Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta
Compiled by Ann Ellison
December 8, 2022


May this Day be filled with Gratitude to

the Most Holy Trinity for the Gift of our Heavenly Mother!!

Dear Divine Will Family,

What a day this is!! How awesome a Mother we have! She wants so much for us to live as fully as possible in the Holy Will of Her Son, and She is constantly praying for and helping us to do just that! She wants us to live the very same life She lived in and with our Creator! And who would want anything different? Not me!!

Reading the Book of Heaven helps us realize just Who She is and how God prepared Her for Her mission on earth! There is NO creature who can compare to Her or reach Her sanctity! She is the one we must look to as an example of how to live in the Divine Will. These writings I have put together…and there are only two, really help and guide us on how to live in the Divine Will! Read them slowly and carefully and read them many times. The more you read them the more you will understand and get out of them the necessary things to do to live in the Divine Will in the proper way!

I think sometimes, we have our own thoughts on how to live in the Divine Will, which is very dangerous and very scary because our thoughts are not God’s thoughts and who are we to think we know the how’s and ways to live in the Will of the Most Holy Trinity?

We have great examples and teachings in the Book of Heaven that explain exactly how to live this extraordinary life!! Luisa, being one of us, born with Original Sin, is a great example, but Our Lady is the greatest example to me. Just read how Jesus explains it below. So beautiful and so awesome…it really gives you the greatest desire to give up your will and live only with the Holy Will of God!! Yes, yes, yes!!!

May we always follow the example of Luisa and Our Lady to live this life, making decisions and desiring to give up our will in every situation.

Somewhere in the Volumes, I read that during the Immaculate Conception, God wanted His Mother to know that She was the Mother of all mankind, so He put a spiritual drop of our blood in Her Heart and so that we would know Her and love Her as our Heavenly Mother, when we were conceived, He put a spiritual drop of Her blood in our hearts. God’s acts of Love toward His creatures is incredible! What a Heavenly Family we have!!!!


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We love you all so very much and pray for each of you daily! May God help you understand the true value of having a Heavenly Mother like we have!! It seems hard to believe that any human can truly understand Her value, She is so August and Magnificent and Extraordinary!!

Ann Ellison


Volume 17

December 8, 1924

On the Immaculate Conception. The test which the Virgin had to undergo.

I was thinking about the Immaculate Conception of my Sovereign Queen Mama. The qualities, the beauties and the prodigies of Her Immaculate Conception poured into my mind – a prodigy which surpasses all other prodigies done by God in all Creation. Now, while I was thinking about this, I said to myself: ‘Great is the prodigy of the Immaculate Conception; but my Celestial Mama had no test in Her Conception – everything was favorable to Her, both on the part of God and on the part of Her nature, created by God as so happy, so holy, so privileged. So, what was Her heroism and Her test? If the Angel in Heaven was not exempted from the test, nor was Adam in Eden, was the Queen of all alone to be excluded from the most beautiful halo which the test would place on Her august head of Queen and Mother of the Son of God?’

While I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, no one can be acceptable to Me without the test. Had there been no test, I would have had a mother slave, not free, and slavery does not enter Our relations and Our works, nor can it take part in Our free love. My Mama had Her first test from the very first instant of Her Conception. As soon as She had Her first act of reason, She knew Her human will on one hand, and the Divine Will on the other, and was left free to adhere to one of those two wills. Without losing one instant, knowing the whole extent of the sacrifice She was making, She gave Us Her will, without wanting to know it ever again, and We gave Her Ours as gift. And in this exchange of donation of wills on both sides, all the qualities, the beauties, the prodigies, the immense seas of grace poured into the Immaculate Conception of the most privileged of all creatures. It is always the will that I am used to testing. All sacrifices, even death, without the will, would nauseate Me, and would attract not even a glance of mine. But do you want to know what the greatest prodigy was which We operated in this creature, so holy, as well as the greatest heroism of this creature, so beautiful, which no one – no one will ever be able to equal? She began Her life with Our Will, and so did She continue it and complete it. So, it can be said that She completed from the point at which She started, and that She started from the point at which She completed; and Our greatest prodigy was that in each one of Her thoughts, words, breaths, heartbeats, movements and steps, Our Will poured upon Her, and She offered Us the heroism of a thought, of a word, of a breath, of a heartbeat, Divine and Eternal, operating within Her. This raised Her so high that what We were by nature, She was by grace. All of Her other prerogatives, Her privileges, Her very Immaculate Conception, would have been an absolute nothing compared to this great prodigy. Even more, this is what confirmed Her and rendered Her stable and strong during all of Her life. My continuous Will, pouring upon Her, made Her share in the Divine Nature; and Her continuous receiving It rendered Her strong in love, strong in sorrow – distinct from everyone. It was this Will of Ours operating in Her that drew the Word upon earth, formed the seed of the Divine Fecundity to be able to conceive a Man and God without human intervention, and made Her worthy to be the Mother of Her very Creator. This is why I always insist on my Will – because It preserves the soul beautiful, as she came out of Our hands, and It raises her as the original copy of her Creator. As many great works and sacrifices as one might do, if my Will is not present in them, I refuse them, I do not recognize them – it is not food for Me; and the most beautiful works, without my Will, become food for the human will, for self-esteem, and for the greed of the creature.”


Volume 15

December 8, 1922

On the Immaculate Conception.

I write to obey, and I offer everything to my sweet Jesus, uniting myself to the sacrifice of His obedience in order to obtain the grace and the strength to do it as He wants. And now, oh! my Jesus, give me your holy hand and the light of your Intelligence, and write together with me.

I was thinking about the great portent of the immaculate conception of my Queen and Celestial Mama, and in my interior, I heard Him say:

“My daughter, the immaculate conception of my beloved Mama was prodigious and all marvelous; so much so, that Heaven and earth were astonished and made feast. All Three Divine Persons competed among Themselves: the Father poured out an immense sea of power; I, the Son, poured out an infinite sea of wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, an immense sea of eternal love, which, merging into one, formed one single sea; and in the middle of this sea the conception of this Virgin was formed, chosen among the chosen. So, the Divinity administered the substance of this conception, and this sea was not only the center of life of this admirable and singular creature, but it remained around Her – not only to keep Her defended from anything which might shadow Her, but to give Her, in every instant, new beauties, new graces, power, wisdom, love, privileges, etc. So, Her little nature was conceived in the center of this sea, and was formed and grew under the influence of these divine waves; so much so, that as soon as this noble and singular creature was formed, the Divinity did not want to wait as It usually does with other creatures – It wanted Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her kisses, and to enjoy Her innocent smiles. Therefore, as soon as Her conception was formed, I gave Her the use of reason, I endowed Her with all sciences, I made Her aware of Our joys and Our sorrows with regard to Creation. Even from the maternal womb, She would come to Heaven, at the foot of Our Throne, to give Us Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her tender kisses; and throwing Herself into Our arms, She would smile at Us with such delight of gratitude and thanksgiving as to snatch Our smiles. Oh! how beautiful it was to see this innocent and privileged creature, enriched with all the divine qualities, coming into Our midst, all love, all trust, without fear. In fact, sin alone is what puts distance between Creator and creature, breaking love, dissolving trust, and striking fear.

“So, She would come into Our midst as Queen who, with Her love, given by Us, would dominate Us, enrapture Us, put Us in feast, and capture yet more love. And We would let Her do it, enjoying the love that enraptured Us, and constituting Her Queen of Heaven and earth. Heaven and earth exulted and made feast together with Us, having their Queen after so many centuries. The sun smiled in its light and considered itself fortunate in having to serve its Queen by giving Her light. The heavens, the stars, and the whole universe smiled with joy and made feast, because they were to delight their Queen, showing Her the harmony of the spheres and of their beauty. The plants smiled, which were to nourish their Queen; and the earth too, smiled and felt ennobled in having to provide the residence for its Empress and to be trodden by Her steps. Only hell cried and felt itself losing strength because of the dominion of this Sovereign Lady. But do you know what was the first act which this Celestial Creature did when She found Herself before Our throne for the first time? She recognized that all the evil of man had been the split between his will and that of his Creator; She trembled, and with no delay She bound Her will to the foot of my throne, without even wanting to know it. And my Will bound Itself to Her and constituted Itself the center of Her life, so much so, that all currents, all relations, all communications opened between Her and Us, and there was no secret which We did not entrust to Her.

“This, indeed, was the most beautiful, the greatest, the most heroic act She did – to lay down Her will at Our feet; an act which made Us, as though enraptured, constitute Her Queen of all. Do you see, then, what it means to bind oneself to my Will and to not know one’s own? The second act was to offer Herself for any sacrifice for love of Us. The third, to render Us the honor and the glory of the whole Creation, which man had taken away from Us by doing his own will. And even from the maternal womb She cried for love of Us, in seeing Us offended; and She cried with sorrow over guilty man. Oh! how these innocent tears moved Us and hastened the longed for Redemption! This Queen dominated Us, bound Us, and snatched infinite graces from Us. She made Us incline so much toward mankind, that We could not resist, nor did We know how to resist Her repeated petitions. But whence came to Her so much power, and so much influence over the very Divinity? Ah! you have understood: it was the power of Our Will acting in Her, which, while dominating Her, rendered Her dominator of God Himself.

“And besides, how could We resist so innocent a creature, possessed by the power and sanctity of Our Will? It would be as though resisting Ourselves. We could see Our divine qualities in Her. The reflections of Our sanctity, the reflections of the divine ways, of Our love, of Our power, etc., poured over Her like waves; as well as Our Will, which was Her center, drawing all the reflections of Our divine qualities, and making Itself crown and defense of the Divinity dwelling within Her. If this Immaculate Virgin had not had the Divine Will as center of life, all the other prerogatives and privileges with which We so enriched Her would have been, in comparison, absolutely nothing.

“This is what confirmed and preserved for Her so many privileges; even more, It multiplied new ones in every instant. Here, then, is the reason why We constituted Her Queen of all; because when We operate, We do it with reason, wisdom and justice: She never gave life to Her human will, but Our Will was always intact in Her. How could We say to another creature: ‘You are Queen of the heavens, of the sun, of the stars, etc.’, if instead of having Our Will as dominion, she were dominated by her human will? All of the elements, the heavens, the sun, the earth, would have withdrawn from the regime and dominion of this creature. All would have cried out in their mute language: ‘We do not want her, we are superior to her, because we have never withdrawn from your eternal Volition – as You created us, so we are’.

“So would the sun have cried out with its light, the stars with their glittering, the sea with its waves, and everything else. On the contrary, as soon as they all felt the dominion of this excelling Virgin who, almost as their sister, never wanted to know Her own will, but only that of God, not only did they make feast, but they felt honored to have their Queen, and they ran around Her to form Her cortege and to pay obsequies to Her – the moon, by placing itself as footstool at Her feet; the stars as crown, the sun as diadem, the Angels as servants, and men as though in waiting. Everyone – everyone paid Her honor and rendered their obsequies to Her. There is no honor and glory which cannot be given to our Will – whether acting within Us, in Its own center, or dwelling in the creature. But do you know what was the first act which this noble Queen did when, coming out of the maternal womb, She opened Her eyes to the light of this low world? As She was born, the Angels sang lullabies to the Celestial Baby, and She remained enraptured; Her beautiful soul went out of Her little body, accompanied by angelic cohorts, and went around Heaven and earth, gathering all the love that God had spread throughout the whole Creation; and penetrating into Heaven, She came to the foot of Our throne, offered Us the return of the love of all Creation, and pronounced Her first ‘thank You’ in the name of all.

“Oh! how happy We felt in hearing the ‘thank You’ of this Little Baby Queen. And We confirmed in Her all graces, all gifts, such as to make Her surpass all other creatures together. Then, throwing Herself into Our arms, She delighted with Us, swimming in the sea of all contentment, being embellished with new beauty, with new light and with new love. She pleaded once again for mankind, praying Us in tears to let the Eternal Word descend in order to save Her brothers. But as She was doing this, Our Will let Her know that She should descend to the earth, and immediately She left Our contentment and joys, and departed, in order to do… what? Our Will.

“What powerful magnet Our Will was, dwelling on earth in this newborn Queen! No longer did the earth appear alien to Us; We no longer felt like striking it, making use of Our justice. We had the power of Our Will which, in this innocent child, blocked Our arms, smiled at Us from the earth, and turned justice into graces and sweet smile; so much so, that unable to resist this sweet enchantment, the Eternal Word hastened His course. Oh, prodigy of my Divine Will! – to You everything is due, through You everything is accomplished, and there is no greater prodigy than my Will dwelling in the creature.”

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