(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

October 22, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,

I pray all are striving to live as deeply as possible in the Holy Will of their Heavenly Father! I also pray everyone is healthy and full of joy that we FEW have been chosen for such a GIFT as living in the Divine Will and giving God all the glory, love, honor and gratitude that all souls owe Him, from Adam to the last man on earth! What a privilege and humongous grace!! Wow! Of course, we have our Heavenly Mother to thank as it is She who was chosen to go around and choose the souls disposed to receive such an incredible grace! May we always to give our Heavenly Family our gratitude and love at every moment of our lives!

We are in Fatima at this time. We have also had Masses said for our DW Family! I can finally try to get a Snippet out if at all possible. Even here the internet is so unreliable and is always on and off again. But, fiat, if God wishes to get a Snippet out, then it will be done…if not, He has His reasons!

One of the things that has been bothering me lately is hearing people say, “How many Divine Lives have you created today?” “What? Excuse me?” And they repeat, “How many Divine Lives have you created today?” I say “None!” “What? Aren’t you living in the Divine Will?” “I pray so,” I answer! “Then you should be creating Divine Lives with your acts!” “No, not me! I am nothing! Inviting God to come and reign in me and act in and through me, gives Him the task of creating Divine Lives in my acts. My acts just “FORM” the void, God then can create a Divine Life in that void by doing the act in and through me! I just give Him permission to use my acts for form these incredible Divine Lives. I personally can do absolutely nothing by myself!”

We are nothing, we cannot create anything without God…even baking a cake, or painting a million-dollar painting…it is only through the talent that God gives us that we can accomplish these things. We can co-create a baby with God, but we cannot create anything without Him! So, the Snippet today is on the Divine Lives that God can create in the voids of our acts, and on which He feeds Himself….and He feeds us with His love! But even God cannot create a Divine Life in your act if it is not totally void of everything, especially your own ego, and it seems to me that thinking you are creating these Divine Lives is a show of ego and so therefore, even God is not creating Divine Lives in your acts!

We must always remain in our nothingness, realizing WHO God is, and who we are! Where were you 100 years ago? You were nowhere and you were nothing, except in the mind of God. And praise His Holy Will for that!! He did plan to create you through your parents….isn’t that a very comforting thought….that you were planned by God to exist and to also receive this magnificent Gift of living in His Holy Will!! It is the only reason you were born at this time! It should make you feel very humbled that God has thought of you and even planned your life in advance!

These are just thoughts that go through my head and I hope it doesn’t hurt to share them.

We love all of you so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! Please keep us in yours! May God created trillions of Divine Lives in your most precious acts, void of everything except the Divine Will!!
Ann Ellison


March 19, 1924

The light of the Divine Will contains the all-seeingness, which is the passport to be able to penetrate everywhere. The love and the acts of the creature done in the Divine Will, being filled with divine virtue, multiply the Life of Jesus.

I was fusing myself in the immense sea of the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior in the act of blessing me. Then, after He blessed me, He surrounded my neck with His arms and said to me:

“My daughter, I bless your heart, your heartbeats, your affections, your words, your thoughts, and even your tiniest movement, so that, through my blessing, all of them may be invested by a divine virtue; in such a way that, on entering my Will, by virtue of my blessing, they may bring this divine virtue with them, and may have the power to diffuse in all, to give themselves to all, and to multiply Me for each one, so as to give Me the love and the glory as if all had my Life within them. Therefore, enter into my Will, penetrate between Heaven and earth, go through everyone.

My Will is most pure light, and this light contains the all-seeingness – the passport to be able enter the most intimate hiding places, the most secret fibers, the abyss of depths and the space of the highest heights. This passport has no need of signature in order to be valid, but contains this very power within itself, because, since it is light which descends from up high, no one can prevent its step and its entrance. And besides, it is king of everything and it holds dominion everywhere. Therefore, place your thoughts, your words, your heartbeats, your pains – your whole being, in circulation within my Will; leave nothing inside yourself, so that with the passport of the light of my Will and with my divine virtue, you may enter into each act of creature and may multiply my Life in each one of them. Oh! how happy I will be in seeing that, by virtue of my Will, the creature fills Heaven and earth with as many Lives of Mine for as many existing creatures.”

So, I abandoned myself in the Supreme Volition, and going around within It, I made my thoughts, my words, my reparations, etc., flow through each created intelligence and in all the rest of the human works; and as I did my acts, Jesus was formed. Oh! how beautiful and enchanting it was to see many Jesuses wherever the passport of the light of the Eternal Will passed by!

Then, afterwards, I found myself inside myself, and I found Jesus clinging to my neck, and clasping the whole of me, He seemed to be making feast, as if I were the cause of the multiplication of His Life, to give Him the honor and the glory of as many Divine Lives. So, I said to Him:

“My Love, it does not seem real to me that I could multiply your Life, to give You the great honor of so many Divine Lives. And besides, You are present everywhere, therefore it is by virtue of Yourself that this Life arises in each act – not because of me. I remain always the little child who is good at nothing.”

And Jesus: “My daughter, everything you say is true – I am everywhere; but it is my power, immensity and all-seeingness that allows Me to be everywhere, it is not the love and the acting of the creature in my Will that makes Me be everywhere and multiplies Me. But when the soul enters into my Will, it is her love – it is her acts that, being filled with divine virtue, make my Life arise, according to how her acts are more or less extended and are done. This is the reason for my feast in seeing that the creature takes of my own and gives Me my love, my glory, and even my very Life. My contentment is so great that it is not given to the creature to comprehend it while she lives in the exile; but she will comprehend it in the Celestial Fatherland, when she sees herself repaid with as many Divine Lives for as many as she formed upon earth.”

May 24, 1927

The offering to work in the Divine Volition. Whoever lives in It forms many acts of Divine Life, and possesses the virtue of bilocation.

……I found myself as if absorbed in the Supreme Flat, and was thinking of the great things that the Supreme Will can do in our souls, and my always lovable Jesus added:

“My daughter, each act which the Divine Will does in union with the soul forms a Divine Life, because, being Divine It cannot help but form a Divine Life in Its acts. In this way, in the soul where My Will reigns, and as the soul works, speaks, thinks, throbs, etc., My Divine Volition works; Its Words, Its Thoughts, and Its Heartbeats flow into those of the creature to first form Its Act, Its Word, and then to give [a] place to put Its Divine Life.

“Thus, in everything that the soul does, so many Divine Lives spring forth from her in such a way as to fill Heaven and earth with many images of Divine Lives. The soul becomes the duplicator, the bilocator of the Divine Life. My Will is no less powerful in the soul where It reigns with the power of its sovereignty, than It is in the bosom of the three Divine Persons. Therefore, possessing the bilocating virtue not only forms in the soul as many Divine Lives as she wants, but it forms her heaven, sun, seas of love, flowered yards, and makes the soul say to her God: ‘You have given me heaven, and I give it to You in return; You have given me the sun, and I give it to You also; seas and flowered yards You have given me, and seas and flowered yards I give to You. All that You have done for me in the creation and Redemption, Your Will repeats in me in such a way that I can give to You all that which You have given to me.’”

“O Power of My Will – what can It not do in the soul where It reigns? Where It reigns It delights in placing the soul on par with Us, because It knows that it is Our Will to want the creature similar to Our image, and as Our faithful executioner, (the creature] carries [Our Will] out, and We call this creature where Our Supreme Fiat reigns: ‘Our glory, Our love, [and] Our virtue’. And only with Our Volition can the soul become as such; without It there is a great distance between the Creator and the creature.

“Thus I love it greatly when the Divine Volition reigns in the soul, making way for the field of action where Our Will can bilocate Our works, Our lives, and elevate the creature to the purpose for which she was created. The creature came forth from Our Volition, so it is only right that she walk in the steps of Our Will and that she return to her Creator by that same path from which she came forth, all beautiful and enriched by the prodigies of Our Eternal Fiat.”

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