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The following, SEVERAL PAGES of SPECIAL EXTRACTS from the “Book of Heaven” are a new experiment in our apostolate of sharing the incredible Good News
of the now coming Reign of the Divine Will. This experiment is new in the sense that the extracts are not confined to one theme, but each extract or group of extracts have its own theme. I have tried to separate each, particular theme with a short line on the left margin for easy reading, meditating, or using the eternal mode of the Divine Will to enter actively into the actual theme.

Thomas Fahy

Special, Selected Excerpts
From the “Book of Heaven”
My daughter, wherever My Will is present, everything is sanctity, everything is love, everything is prayer. Indeed, since It is the wellspring of your thoughts, looks, words, heartbeats, and even your movements—everything is love and prayer. It is not the form of the words that makes prayer—no, it is the action of My Will which rules over your whole being, and makes of your thoughts, words, looks, heartbeats and movements so many little fountains, springing up from the Supreme Will. And as they rise up to Heaven, in their mute language, some pray, some love, some adore, and some bless. In short, My Will makes the soul do what is holy—what belongs to the Divine Being. That is why the soul who possesses the Supreme Will as her life is the true heaven. And even if she is silent, she tells the glory of God and announces herself as the work of His creative hands. How beautiful it is to see the soul in whom My Will reigns!

There are no secrets in Heaven. I will employ such abundance that man will always have something to take—and to prolong his journey. But in spite of such abundance, not everyone will know our secrets—just as not everyone knows what passed between Me and My Mama to form the Kingdom of Redemption: the surprising graces and the innumerable favors. They will know them in Heaven, where there are no secrets—while on earth they have known only what I gave superabundantly for their benefit.
But do you know the effects of these pearls of knowledge on the creatures? They form in them an eclipse of their human will. The stronger the light, and the more numerous the rays, the stronger the human will shall remain dazzled and eclipsed by the light of My pearls of knowledge. The creatures feel impotent to act, and so they open themselves to the action of My Will’s light. The human will shall remain so absorbed in the action of My Will, that it has no time left to act on its own.
So it is between the human wills and the pearls of knowledge about the Supreme Fiat, when they allow themselves to be enlightened by the rays of light of My knowledge. l, In seeing the great good accomplished by the light of these pearls of knowledge, the human wills shall voluntarily allow themselves to be eclipsed; they will indeed feel ashamed and afraid of acting on their own, and will allow full action to the light of the Divine Will.
Therefore, ‘newborn daughter of My Will’ means just this — to follow all My Will’s acts as a faithful daughter. You need to know that My Will continues to create new things with the help of the acts of the creatures. Indeed, It needs the acts of the creatures to perform Its works and to be able to say, ‘My Kingdom is in the midst of My children, even at the core of their acts. The more the creatures perform their actions according to my Will, the more I expand my Kingdom in them and their kingdoms in Me. The more they allow Me to guide their actions, the more I enlarge their boundaries in My Kingdom and give them more joy, happiness, goods, and glory.’
It has been established, in fact, that the creatures’ happiness and glory in the Heavenly Fatherland, shall be as bountiful as the degree of Divine Will they contained on earth. Their glory shall be measured by the fullness of My Will in their souls — they shall receive not more and not less than their receiving capacity, acquired by acting according to the Divine Will while living on earth. And even if, in My generosity, I wished to give them more happiness, I would not be able to do it; in fact, since there is not enough room in them, it would overflow.
My Will is waiting, with much love and trepidation, for the time when Its Kingdom shall be established on earth. Then It shall have total dominion and shall be able to give to Its creatures everything It had established to give. The children will then be trained, formed and prepared to receive the goods and to be thankful for them.
Now, some of these blessed children of the Celestial Kingdom will also be able to endure hardship and give Me glory on behalf of other less capable children of the Kingdom, by taking their place. In fact, some of these children, having allowed a complete dominion of My Will in them, and having an outright capacity and receiving ability, shall contain the fullness of My Will, and will enjoy the essential glory. Some other children instead, shall be able to enjoy only the accidental glory, by means and by the merits of the first ones. In this way, all together shall enjoy the complete glory and the full happiness of My Will. It shall be an outright triumph of Heaven and Earth; it shall be the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.
Then, leaving the light of the sun in prayer, I went around for a brief visit to other created things, to keep You company, O adorable Will, in each of the acts that You perform in the Creation. Next, I went to the sky, to the stars, and to the sea, to tell the same sky, the stars, and the sea — with its murmur — to pray that the Supreme Fiat may be made known and may reign triumphant in all created things, exactly as it reigns in them. In short, I accompanied the Divine Fiat in all Its rounds in the universe, and I asked each and all created things to pray for the advancement of Its Kingdom on earth. How beautiful it is to see all Creation praying that the Kingdom may come amid the creatures!
How hard must be the isolation of this so Holy Will, that wishes to sanctify, but cannot find a recipient. Indeed, Its Holiness is filled with riches, but It can’t find anyone willing to become rich; Its Holiness is filled with beauty, but It can’t find anyone willing to become beautiful; Its Holiness is filled with happiness, but It can’t find anyone willing to become happy. There is always an immense anguish and pain when one is able and willing to give, but cannot find who is willing to receive; and more so when he is left alone.
My pearls of knowledge possess an ever-increasing light, sanctity, beauty, and richness. Hence, whoever possesses them shall have the source of the light and of the sanctity, which will end all darkness, weaknesses, ugliness of sin, poverty of Divine goods, and all sorts of evils, and will possess instead the source of sanctity.
“My daughter, whoever allows himself to be dominated by My Will, shall receive the effects and the life of what I did during Creation and during Redemption; everything is connected and bound to My Will.”
The Kingdom of My Fiat shall indeed include all goods, or better still, It shall surpass all goods, miracles and all the most extraordinary portents taken together.
The preventative source of My Will shall not allow the bodies to horribly corrupt and decompose, as to strike fear even into the bravest men, as it happens today. The bodies in fact, will remain composed in their sepulchers, waiting for the final resurrection. So, which is a greater miracle: to give sight to the blind, to lift up the lame, to heal the sick, or to have a preventative source, by which nobody can ever lose his sight, become lame or get sick? Do you believe that the miracle which happens after a misfortune is greater than a preventative miracle?
This is the great difference between the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat: In the Redemption, miracles were and are performed for the unfortunate souls, struck by misfortune. The healing of many sick bodies is a symbol of the internal healing that I bestow on souls; but these souls and bodies can very easily return to their illnesses.
In the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat instead, miracles shall be preventative. My Will in fact, has the miraculous power to make all those who allow themselves to be dominated by It, immune from all evil. So, My Will shall have no need to perform any miracles, because everybody shall always be healthy, holy, and worthy of the original beauty, bestowed on each creature by Our hands during Creation. The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat shall perform the great miracle of keeping away from everyone all sicknesses, all miseries, and all fears. Truly, It shall not perform miracles for a definite time and circumstance, but It shall surround Its children by a continual miracle. In this way, all creatures shall be preserved from evil, and all shall recognize that they are children of the Kingdom.
Each truth about my Eternal Will contains a power far more prodigious than the ability to raise the dead, heal the leper, give sight to the blind, or restore speech to the mute. In fact, My words, by virtue of the sanctity and power of My Fiat, shall be able to lift the souls, bringing them back to their origin, healing them from the leprosy caused by the human will, giving them the ability to see the once hidden goods of the Kingdom of My Will, and restoring their speech, which they had used before only to talk about many things, but never about My Will. Finally, there is the great miracle of being able to give to each creature the Divine will, which contains each and every good.
There is nothing holier and more blissful than the Divine Will. All the acts of Creation and Redemption are done to establish the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.

During both Creation and Redemption, It was the Kingdom of the Fiat that I actually wanted to establish; in fact, all My acts, in principle, life and substance, were asking for the Kingdom of the Fiat, since they were essentially aimed at the Fiat.
If you could enter into every tear, into every drop of My blood, into every pain, and into all my works, you would find the very Fiat they impetrated from the Father to establish the Kingdom of My Will. It seemed then that they were apparently directed at redeeming and saving man, but in realty, that was only the way leading to the Kingdom of My Will.
Now, you (Luisa) need to be aware of the great good done by My Will in displaying in you everything It does in Creation. In fact, in following Its acts, you receive a reflection of the sky which forms in you the sky; you receive a reflection of the sun which forms in you the sun; you receive a reflection of the sea which forms in you the sea; in sum, you receive a reflection of all that you visit — the wind, the flowers and all nature — which forms in you the very thing you visit. Then you shall see arising, from the depth of your soul, the protection of the sky; the warmth, brightness and fertility of the sun; the love, mercy, grace and strength of the sea; the perpetual adoration of the flowers, and the cleansing action of the wind and the rain on the passion-burned souls.
Thus, living in My Will is the prodigy of prodigies; it is the triumph of the Supreme Will. The souls indeed shall become perfect images of the Creator and of Creation. The triumph shall be full when Our Will shall enrich the souls with everything they can contain; being not content until It sees displayed in them even the smallest things. Truly, the souls of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat shall be Our most perfect and complete works; they shall be the new prodigies — never seen or ever imagined possible before, either by the heavens or by the earth.
How great shall be the delight and the surprise of the Saints when they shall see the first* daughter of the Divine Fiat entering into the Heavenly Fatherland! How great shall be their joy and glory in seeing in her the reflections of the Creator with all His works — the sky, the sun, the sea, and the blooming earth, with all its variegated colors! Indeed, they shall recognize in her the sublime masterpiece of the Eternal Will, which alone can perform prodigies and masterpieces so perfect and complete.”
* (i.e. first in the times of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Mary was the first in the generation of the children of the Divine Will. Thus, the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat shall also be called the Kingdom of the Virgin.)
In this Kingdom, the sovereignty of the people over all Creation shall be clearly evident, because, in virtue of My Will, they shall have indissoluble bonds with all created things, being in constant communication with them. These are indeed the true children of the Eternal Creator. He shall be very proud of them, and shall be honored and glorified in His image, imprinted in them by the Divine Will.”
Note: Luisa was wondering how Adam could have chosen to withdraw from the Divine Will, and Jesus said to her:
“My daughter, Adam indeed felt this excruciating laceration; nevertheless, he fell into the labyrinth of his will, which did not give peace either to him or to his descendants. After he sinned, suddenly, all Creation withdrew [from him], taking away from him happiness, peace, strength, sovereignty, and all. He was left alone with himself; poor Adam! How dearly he paid for withdrawing from My Will! Being alone, isolated, and not courted anymore by Creation, he became so anxious and apprehensive, that he ended up being afraid of everything, even of My own works; and rightfully so, because in respect of the saying, ‘He who is not for Me is against me,’ created things were not bound by any relationship with him anymore, and they were free to side against him.
Note: Luisa, feeling inadequate to fulfill her part of the mission of forming the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth, was consoled by Jesus, who told her:
“For My part, I will give you everything you need; more so because it was a desire that I have cultivated, nourished, and raised in Me for six thousand years. I ardently desired to see imprinted in the creatures Our image, Our sanctity, Our operating Will, Our works, and Our Fiat. I cherished the joy of seeing in the creatures Our reflections; because without them, the Creation would give us no gladness, nor diversion, nor harmony. Moreover, Our echo would not be able to find its way to resonate; Our sanctity would not know where to imprint itself, Our beauty would not know where to shine, Our love would not know where to flow; and Our wisdom and mastery would not know where to work and operate.”
The day that a soul is found living in My Will is indeed a feast day. On the contrary, the souls living outside My Will bring only grief, because they disable and prevent It from performing Its task — the distribution of goods. Much more so, because each act, done by following the whims of the human will, creates a blinding veil for a soul, which prevents a clear vision of My Will and of the goods It contains.
The human will makes slaves of men; It makes them poor and needy. Man, by following his own will, feels constantly devoid of strength and light. His existence is always under peril; and he can get nothing without begging first, or going through much hardship. So, the man living in his own will is a mendicant. Instead, whoever lives in My Will has no need of anything, having everything at his disposal. Since My Will gives him dominion over Creation, he has all the strength and light he needs; and I am not talking here of mere human strength and light; he has the very strength and light of God. He is always protected, he has no fear of anything, and he can have what he wants any time he wants it, without asking anyone — being in charge of everything himself.
Indeed Adam, before withdrawing from My will, was never in need of asking. Prayer of petition did not exist at that time. Prayer of petition was born from need. When he had everything at his disposal, it was not necessary for him to pray. He did nothing but love, praise, and adore his Creator. Prayer — as asking — had no place in the Garden of Eden. Prayer was born after the sin of Adam, as an extreme necessity of the human heart. A man in prayer is a man in need, who hopes and prays to obtain the very thing he needs.
“My daughter, as you abide in My Will, following It in each created thing, all My attributes, heeding to your call, come out into the open, getting at once busy to form the little seas of their qualities. Oh, what a triumph in seeing them so busy to form their own seas! What joy and delight they feel in being able to create, in a little creature, their own sea of love, light, beauty, tenderness, power, and everything else!
My wisdom has made them so industrious and clever, that My attributes are even able to fit, in a very finite space, all the immense and infinite qualities of the Great Architect. Oh, the harmony of a soul who keeps company with My attributes! Indeed, all of them compete with one another to take action and establish its own qualities. If everybody knew the great benefits of following My Will in all Its acts and in Its intense activity in a soul, they would greatly rejoice in a continual feast.”
When God created man, He acted very much like an earthly father who sends his children through the world in search of fortune. One he sends to the city, another one to the country, another to a near territory, and still another to a far away land, beyond the sea — entrusting each one of them with special tasks.
Yet, no sooner than they leave, he turns his mind to grief, being on the lookout for their return. When he talks, he talks about them; when he loves, his heart turns to them; when he thinks, his thoughts fly to them. He feels the pains of the cross; poor father! He loves them more than his own life; and if by chance even one of them does not return, he is inconsolable — with tears and moans melting even the hardest of men — being happy only when he can hold them all on his heart, always burning with love.
So is our Heavenly Father. Oh, how He waits, grieves and burns with love for His children! Having given birth to them, He anxiously waits for their return to hold them all in His loving arms. Indeed, this is what shall form the true Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat — the return of the children into Our Fatherly arms; and this is why I yearn so much for Its coming.”
Then, while I (Luisa) was abiding in the adorable Will of God, thinking of the great benefits for all of us, and of the great joy that our Heavenly Father could receive, if everyone knew and followed His Will, my gentle Jesus, resuming His speaking, added:
“My daughter, in forming creatures, We felt much joy in Our heart, thinking of them as earthly agents of Our continual joyfulness in the universe. Therefore, as we were creating their feet, We were envisioning children running joyfully towards Us to show their affection with filial hugs and kisses. In creating their hands, We were envisioning children always busy trying to imitate Our working and creativity. And in creating their mouths and hearts, We were envisioning the echo of Our words and love.
When Our breath infused life in Adam — a life which came from Us and was totally Ours — We held him on Our heart, covering him with kisses, as seals of Our love, and telling him to follow Us in Ours steps, works, words, love, life, and total likeness. To this end, We gave him as heritage Our Divine Will, hoping that he would keep It in the same conditions as when We gave It to him, because this would have been the only way for Us to continue sharing Our affection, relationship, and sweet conversation with him, Our masterpiece.

(to be continued)

—Excerpts submitted with a sense of astonished nothingness by Thomas Fahy

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