(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

December 21, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
First, I want to thank everyone who gave a very generous donation to the Center. We are so grateful to you and you will receive a tax letters before the end of January. I wish I could name everyone, but I know you don’t want to be named in this email, but we know who you are and with all our hearts, we thank you! It is the end of the year and many people give donations at this time. We would be ever so grateful if you keep us in mind when considering to whom you are going to give donations. God bless you all abundantly!

Gosh, it is hard to believe that this year is almost over. I pray all of you are healthy and happy! Joy is one of the attributes of living in the Divine Will because no matter what is happening in your life it most certainly always the Will of God. I just read where St. Padre Pio said that doing the Will of God is better than living in paradise! With the correct understanding of life in the Divine Will, it would be our paradise here on earth…..aren’t we supposed to be living Heaven on earth? Knowing that you are always doing the Will of God in your life should bring you peace and joy. Besides, the rewards will be so great in Heaven that we cannot and will not ever be able to comprehend them here on earth. Plus, by always doing His Will, aren’t we pleasing our Heavenly Father. This is very important to keep in the forefront of our minds, pleasing Him who loves us so much.

Christmas is soon here and our Little Newborn Jesus will be with us once again. So, we have the Newborn Jesus, and we are always a newborn in the Divine Will. All our acts in the Divine Will are always new and ever increasing, and expanding!

The joys of Heaven are always increasing, which is so hard to comprehend….joys for all eternity increasing at every instant?? Gosh, what a God we have, what a Father, what a Holy Trinity we have!!! What an eternity we will have with our Triune God!

I was thinking the other day about going to Heaven and being with Jesus and Mary and knowing God with more understanding and loving Him more and being sensibly intimate with Him. I got carried away and began realizing that when we die, our souls go to Heaven (or wherever we deserve to go), but at the end of the world, we will be given our glorified bodies and we will live in Heaven in our flesh for all eternity with Jesus and Mary and everyone else…all in our flesh, all living together as a family for all eternity! Wow, I really can’t wait! Never experiencing anything but joy, happiness and love….so much love that it astounds the mind and heart of man!

So let us welcome our Little Newborn Jesus with all our hearts, for without Him coming, Redemption nor the Kingdom would never be…in fact, without Him coming, we probably would not have been! How grateful we are to Jesus and to Mary! Fiat always!

We love you all so much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God help us to realize how grateful and loving we should be towards our Savior and Lord, our the King of Kings!!
Ann Ellison


Volume 16
November 28, 1923

The newborn of the Divine Will.

I feel always sunken in the Holy Will of my Jesus, and I seemed to see my little soul like a newborn baby, whom blessed Jesus was raising in His arms with the breath of His Will, with such jealousy as to want that she look at nothing, hear nothing, touch nothing. And so that nothing might distract her, He kept her enchanted with the sweet enchantment of His teachings on His Most Holy Will. And the little newborn would grow and be nourished with the breath of the Will of her Jesus. And not only this, but He covered me with many little crosses of light, in such a way that, in looking at myself, I could see a cross of light impressed in each part of me. And Jesus amused Himself, now in multiplying these crosses, now in wanting me to keep my gaze fixed on Him in order to count all His words, which served me as food and means of growth. Then, afterwards, my Jesus told me:

“My little daughter, my newborn of the Divine Will, my Volition conceived you, made you be born, and now raises you with all love. Don’t you see with how much love I hold you in my arms, and do not permit that you take any other food but the breath of my Will? It is the most beautiful, the dearest, the most precious thing which has been issued in Creation until now – the newborn of my Will. Therefore, I will keep you with such jealousy as to let no one touch my newborn. My Will will be everything for you: It will be life, food, garment, clothing and cross for you, because, since It is the greatest thing, it would be unbefitting for your Jesus to mix It with other things which are not a birth from Our Will. Therefore, forget everything, so that no other waters may surround you, inside and out, but the immense sea of the Eternal Volition. I want in you the honor, the nobility, the decorum, of the true newborn daughter of my Will.”

Volume 19
February 23, 1926

Jesus calls her “the little newborn” so that she may be reborn continuously in His Holy Will to new beauty, to new sanctity, to new light, to new likeness of her Creator.

My Love and my Life, Jesus, come to the help of my weakness and of my reluctance in writing; even more, let your own Will come to write, that I may put nothing of my own, but only all that You want me to write. And You, my Mama and Celestial Mother of the Divine Will, come to guide my hand while I write. Lend me the words, facilitate for me the concepts which Jesus places in my mind, that I may worthily write about the Most Holy Will, so as to make my sweet Jesus content.

I was thinking to myself: “Why does blessed Jesus so often call me “the little newborn of His Most Holy Will”? Maybe because I am still bad, and since I have not taken one step in His Will, with reason He calls me just newborn….” Now, while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus clasped His arms around my neck, and squeezing me tightly to His Heart, told me:

“To my little newborn of my Will I want to deny nothing. Do you want to know, then, why I call you little newborn? Newborn means to be in the act of being born, and you must be reborn in each one of your acts in my Will. Not only this, but in order to be repaid for all the oppositions of the human wills, my Will wants to call you into my Volition to make you be reborn so many times for as many times as the human wills have opposed It. Therefore, it is necessary to keep you always a newborn.

When one is in the act of being born, it is easy to make her be reborn as many times as one wants, and to preserve her without the growth of the human will. But when the soul grows, it becomes more difficult to keep her without the life of her own self. But this is not all. It was necessary, befitting and decorous for the newborn of my Will and for Our Will Itself, that she would unite herself to that single Act of the Eternal One, which has no succession of acts. And just as this single Act gives the Divine Being all the greatness, the magnificence, the immensity, the eternity, the power – in sum, It encloses everything, to make whatever It wants come out of this one Act – in the same way, Our little newborn of Our Will, uniting with the single Act of the Eternal One, was to do always one single act – that is, to remain always in continuous act of being born, doing always one single act: Our Will. And while doing one single act, she would be reborn continuously – but reborn to what? To new beauty, to new sanctity, to new light, to new likeness of her Creator.

And as you are reborn in Our Will, the Divinity feels repaid for the purpose for which It issued the Creation, and It feels the joys and the happiness that the creature was to give It, come back to It. Clasping you to the divine bosom, It fills you with joy and with infinite graces, and It manifests to you more knowledges about Our Will; and giving you no time, It makes you be reborn again in Our Will. Moreover, these continuous births make you die continuously to your will, to your weaknesses, to miseries, and to all that does not belong to Our Will.
How beautiful is the destiny of my little newborn! So, aren’t you happy? See, I too was born one time, but that birth makes Me be born continuously. I am reborn in each consecrated Host; I am reborn every time the creature returns to my grace. The first birth gave Me the field to make Me be reborn always. This is how divine works are: after they are done once, their continuous act remains, without ever ending. The same will be with my little newborn of my Will: after she is born once, the act of her continuous birth will remain. This is why I am so careful not to let your will enter into you, and I surround you with so much grace – so that you may always be reborn in my Will, and my Will may be reborn in you.”

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