(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

July 2, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,

I pray your 4th of July will be festive and celebrated with immense thanksgiving to God because He planned, from before time began, for us to be born in a country of freedoms and independence! We are able to love God freely and worship Him in the manner that glorifies Him the most. May He be forever praised, loved, and adored with immense and eternal gratitude for such favors towards us! Who are we that we deserve such favors as this? He loves a heart full of gratitude and generosity! May these always come from our hearts to His Heart!

But of course, in these days, we don’t know how much longer we will be enjoying these freedoms, so I wanted to do a Snippet on Hope! Such an important virtue and gift from God. Get to know Hope as much as you can and practice it, because times are on the horizon when we will need Hope desperately.
I remember reading Our Lady of Garabandal saying that during the Great Tribulation, when all have given up hope, God will send the Warning which is the only thing that will be able to stop the Great Tribulation! The fact that all will give up hope terrified me at the time I read it, because I hang on hope like I hang onto the air I breath. Hoping that Jesus is forgiving me all my sins, neglects, all the steps I make out of His Holy Will….Hope is what keeps me going, knowing that I can continue to strive to live this extraordinary life of God reigning in my soul!! Hope gets me up in the morning, hope keeps a smile on my face, hope does everything for me that is necessary for my spiritual life in God! Hope in Our Lady saving my soul and the souls of all my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren! I wonder and am terrified at where I would be without hope!

But I do know this and have great hope in the fact that Jesus loves each of us with a love that we will never, even in Heaven, be able to comprehend! I know also with great hope that He does and will keep all His promises to take care of His own! He will always do as He says, and so there is great hope in the future for the children of the Divine Will and for all who love Him! Be sure to always hang onto your hope in God and in the future of our families! No one can explain Hope like Jesus and Luisa!

We love all of you so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers, please keep us in yours! May God grant you immense hope in all that pertains to Him and in the future of our families and our country!
Ann Ellison

Volume One
No Date

“For the soul to obtain anything, she must believe. Just as a head without eyes lives in total darkness and confusion, not even able to walk without stumbling and falling—so the soul without faith falls from one abyss to another. Faith serves as sight for the soul—as the light which guides her to everlasting life. But what feeds this light of Faith? It is Hope! And what is the substance of Faith’s light and Hope’s nourishment? It is Charity. All three of these virtues are grafted together—so that one cannot exist without the other.

“Indeed, what good does it do man to believe in the immense riches of Faith, if he himself does not hope for them? It is true that he may look at them, but with indifference—because he knows that they do not belong to him. But Hope gives wings to the light of his Faith, so that by hoping in the merits of Jesus Christ, he comes to regard them as his own, and so to love them.”

According to Jesus:

“Hope clothes the soul with the iron-like armor of fortitude—so that her enemies cannot even disturb her or wound her with their arrows. All is tranquility in her, all is peace. O how beautiful to see this soul clothed with the beauty of Hope, cleaving to her beloved, distrustful of herself, and trusting totally in God. As queen of her passions, she takes on her fiercest enemies. She rules over her interior life—her inclinations, desires, heartbeats, and thoughts—with such mastery that Jesus Himself falls in love with her, seeing her strive with so much courage and strength. But she draws all her Hope from Him, and places all her hope in Him, so that, seeing this firm hope, Jesus cannot deny anything to this soul.
“When Jesus spoke about Hope, He withdrew a little, leaving a light in my intellect. But how can I explain what I learned about Hope? If all the other virtues embellish the soul but can also make us inconstant and wavering—on the contrary, Hope makes the soul firm and stable, like those high mountains that cannot be moved an inch. It seems to me that the hope-filled soul can be compared to certain very high mountains—no extremes of temperature can do any harm to them. Neither snow, nor wind, nor heat can erode them. Whatever marker might be planted on their peaks, one can be sure of finding it there, in the same spot, a hundred years hence. Nothing can harm the soul clothed with Hope. The tribulations, poverty, and accidents of life do not disturb her for a moment. She says to herself: “I can do everything, I can bear everything, I can suffer everything, hoping in Jesus who forms the object of all my hopes.”
Hope makes the soul almost omnipotent and invincible. Hope gives her final perseverance, so that she never stops hoping until she reaches the Kingdom of Heaven. Then, she lays down her Hope and throws herself into the immense ocean of Divine Love.

Volume Two
September 9, 1899

Faith, Hope and Charity. The soul is the royal palace of God.

Jesus continues to come, but with a totally new appearance. The trunk of a tree with three separate roots seemed to be growing out His Sacred Heart. This trunk stretched out of His Heart into mine, passed through my heart, and formed many beautiful branches, loaded with flowers, fruits, pearls and precious stones, shining like radiant stars. Seeing Himself in the shade of this tree, my loving Jesus entertained Himself greatly—especially since many pearls fell from the tree and formed a beautiful ornament for His Most Holy Humanity.

As He stood in this position, He told me:
“My dearest daughter, the three roots that you see growing out of this tree are Faith, Hope and Charity. The fact that you see this trunk growing out of Me and entering into your heart means that there is no good that souls possess which does not come from Me. After Faith, Hope and Charity, the first development of this trunk is to show that everything good comes from God, that creatures have nothing of their own but their nothingness, and that this nothingness gives Me freedom to enter into them and to do what I want. However, there are other “nothings”—that is, other souls—who oppose Me with their own human wills. Because of their ignorance, the trunk produces neither branches, nor fruits, nor anything else that is good. The branches of this tree with their ornaments of flowers, fruits, pearls, and precious stones, are all the different virtues that a soul can possess. Now, who has given life to such a beautiful tree? Certainly, the roots. This means that Faith, Hope and Charity embrace everything and contain all the virtues, so much so, that they are placed there as the foundation of the tree, and without them no other virtue can be produced.

I also understood that the flowers signify the virtues; the fruits, sufferings; the precious stones and pearls, suffering only out of pure love for God. This is why those falling pearls formed that beautiful ornament for Our Lord.

September 19, 1899

“This is how I want you to occupy your soul. First, fly upon the wings of Faith, and by plunging yourself into its light, you will always learn and know new things about Me, your God. But as you come to know Me better, your nothingness will feel almost scattered, and you will have no place to lean on. But you must rise all the more, and dive into the immense sea of Hope, where you will find all the merits that I gained during My mortal life, and all the pains of My Passion, which I gave to man as a gift. Only through these can you hope to acquire the immense goods of Faith, because there is no other way to obtain them.

“So, as you avail yourself of these merits of Mine as if they were your own, your “nothing” will no longer feel scattered and sink into the abyss of nothingness, but will acquire new life and be embellished and enriched, so as to draw the very divine approval upon itself. Then the soul will no longer be timid, but Hope will give her courage and strength, so as to render her stable like a pillar exposed to the inclement weather—which represents the various tribulations of life, and which do not move her a tiny bit. Then Hope will cause the soul not only to dive fearlessly into the immense riches of Faith, but to become their owner; and through Hope she will reach a point where she will make God Himself her own. Ah, yes! Hope makes the soul reach wherever she wants to go. Hope is the door of Heaven—only by means of Hope can it be opened, because he who hopes for everything obtains everything. Then, after the soul has reached the point of making God Himself her own, immediately, without any obstacle, she will find herself in the immense ocean of Charity, and carrying Faith and Hope with her, she will dive into it and will form one single thing with Me, her God.”

Most loving Jesus continued:
“If Faith is king, Charity is queen, and Hope is like the peacekeeping mother who reconciles everyone. In fact, with Faith and Charity there may be disturbance, but Hope, being a bond of peace, converts everything into peace. Hope is support, Hope is refreshment. When the soul rises by means of Faith and sees the beauty, sanctity, and love with which she is loved by God, she feels drawn to love Him. But when she sees her own insufficiency, how little she does for God, and how badly she fails to love Him as she should, she feels dejected, troubled, and almost frightened to draw near to God. Immediately, then, this peacemaking mother appears, and places herself between Faith and Charity, and begins to fulfill her role as peacemaker. She restores peace to the soul, inspires her, uplifts her, and gives her new strength. She carries her before King Faith and Queen Charity, excuses th e soul, and places a new outpouring of her merits before the soul and begs them to receive her. Filled with tenderness and compassion, and with their eyes fixed on this peacekeeping mother, Faith and Charity receive the soul, and God forms the delight of the soul, and the soul forms the delight of God.

“O holy Hope, how admirable you are! I imagine the soul possessed by this beautiful Hope to be like a noble wayfarer who walks to take possession of the land that will make his whole fortune. But since he is unknown and travels through lands which are not his, some deride him, some insult him, some strip him of his clothes, and some even beat him and threaten to kill him. And what will the noble wayfarer do in all these trials? Will he be troubled? Ah, no–never! On the contrary, he will laugh at those who treat him this way, and—knowing with certainty that the more he suffers, the more he will be honored and glorified when he comes to take possession of his land—he himself taunts the people into tormenting him more. But he is always calm, enjoying the most perfect peace; and what is more, while in the midst of these insults, he remains so calm, that while the others are wide awake around him, he continues to sleep in the bosom of his longed-for God.

“Who gives so much peace and firmness to this wayfarer so that he can continue the journey he has begun? Certainly, Hope in the eternal goods that will be his—indeed, since they are his, he will overcome everything to take possession of them. And, thinking that he owns these goods, he comes to love them—and that is how Hope gives rise to Charity.”

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