, 1925
The Feast of the Assumption Should Be Called the Feast of the Divine Will.

I began to think about the Feast of my Heavenly Mother’s Assumption into Heaven; and, with a tender and moving voice, my sweet Jesus:

“My daughter, the true name of this Feast ought to be “Feast of the Divine Will.” It was the human will that closed Heaven, broke its ties to its Creator, brought forth miseries and sorrows, and put an end to the rejoicing that the soul ought to have enjoyed in Heaven. Now, this Creature, the Queen of everyone, by doing always and in everything the Will of the Eternal One (indeed, it can be said that her life was only the Divine Will), opened Heaven, bound Herself to the Eternal One, and restored man’s rejoicing to Heaven. Every act She completed in the Supreme Will was a feast begun in Heaven; all of her acts were Suns formed to adorn this great feast; and they were music sent forth to delight the Heavenly Jerusalem.

“Indeed, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will, working and fulfilled in My Heavenly Mother, which worked such wonders in Her as to astonish Heaven and earth, to enchain the Eternal One with unbreakable bonds of love, and to enrapture the Word even into her bosom. The very Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves: ‘Whence comes so much glory, honor, and greatness? Whence come so many wonders never seen before—in this chosen Creature? Yet She comes from the exile!’ Amazed, they recognized the Will of their Creator as the Life that acted in Her; and, trembling, they said: ‘Holy, holy, holy! Honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord! And glory to Mary; and three times Holy, She who has let this Supreme Will act!’

“Indeed, it is My Will, more than anything else, that is celebrated on the day of Her Assumption into Heaven. It was My Will alone that made My Most Holy Mother ascend so high, and it is My Will that distinguishes Her from everyone; all the rest would have been as nothing if She had not possessed the prodigy of My Will. It was My Will that gave Her the Divine Fecundity and that made Her Mother of the Word. It was My Will that made Her see and embrace all creatures at once, making Her the Mother of everyone, who loves everyone with a Motherly Divine Love. It was My Will that made Her the Queen of all, and that allowed Her to rule and to reign. So, on that day, My Will received the first honors, the glory, and the abundant fruit of Its work in Creation, and on that day It began Its ceaseless rejoicing for the glorification of Its work in My beloved Mother. And, although I had opened Heaven, and many saints already possessed the Heavenly Fatherland, when the Celestial Queen was assumed into Heaven, they waited for Her—who had honored the Divine Will so much and who bore the true prodigy of the Most Holy Will—to make the first feast of the Supreme Will, since She was the primary reason for that Feast: She who had fulfilled the Supreme Will in everything.

“O how all of Heaven magnified, blessed, and praised the Eternal Will, when they saw this sublime Queen enter into the Highest Heaven, into the middle of the Celestial Court, surrounded by the Light of the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Will! They saw Her all infused with the power of the Supreme Fiat, and they saw that even the least of Her heartbeats had been sealed by this Fiat. Astonished, the whole heavenly court looked at Her and said to Her: ‘Ascend, ascend to the highest! It is just that She, who has so much honored the Supreme Fiat, and through whom we have arrived in the Heavenly Fatherland—it is just that She have the highest throne and that She be our Queen!’ And the greatest honor that My Mother received was to see the Divine Will glorified.”

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