Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta
Compiled by Ann Ellison

January 1, 2022


Dear Divine Will Family,
I couldn’t pass up this great Feast Day to send something out. Plus, it being the first day of the year 2022! Several things come to my mind!

We were just reading where Jesus told Luisa that you must heal the wounds which your human will has made to your soul before you can take His Life of grace, sanctity and love in the Divine Will! I thought this would be a good New Years resolution to make, and since it is Our Heavenly Mother’s Solemnity, we could ask Her to help us in this regard!

There is a beautiful prayer that Luisa prayed that would be very good start.
Luisa called it “A Plea to my Heavenly Mother!”

“O, my Most Holy, Most Pure, Most Beautiful Divine Mother, even though You are Queen of the entire Kingdom of God’s Holy Will, still You are ever my Mother! I have such a need for You as Mother, and trembling, I cast myself into Your arms so that You may heal me of the wounds which my wicked will has made to my poor soul.

“Hear me, my Sovereign Mother, if You don’t take the Sceptre of Command to guide me and rule over all my acts to ensure that my will never has a life of its own, ah, I will not have the beautiful lot of coming into the Kingdom of the Divine Will for the love, honor, and glory of God and for His Kingdom to Come within me, so that His Will will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven within my soul and all souls, past, present and future!” Amen!

I have also attached a few things from the volumes on healing our wounds caused by our human wills!

“Just as sin wounds and gives death to the soul, so does the Sacrament of Confession give life, heal the wounds, and give back vigor to virtues; and this, more or less, according to the dispositions of the soul – so does the virtue of the Sacrament operate.” Volume 3, January 5, 1900

“….My great glory and the great necessity that the knowledges about the Supreme Will become known and, like beneficial dew, dampen the ardor of passions? Like rising sun, my Will dispels the darkness of the human will, and removes the torpor which almost all creatures have, also in doing good, because the life of my Will is missing. My manifestations about It will be like the balm which will heal the wounds produced by the human will. Volume 19, August 14, 1926

Now to honor Our Heavenly Mother and the Mother of God, I would like to share this with you:

I said to Him [Jesus]: “My sole and only treasure, You didn’t even let me watch the feast of our Queen Mama, or listen to the first canticles that the Angels and the Saints sang as She entered Paradise.”

And Jesus: “The first canticle that they sang to my Mama was the ‘Hail Mary’, because in the ‘Hail Mary’ there are the most beautiful praises, the greatest honors; and the joy that She felt in being made Mother of God is renewed. Therefore, let us recite it together to honor Her, and when you come to Paradise I will let you find it as if you had recited it together with the Angels and the Saints for the first time in Heaven.”

So, we recited the first part of the ‘Hail Mary’ together. Oh, how tender and moving it was to hail our Most Holy Mama together with Her beloved Son! Each word He said carried an immense light, through which one could comprehend many things about the Most Holy Virgin. But who can say them all – especially because of my inability? Therefore, I let them pass in silence. Volume 2, August 15, 1899

Considering the world that we are living in today, may I share a few thoughts with you. I have probably spouted these words before, but something tells me they maybe more important now in these days!! As we all know when we give our wills and life to God in the Divine Will, God begins to reign (dominate) in our souls and animate all our actions. He is in control now, not us! When He disposed you to receive this immense and incredible Gift of LIVING in His Holy Will, He already had all kinds of plans for you….just for you!

I think we can all agree that God’s plans are always perfect…we would never want to change those plans for anything because then we would not be living in His Will, we would living in our human wills.

We have no idea what God’s plans are for any of us in 2022, but we can agree that whatever they are, they are perfect! He has already planned and knows exactly how we all are going to live and die this year as well. I wouldn’t want to change any plans, life or death, for the world because the plans He has for my life and death are the perfect for me….maybe not for you, but it is for me! Same with you….your life and death would not be perfect for me, but it is for you!

Also, we cannot even begin to imagine the glory, the wonders, the magnificent plans God has for us in Heaven!! Living eternity with Jesus and Mary…I can’t imagine anything more wonderful. And then the day will come and we will receive our glorified bodies and we will all be together, almost as we are today, except a lot more beautiful and glorious, I am sure!

There is so much to say on this subject, but I want to also share with you about those who will be martyred during the Great Tribulation, which we are on the very cusp of at this moment. Those who are martyred during the great tribulation will return and live in the Kingdom when It comes fully on earth….we will be the Saints walking with the souls living in this extraordinary Eden on earth as in Heaven!

Again, beautiful gem from the writings…those who die with the fiat on their breath, all of Heaven will empty out to come and receive their soul because they will see their Creator in it and there will be great celebrations in Heaven because of your fiat!!

God loves us so very, very much that He is not going to allow us to be disappointed in anything, so always remember that He is WITHIN us at all times, directly and guiding our lives on earth. How can we fear the future, except in our nothingness and our weaknesses, but Jesus and Mary have that covered, too. They will make up for all that we lack. Praise, glory and love to our Thrice Holy God!!!

We at the Center wish all of you a very joyous, happy and holy New Year!

May it be God’s Will for you to be fully sanctified during 2022!
Ann Ellison
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