Messages of Gold

More Noble and Glorious Secrets
from the “Book of Heaven”

The Heavenly Father continuously generates His Son, and between the Father and the Son the Holy Spirit proceeds.  They are constantly generating and proceeding.  This is Their Life and is like the heartbeat and breath that forms the life of human beings.

In this continuous generating and proceeding, the Holy Trinity produces immense joys, happiness and delights so great that They cannot contain them within Themselves and they overflow and produce the joy and the happiness of the whole Heavenly Court.

When the Divine Fiat performed the solemn Act of man’s creation, how much mastery, majesty, nobility, power and beauty was man created. All Our divine qualities poured themselves out upon man. Each one of them wanted to reveal and pour Itself out in torrents over man, wanting to have fellowship with him.

All of Our qualities set to work: Our light poured itself out upon him to make him its brother in the light.  Our goodness poured itself out upon him to make him its brother in all goodness. Our love poured itself out upon him to fill him with love and to make him its brother in pure love.  Our power, wisdom, beauty, and justice poured themselves out upon him to make their brother powerful, wise, just and enchantingly beautiful.

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Messages of Gold

Dear Readers,

It has been five weeks since my last email. Our flight to Portugal was cancelled, but we made it the next day. Then I had twelve consecutive days with no access to email. After a few days in Portugal we went on to Spain where the Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will has a retreat house and joined others in preparing for the 10 day Divine Will Retreat, among other duties.

The Retreat went well, with participants from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Kathy and I went back to Portugal for a few days and had a lengthy and very informative visit to the world’s second largest depositary of Catholic relics at the Castle of Ourem near Fatima, thanks to a new friend Joi Obisso.

Then we returned to Tennessee the night of May 13. We have been “catching up” with many, many things since returning to Tennessee, including dealing with vast numbers of emails!

I have in my Heart to put together a booklet on what the Holy Trinity had in mind for the human race for as long as They have been God. For now, I will share some research over the years from the “Book of Heaven.”

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Messages of Gold


Dear Readers,

It has been a while since my last Message of Gold was sent. The reason is due primarily to being bogged down with last year’s accounting paperwork being prepared with precision for the IRS and Tennessee. Even though we are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization we still have to make these annual reports.

10-day Retreat on the Divine Will – April 29 – May 8, 2019
We have had a couple of openings come up for staying at the House of Sanctification. Maybe you would like to fill up those spaces. If so, call your airline. The nearest airport is in Santander, Spain. You should contact Ann Ellison at 321-223-1799 right away as she will be heading that way on April 9.

Note: You can stay for all or just part of the 10 days. We suggest a donation of 40 Euros per day for room, enhanced breakfast and light evening meal. Mid-day meals can be taken in the village of Garabandal.

There will be time for exploring the village and surroundings, including the famous Pine Trees.


Jesus to Luisa: And when was man formed in Us [The Trinity]? Ab eterno [from eternity]—because he did not exist in time—but in eternity he always existed, he had his place in Us, his palpitating life, the love of his Creator.

Thus, for Us, man has always been Our ideal—the little space where We unfold Our creative work, the support of Our life, the vent of Our eternal love. This is why humans do not understand so many things—they don’t know how to explain them because it is the work of the Divine Incomprehensibility. These are Our hidden celestial mysteries, Our divine fibers, whose mysterious secrets are known to Us alone—the keys that We must touch when We want to do new and unusual things in the creature. And since men do not know Our secrets—nor can they understand Our incomprehensible ways that We have implanted in human nature—they resort to judging by their own ways of behaving, and they do not know how to explain what We do in the creature; while they are obliged to bow before that which they do not understand.

Now, one who does not do Our Will places in disorder all the acts that We have ordered ab eterno within him. In this way he disfigures Our divine acts and makes a void for those divine acts that We had formed and ordered within him. We loved Ourselves in him—We loved the continuous series of Our acts, formed by Our own pure love. And when We brought man forth in time, We wanted him to agree with what We had done. But to be able to do this, man needed Our Will to give him divine virtue, so that he could do in time what had been done by Us, without him, in eternity. Nor should one be amazed if the Divine Being had formed him in eternity, and the same Divine Will confirmed and repeated Its work in time, continuing Its creative work in man.

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

Messages of Gold


Dear Readers,

Below are two Sets of Excerpts from the Book of Heaven

DIFFERENCE between knowledge of self and humility. Jesus alone can glory in possessing true humility.

LUISA: Finding myself in my usual state, my lovable Jesus came in a pitiful state. He had His hands bound tightly, His face covered with spit, and several people were slapping Him horribly. And He remained quiet, placid, without making one movement or emitting one lament not even a batting of eyelashes, in order to show that He Himself wanted to suffer these outrages; and this, not only externally, but also internally. What a moving scene, such as to break the hardest hearts! How many things that Face said, with that spit hanging, dirtied with mud! I felt horrified, I trembled, I saw myself all pride before Jesus.

While He was in that appearance, JESUS said to me: “My daughter, only the little ones let themselves be handled as one wants; not those who are little of human reason, but those who are little yet filled with divine reason. I alone can say that I am humble, because in man, that which is said to be humility should rather be called knowledge of self; and one who does not know himself already walks in falsehood.”

Jesus remained silent for a few minutes, and I stayed there, contemplating Him. While I was doing this, I saw a hand carrying a light, which, searching in my interior, in the most intimate hiding places, wanted to see whether the knowledge of myself and love of humiliations, confusions and opprobriums, were present in me. That light found a void in my interior – and I too saw it – which had to be filled with humiliations and confusions, in the example of blessed Jesus. Oh! How many things that light and that holy Face which was before me, made me comprehend! Continue reading “Messages of Gold”


House of Sanctification
Dear Readers,

I apologize for the delay in sending the promised additional Information about the Divine Will Conference in Garabandal in early May (May 5 – May 8, 2019)

Major Change: Instead of a three-day Conference, we are going to have talks on the Divine Will everyday for several days, perhaps up to ten days, including May 5- May 8, with at least the 7 days prior to May 5, beginning April 29.

There will also be time to explore Garabandal, while in Garabandal.

Those who want to come, can stay as long as 10 days as you chose. We ask for a 40 Euro donation for each night you stay at the House of Sanctification.

Breakfast will be an enhanced breakfast. Evening meal will be a light meal.

Mid-day meal will be on your own, and there are places in Garabandal or in the closest villages for mid-day meal.

More Details will be forth coming, little by little, during the coming days and weeks.

Ann Ellison Will be in charge of communications concerning the 10 day daily series of talks in Garabandal beginning April 29. However, she won’t be available for accepting calls until March 18 or possibly a little later.
Meanwhile you can communicate with Kathy or me here at the Center for the Divine Will.

The main item to be determined is the combination of male and female visitors, married and singles, and Religious persons. We will need these numbers to determine the arrangements of bedrooms at the House of Sanctification, which has four floors. There are three beds on the bottom Floor, behind the Conference Room. There are no beds on the main floor.
Most of our beds are on the top two floors.

As far as adjusting the planned dates, please note that these dates are set and won’t be changed. Nevertheless, persons who want to come after May 8, there will still be some very capable speakers on the Divine Will available to speak following May 8. The details on this option can be provided individually by contacting the Center for the Divine Will after March 18.

Note: I will be sending this message tonight (Sunday March 10, 2019).
I hope by tomorrow (Monday, March 11, 2019) I will be sending you some Pearls of the New and Divine Holiness.

Wishing you many Divine, Infinite, Eternal, and Immense Blessings in the Divine Will,

Thomas Fahy

Messages of Gold

Dear Readers,
We are planning a Conference on the Divine Will at the House of Sanctification in Garabandal, Spain.
The dates are set for May 6-9, 2019.
Note: Do not call us or send us an email yet about the Conference. We hope to get out another e-mail in a few days with the information your need to know concerning the Conference.

Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Repeating our Acts in the Divine Will
. . . Then Jesus added: “On top of the unceasing love, there is another sign that the soul lives in my Will. This sign reigns inside the soul: immutability – never moving from good to evil. This can only be of God: a firm, constant character, hard to change in its action; the constancy that only a Divine patience can have – always to repeat an act without ever getting tired; never being bothered – never regretting. It is only of God. Now, one who lives in our Fiat feels her immutability and is invested by such firmness that she would never change her action – not for Heaven and earth. She would rather die than stop doing and redoing what she does.
[Note from editor: It seems that Jesus intends that by always repeating our acts, He means that we always repeat the interior act of letting Him have the freedom of doing our acts for us in the Divine Will, rather than the same exterior act done over and over again repeatedly.]

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