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Dear Readers,

Well! It has been two months of getting better, little by little, from the compressed disk and vertebra fracture.
And it has been two months of catching up, little by little, with all the paper work on my tables and desk. What had to be done is mostly finished, at least for now
As I write this Message of Gold, I feel a lot better and also relief from a pile of paperwork.

GOOD NEWS! The New Edition of the “Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ” has arrived from the Printing Company !
Here is what is new with this New Edition:

1. The new typesetting is larger and darker and better spaced. This will make it much easier to read. It can even be read by candlelight should that become necessary in these very foreboding times.
This much improved typesetting has added close to 50 pages, yet the book is only 1/8th of an inch thicker.

2. The cover material is of a new type of paper, which should be more durable than the previous editions. It was more expensive, so I hope it will prove to be more durable and last longer.

3. We did another proofreading and corrected a lot of typos and other minor mistakes.


$12.50 for this new edition would be normal, but we have decided to keep the former suggested donation at $10.95 for the next six months, ending November 20, 2017. So, the new “Hours of the Passion” will be $10.95 until next November.

We also have a lot more items available, including some of the Volumes of Luisa, The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and many booklets. See the attached list of our publications and also our website:

The Following is an Enlightening Extract from the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta:

Jesus to Luisa: “ My daughter, My inseparable Mama’s mission concerned the longed-for Redeemer, and She fulfilled it perfectly. However, you ought to know that everything that She and I both did—its substance, source and primary cause—was the Kingdom of My Will. But since Redemption was necessary for this to come about—although the Kingdom of the Fiat lived within our acts—on the outside we were all intent and focused on the Kingdom of Redemption.

On the other hand, your mission exclusively concerns the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, and everything that the Sovereign Queen and I did is at your disposal—to help you, to stand in for you, and to give you access to the Divine Majesty so that you can ask and plead incessantly for the coming of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat. To receive the blessing of the longed-for Redeemer, you should have done your part. But since at that time you were not there, My Mama stood in for you.

Now you must stand in for Her, in Her place, for the sake of the Kingdom of My Will. Indeed, the Mama stood in for the daughter, and now the daughter stands in for her Mama. This is all the more true, since the Queen of Heaven was the first daughter of My Will. And because She always lived within Our realm, She formed Her own seas of love, graces, adoration, and light.
And now, since you are the second daughter of My Will, all that is hers is yours—because your Mama keeps you as her own child—and it delights Her to keep her daughter within her own seas: to plead for the longed-for Kingdom of the Divine Fiat on earth. That is why I want you to see how abundantly your Mama makes up for you, giving you all that is hers. Moreover, She feels honored that her immense seas serve you—to plead for a Kingdom so holy.

Now, after this, in the Divine Will I followed what Jesus had done in Redemption; and my sweet Jesus came back to me and added: My daughter, My Redemption came as a remedy for mankind. And that is why It serves as a remedy—as medicine and food for the sick, for the blind, for the mute, and for all kinds of maladies. And because they are sick, they do not enjoy or receive all the strength that can be found in all of the cures that I came to bring them.

The Eucharistic Sacrament that I left as food to give them perfect health—many eat It over and over again, but they always seem to be sick.
Poor food of My very Life, hidden under the veils of the accidents of the bread—how many corrupted palates and diseased stomachs there are, which prevent souls from enjoying the taste of My food, and from absorbing all the strength of My Sacramental Life! And so they remain ill. And because these members of My Body are feverish under the influence of evil, they have no appetite for this Food. That is why I long so much for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat—because then everything I did when I came down to earth will serve as food for those who enjoy perfect health.

How great is the difference between a sick person and a perfectly healthy one who share the same food! The sick one eats without appetite, and without savoring his food—it simply serves to sustain him and to keep him alive. The healthy one eats it with gusto, and, because he enjoys it, he takes more, and keeps himself healthy and strong.

So, how happy I will be when in the Kingdom of My Will everything that I did will no longer serve as food for the sick, but as food for the children of My Kingdom, who will all be full of vigor and in perfect health! Moreover, by possessing My Will, they will have My permanent Life within them—just as the Blessed in Heaven possess It. Indeed, My Will shall be the veil that will hide My Life within them.

And just as the Blessed possess Me within themselves as their own life—because true happiness originates within the soul—in the same way the happiness that they receive continuously from the Divinity joins hands and exchanges kisses with the happiness that they possess within—and this is why they are completely happy.

In the same way, the soul who possesses My Will shall have My perennial Life within her. And it will continuously supply her with food—not just once a day, like the Food of My Sacramental Life. In fact, My Will shall make a greater display. It will not be satisfied with giving Itself once a day, but It will give Itself continuously—because It knows that these souls have pure palates and strong stomachs to be able to enjoy and digest the strength, light, and Divine Life of My Will in every moment. And the Sacraments—My Sacramental Life—will serve as food, delight, and new happiness for the Life of the Supreme Fiat that they possess.

The Kingdom of My Will shall be the true echo of the Heavenly Fatherland, where the Blessed possess their God as their own life while they also receive Him into themselves from outside. In this way, both inside and outside of themselves, they possess and receive Divine Life. How great will My happiness be when I give Myself sacramentally to the children of the Eternal Fiat—and find My own Life within them!

Then will My Sacramental Life bring forth Its mature fruit. And, as the species are consumed, I will no longer endure the sorrow of having to leave My children without the food of My continuous Life—because My Will (even more than the sacramental accidents) will always keep Its Divine Life in Its possession completely. In the Kingdom of My Will there will be no interruption of banquets or communions—they will all be perennial. And everything that I did in Redemption will no longer act as a remedy, but as a delight, a joy, a source of happiness, and ever-increasing beauty. Indeed, the triumph of the Supreme Fiat will bring the Kingdom of Redemption to complete fruition.

—Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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