Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta
Compiled by Ann Ellison
November 19, 2022
May He always remain King of the universe, our country,
our homes and our hearts!!

Dear Divine Will Family,
Happy Solemnity of Christ, the King!! I pray He is the King of your country, home, family, and hearts! I am sure He is!

And how can we keep Him as our King? By always being attentive and faithful in accomplishing all our acts in His Holy Will!! Do you realize what happens when we do just ONE act in His Will? Well, let me try to explain this most important concept for those who have not yet understood it, which isn’t surprising as this is very profound and exceptionally surprising, when you finally get your head rapped around it. Our Creator is such a giving and intimate God, and it is hard for many of us to think that He would want to have such intimacy with us, who are so very unworthy!! Praise God, that He doesn’t look at our unworthiness because He loves us that much no matter who we are or what we are! We just have to make sure we stay in the state of grace….all the rest is left up to our King!! As He explains to Luisa, “You just desire It, I will do all the work!” And He does in such a way that you don’t even realize it, until you finally realize you are different, you are not the same as you were when you first began living in His Holy Will.

Remember also this fact about living in the Divine Will….living in the Divine Will is not a matter of changing actions but of the will. Instead of our own will flowing alone in all we do, we let the Divine Will flow as primary actor, animator, and director of that act.

So, it become God’s act, not our act, a Divine Act, not a human act! So, what does this Divine Act contain? What power, love, and glory does it not contain?
This is just a little of what an Act accomplished in God contains:

Just a blink of the eye in the Divine Will contains all Eternity, the Entire Life of Jesus and Mary, all the lives of the Old Testament, all the lives of the New Testament, all the lives of the Saints, all Creation from the beginning of time until the end of time, everything since time began and until time ends!! The Real and True Life of the Most Holy Trinity from all Eternity! It multiplies to the Infinite and goes on for all Eternity! This Act will replicate the Life of Jesus every instant for all Eternity forever and ever!!

So, what does it mean to replicate the Life of Jesus every instant for all Eternity, forever and ever…..your little act accomplished in the Divine Will causes a void that Jesus can insert His Real Life into, and His Real Life (really the Real Life of the Most Holy Trinity, as They cannot be separated!) multiplies to the infinite and goes on for all Eternity! Just think about that for a minute or two. These are called “Divine Lives!” Through our little acts in the Divine Will, God creates billions and trillions of Divine Lives….His Life replicated continually and forever!

I hope this hasn’t confused as much as it has explained the importance of continuing constantly our life in the Divine Will! Please write to me if you have any questions: [email protected]. You can read more about these most precious and very Sacred Divine Lives below!

Remember always that we love all of you so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May your precious and little acts always be the void in which God can replicate His Life always and forever!
Ann Ellison
Volume 11
May 21, 1913

How the true consummation is formed.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, I want the true consummation in you – not imaginary, but true; though in a simple and feasible way. Suppose that a thought came to you which is not for Me; you must destroy it and substitute it with the divine. In this way you will have formed the consummation of the human thought and acquired the life of the divine thought. In the same way, if the eye wants to look at something that displeases Me or does not refer to Me, and the soul mortifies herself, she has consumed the human eye, and acquired the eye of the divine life; and so with the rest of your being. Oh, how I feel these new Divine Lives flowing in Me, taking part in everything I do! I love these Lives so much that I surrender everything for love of them. These souls are first before Me; and if I bless them, through them others are blessed. They are the first to be benefited and loved; and through them, others too are benefited and loved.”

Volume 16
March 19, 1924

Then, afterwards, I found myself inside myself, and I found Jesus clinging to my neck, and clasping the whole of me, He seemed to be making feast, as if I were the cause of the multiplication of His Life, to give Him the honor and the glory of as many Divine Lives. So I said to Him: “My Love, it does not seem real to me that I could multiply your Life, to give you the great honor of so many Divine Lives. And besides, You are present everywhere, therefore it is by virtue of Yourself that this Life arises in each act – not because of me. I remain always the little child who is good at nothing.”

And Jesus: “My daughter, everything you say is true – I am everywhere; but it is my power, immensity and all-seeingness that allows Me to be everywhere, it is not the love and the acting of the creature in my Will that makes Me be everywhere and multiplies Me. But when the soul enters into my Will, it is her love – it is her acts that, being filled with divine virtue, make my Life arise, according to how her acts are more or less extended and are done. This is the reason for my feast in seeing that the creature takes of My own and gives Me My love, My glory, and even my very Life. My contentment is so great that it is not given to the creature to comprehend it while she lives in the exile; but she will comprehend it in the Celestial Fatherland, when she sees herself repaid with as many Divine Lives for as many as she formed upon earth.”

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