(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

June 28, 2021


“The Divine Will—the true Sanctity—lies in doing my Will and in re-ordering all things in Me. Just as I keep everything in order for each creature, in the same way each creature should order all things for Me and in Me. My Will keeps everything in order.

Dear Divine Will Family,

Wow, it feels good to get back to work on the Snippets. I have had a wonderful time with the “six widows” of my family. I lost a beloved brother last January and his widow really needed some distractions. So, all the widows in my family decided to get together and enjoy each other. My sister and I are widows and there are 4 widows from the 4 brothers we have lost in the last 15 years to 20 years. We had such a good time together and Renie, the most recent widow, was so happy to have the distractions. She and my brother, Fred, were very, very close and it was terribly hard on her to lose him. She is so wonderful and sees God’s Will in his new life in God in Heaven! She realizes how blessed he is to have fought the good fight and won the race. Now she is interested in becoming a Consecrated Widow, so that she can live the rest of her life for God! I know the reason all of us widows get along so very well. We all love God and our Faith and want to only live for God and His Glory….as well as for His Kingdom to come, although not all of them understand Luisa! My sister and one of my brother’s widows are very interested in learning about the Life of the Divine Will in their souls! Praise God’s Holy Will forever!

I am now at my son’s home in Porter, Texas, near Houston. I will be here until some time after the 4th of July. Then I will head down to Merritt Island, Florida to my daughter’s home. I will be back in Tennessee around the 1st of August, after spending the last week of July at the farm.

I pray that we learn, from the writings below a little of how important it is to “reorder’ our souls so that our life in the Divine Will will be more efficacious, strong, self-giving, self-denying and loving! It is the only way to live this life truly and the way that give God’s the greatest glory, love and adoration! Remember this life is not about ourselves, but about the glory of God, His Kingdom to come and the salvation of all souls! May we live it more and more true everyday!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God give us all the immense grace to reorder our souls completely in and with His Holy Will!
Ann Ellison
Volume 11
June 9, 1912

“My daughter, for the soul who does My Will and lives in It, there is no death. Death is for one who does not do My Will, because he has to die to many things: to himself, to his passions and to the earth. But one who lives in My Will has nothing left to die for. He is already used to living in Heaven. For him, death is nothing more than laying down his rags, as one would remove the clothes of a pauper to don the garments of a king, to leave this land of exile for the Fatherland. The soul who lives in My Will is not subject to death and receives no Judgment. His life is eternal. All that death had to do, love did in advance, and My Will reordered him completely in Me, so that I have nothing on which to judge him.”
That is why I say, remain in My Will and, when you least expect it, you will find yourself in My Will in Heaven.

Volume 12
April 19, 1919

My sweet Jesus said to me: “My daughter, My Humanity was the only organ that reordered the harmony between creature and Creator. I did for each soul all that she was supposed to do for her Creator, not excluding even the lost souls—because I was to give the Father perfect glory, love and satisfaction for all created things—with this one difference: The souls who partly fulfill their duties toward the Creator—almost nobody satisfies them all—these souls unite their glory to Mine, and everything they do remains as though grafted into Mine; while the lost ones remain like withered members, and since they lack the necessary vital humors, they are not fit to receive any graft of all the good that I have done for them—rather, they are only fit to burn in the eternal fire. That is why My Humanity restored the lost harmony between creatures and Creator and sealed it at the price of blood and unheard-of pains.”

Volume 16
August 20, 1923

She [the Blessed Mother] was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will, that her whole interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Will. She was aware of the interior lives of all souls, and she placed her own to reorder them all before God. Indeed, it was precisely man’s interior life—more than his exterior life—that needed to be reformed and realigned. And, since She had to do the greater part, it seemed as if She did the lesser—while She was the fountain of both their external and internal blessings. Yet it seemed that She did not do great or amazing works. More than the sun, She went forth unnoticed and hidden in the cloud of the light of the Divine Will, so much so, that when the saints gave of themselves they appeared to do more wonderful things than My own Mama did. Yet, what are the greatest saints before My heavenly Mama? They are like little stars compared to the great sun; and if they are lit up, it is only because of the sun.”

August 20, 1923

“This is your task, My daughter: To charm Me; with your interior all reordered in the Supreme Will so to bind Me to move My Will from Heaven to earth, so that It may be known and lived on earth as It is in Heaven. Do not worry about anything else. One who takes on a major role need not attend to the minor roles. On the contrary, leave that realm to others so that they can do the minor parts, and so that everyone has a part to play. I know what is needed—the time, the place, and the people—and I know when I will make known My greatest works, even with external prodigies. But you must always continue to go out of yourself into My Will, filling Heaven and earth, charming Me so much that I cannot resist performing the greatest miracle of all—that My Will reign among souls.”

February 28, 1924

“My Will wants to pour out these torrents of blessings which It had made to give to souls—and this is why I want to establish the law of living in My Will: to restore all of these suspended blessings between man and His Creator. This is why I am working in you—to reorder your will with the Divine. In this way I will be able to begin and to activate so many blessings that have been suspended between the Creator and mankind. I am so intent on this reordering of the human will with the Divine, and that the human will live completely in My Will, that until I obtain this I will feel as if Creation had failed in its main purpose. Indeed, I created Creation not because I needed it—I was more than sufficiently happy by Myself. I created it because with all the blessings that We bore within Ourselves, We wanted a source of delight outside of Us. This is why everything was created. And within an immense outpouring of Our most pure love, We delivered this soul from Our omnipotent breath, so that We might delight Ourselves with her, and so that she might be happy with Us and with all the things that We created for love of her.

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