September 29, 2021



A Talk given by Ann Ellison in Cincinnati in 2014

Dear Divine Will Family,

I pray that these instructions will motivate you to practice the ways of God so that during this time of great confusion and suffering, you will grow in acceptance, docility and obedience to the Holy Will of God in all things. Yes, I know you are suffering; we all are, but this is the time in which God created you to live, and there is always a very good reason. This is the time of making saints out of those who love God more than themselves. This is a time of sifting, separating the wheat from the chaff….make sure you are the wheat! Make sure you are practicing the life of the Divine Will; making reparation for all souls for His Kingdom to come, returning to Him all the reciprocity that is due to Him from all mankind and doing all this for all souls, from the beginning of time until the end of time! God’s deserves no less and always much more!

Love your neighbour as yourself. This is a wonderful time to find a way to give to people in need. Keeping busy with charitable work takes your mind off your own sorrows and it makes you feel wonderful at the end of the day and it pleases God immensely done always in and with His Holy Will!

Go to Adoration as much as possible. There is a wonderful feeling of love, security and protection when you leave an hour of Adoration, knowing how much God loves you and that whatever His plans are for you, they are the best plans that we can fulfil!

And live in the moment. Let God take care of what He is responsible for…our future, and we will take care of what He desires of us…living in the present moment in His Will, doing and saying whatever He inspires us to do at that moment!

And be at peace, child, He is in control! He is the only one who is and can be in control of the happenings in our lives, if we but abandon ourselves to Him and always give Him our fiats in all circumstances! I have seen so much miracle by abandoning myself in His Will and letting go and letting Him handle everything! He loves to take care of us and He loves to show His love for us through these wonderful miracles. Let go and let God!!! A saying I learned back in 1973 and of which I have tried to never let go!

This is the last of the talk I gave at Cincinnati in 2014. A friend came across it because I never made a booklet out of it like I did many talks of Tom’s and a few of my own and some of Hugh Owens’. But with the response I have received, I may make it into a booklet so you can share it with others in a form that is enjoyable to receive and read.

We are looking for editors for books that we want to publish. I can publish a book, but I am no editor and I cannot format a book for the publisher. If anyone has a talent for this or would enjoy do this for us, we would greatly appreciate it.

Well, we have put off going to Garabandal another week. We are not expecting anyone to visit, so there is no rush to get there except that we have missed it greatly and truly love the House of Divine Will and Garabandal very much. Our reasoning is that First Friday and Saturday is coming up and there is no English-speaking Priest for confessions anywhere in area of 40 km or more around Garabandal. So we will go to confession here in Fatima, a most wonderful place for confessions, and go to First Friday and First Saturday here, leaving right after our very early First Saturday Mass. We will arrive in Garabandal on October 2nd.

We love all of you so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers. Please keep us in yours! May God give you all that you need to live deeply in and with His Holy Will in these times that are the times which will eventually bring about His Kingdom!! Praise His Holy Will forever!
Ann Ellison

Second Half of Part II of the Instructions from Jesus: “I AM YOUR ALL!”

HUMILITY: (Unassuming, Unpretentious, Chasten, Small)

(I was surprised at what I found in the dictionary when I looked this word up…nothing to do with holiness.)

Jesus: “I cannot enter into hearts that stink with pride—souls so puffed up with themselves that there is no place in their hearts for Me. They do not give credit to my graces, and by fall after fall go to ruin. I therefore want you very often to perform acts of humility. You must be like an infant in swaddling bands who, unable to move by himself, even to walk or move a hand, must rely on its mother for everything. In that way, I want you to remain near Me—like an infant—to always ask for my help and assistance, acknowledging your nothingness and expecting everything from Me.”

Jesus: “Ask for my assistance at the start of everything you undertake. Always have Me present to work with you and it will be completed with perfection. Know that if you always do this, you will acquire the greatest humility. If you do the opposite, pride will re-enter you and choke the seed of the beautiful virtue of humility…..”

Jesus: “If you only knew how much humility pleases Me!
Humility is the smallest plant that one could find but its branches are so high that they reach unto Heaven. They wind themselves about My throne and penetrate unto and within My Heart. The branches that this plant puts forth are “confidence” such that there cannot be given true humility without confidence. Humility without confidence is false virtue.”

RESIGNATION: (Surrender, Submission, Tolerance. But the one I like the best was, Uncomplaining endurance)

(If that isn’t a mouthful. Uncomplaining endurance…if only we could all acquire that virtue…we may stand a chance to live this most sublime and holy life!)

Jesus: “Resignation absorbs all that can be painful and disgusting with nature, and it converts it into sweetness. And since My Being is peaceful, tranquil — so that anything that may happen in Heaven or on earth cannot cause the least breath of worry, resignation, therefore, has the ability to insert into the soul these very virtues of mine. The resigned soul is always at rest, and that causes Me to rest peacefully in it.”

OBEDIENCE: (Submissive, dutiful, ready to obey)

(I am saving the ‘Queen’ of all virtues until the last…with this virtue fully reigning in your soul, so are all the rest. This virtue ties all of the other virtues together.)

Jesus: “Do you want to know what obedience is? Obedience is the height of love; obedience is the most refined love, the purest, the most perfect fruit borne out of the most painful sacrifice, such as is the dying to oneself in order to live anew in God. Obedience, being very noble and divine, cannot permit anything human in the soul, unless it belongs to her. Therefore, her entire attention is aimed at destroying in the soul anything that does not belong to this divine nobility, such as self-love, for example. Having achieved this, she does not care about laboring by herself or about her struggling for what belongs to the soul, but in fact, she leaves the soul peacefully at rest.

Jesus says: To conclude, I, Myself, am Obedience.” (How can we say you are living IN Jesus if He is Obedience and we are not?)

Jesus: “There is no true peace without obedience, and if it seems that such peace is enjoyed, it is a false peace, because it is in agreement with one’s passions, but never with the virtues; and it ends in ruin, because in wandering away from obedience, one wanders away from Me, who was the King of this noble virtue.”

Jesus: “Obedience kills one’s own will while flooding within the Divine one, so much so that it can be said that the obedient soul does not live with its own will, but with the Divine one; and can a more beautiful, more holy life exist than by living in the Will of God Himself? Pride may be present with other virtues, even the loftiest, but never with obedience.”

(Now let us see what these virtue, attitudes and purifying the senses do for us….of course, as always, listen to Jesus and what He reveals.)

Jesus: “By living in Our Will, in continuous contact with It, man acquires the Divine Senses. He acquires great foresight. His light [of his eyes] is so penetrating and clear that it reaches and focuses on God, in Whom he beholds the Divine Mysteries. Our holiness and beauty are palpable to him. He loves them and makes them his own. With this eye full of light, he finds his Creator everywhere. There is nothing in which he does not find Him. With His majesty and with His love, God envelopes the creature and makes him realize how much He loves him. In realizing how much he is loved; the creature loves God in return. Oh, the unspeakable joy of both parties in loving and being loved in everything!

Jesus: “The creature acquires the Divine Sense of hearing and, all at once, he hears what We want. He is always intent on listening to Us. Nor is there any need to say repeatedly what We want. A little hint, and everything is done.

Jesus: “He acquires the Divine Sense of smell and, by merely sniffing, he becomes aware of whether what surrounds him is good and holy and belongs to Us.

Jesus: “He acquires the divine sense of taste, so that he feeds on love as much as he wants and on everything that is in Heaven.

Jesus: “Lastly, in Our Will he acquires Our Divine Sense of touch, so that everything is pure and holy. Nor is there fear that the slightest breath can overcome him. Everything is beautiful, pleasing and exquisite for the one who lives in My Fiat [with the Divine Senses].

Since we have covered most of the virtues and attitudes that we must acquire and which will help us delve deeply to live more fully in the Divine Will, it is time now to share with you the last part of the 1st instruction of Jesus to Luisa. It is this:

“I DESERVE to be loved by you with a love EQUAL to Mine.”

Jesus: “The other virtues, however high and sublime, always distinguish the creature from the Creator; it is only Love that is capable of transforming the soul into God. However, one cannot offer true Love if one does not receive life and nourishment from my Will. Therefore, it is my Will, conjoined to Love, which forms true transformation in Me; the soul is in continual contact with my Power, my Holiness, and with everything that I am. So, one may say that she is another Me. Everything is precious; everything is holy for that soul. One may say that her breath, her touch, the earth that she treads on is precious and holy, for these are none other than the effects of my Will.”

Jesus: “My Will should be the seal that is stamped on all your interior and exterior; and when all has been renewed in you, then you will find true Love. This is the best of all holiness to which the creature can aspire.”

Jesus: “You must know that since you have done your things together with Me – that is, you have loved Me with my love, you have adored Me with my adorations, you have repaired Me with my own reparations, and so with all the rest – things are immense in you, just as my own, and this union in operating has formed this organ [that I am playing inside you]”.

(All of the instructions of Jesus are gifts for us to learn how to receive the greatest of all gifts that He is offering to His creatures….you do not have to unwrap this gift if you do not want to…..you do not have to receive anything that Jesus is offering you. That is your choice….but if you do not, then…listen to the cry of Jesus…our God, our beloved!)

He says: “The absence of love on the part of creatures makes Me weep bitterly. When I see that I am not loved, I feel wounded. It causes Me such pain that I break out into tears. My love hastens to come upon every creature. It covers him and hides him. I become the life of love for him. But he, ungrateful as he is, doesn’t say to Me a single I love You. Why shouldn’t I weep? So, love Me if you want to stop My tears.”

(I would like to end this talk with a piece of wisdom which I found in the Letters of Gold, #40, written by +Thomas Fahy.)

“Notice that He, God, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, does the transforming; but He will not do it without our cooperation and help. Basically, it is a matter of the will. If we consent to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus and truly desire it from the depths of our hearts and therefore are obedient to what He sends us every moment of every day, He will accomplish it. Said another way: If we are docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we will be transformed; we will be sanctified; we will become love; we will possess the beatitudes; we will enter the Kingdom of God on this earth; we will become living Hosts; and we will be living the “new and divine holiness.”

Also, try practicing this phrase when starting to do anything…in all your duties, pains and sorrows, “In His Will, with His Love!” It seems to make everything easier and sweeter!

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