Messages of Gold

Dear Readers,

As much as I have wanted to send out the Messages of Gold in the past few weeks, circumstances have made it just about totally impossible to do so. I won’t bother you with explaining those circumstances. But part of those circumstances have to do with a medical development, for which I ask your prayers. Thank you most kindly.

I have also been working on a new Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness, but it hasn’t gotten finished yet.

Since my last Messages of Gold, we have had problems with our Website, but right now is working, but it might still have to go down briefly before things are back to normal.

I am including a Pearl of the New and Diving Holiness just below. It is an old one which has been on our website under the Icon of the Third Fiat of God.


Some Thoughts on the Third Fiat of God

The Third Fiat of God will give to God the satisfaction of the realization of his ideal in Creation. He will have legitimate children as his constant companions wanting what He wants and doing with Him what He does. Their souls will flow with him everywhere and they will become the voice of all created things giving Him divine love, adoration and gratitude for themselves and all created things.

Watching with divine contentment these children who live one same Life with Him, God will be fascinated and enraptured at the sight of His own Will reigning and operating in them. Their every act will be animated and directed by the Divine Will Itself, transforming their acts into divine and eternal acts, worthy of legitimate sons and daughters of a Divine and Eternal God.

These children will have the ever growing capacity to constantly receive from Him the innumerable, divine treasures and understandings of His Eternal Kingdom. They will come to know what God was teaching Adam in the beginning and go on to learn and receive the pearls of knowledge and mysterious gifts that were intended for Adam had he not sinned.

The children of the Third Fiat of God will fulfill the purpose of creation and imitate the interior life of Jesus letting God do in them the same things that the soul of Jesus did united to his Divinity, doing with Jesus whatever the Father does just as Jesus did. If the Father thinks, these souls will make his thoughts their own and will have no other thoughts than those of the Father. If the Father gazes, if He speaks, if He works, if He loves, if He conserves Creation, if He provides prime motion to all motion, these souls will gaze at what He looks upon, repeat His words, work in the hands of the Father, conserve with Him all Creation and provide prime motion to all motion. They will do nothing without Him and do all that He does with Him.

They will live inside of Him and become reflections of his perfect likeness. All their interior will be as interwoven with the interior of the Father all transformed and lost in God. Their souls will become theaters for God, who will take great delight in watching the ineffable divine marvels and enrapturing beauties of the Divine Will acting in these souls.

The acts of these elect souls will multiply forever, penetrate everywhere, and embrace all eternity, and God will finally rest in souls and they in Him.

The Divine Will is immense and circulates in everything, giving life and order to all. As the children of the Divine Will enter into It, their souls become dispersed in It, they become bi-located everywhere, taking dominion of all as did Adam and Eve in the beginning. Their acts acquire divine nobility, divine splendor, divine sanctity and do with God everything, all at once.

The souls of the true children of the Divine Will will become the most humble, the most aware of their own nothingness, and they will know that all that happens in them is the reception of the single act of God operating in them, Who does everything in them. There will be no illusions or deceptions or the slightest desire to be known or esteemed.

They will give God full freedom to do whatever He wants to do in them and will be abandoned completely to his Will in everything.

The Third Fiat of God will be Heaven on earth, and God will receive his greatest Glory. All that the souls of the Third Fiat do will be done in the conquering and meritorious mode of Faith, to be continued in Heaven in the enjoying mode of the Beatific Vision of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, where only One Will reigns in perfect oneness, perfect happiness, perfect beauty, perfect order, perfect harmony, perfect holiness, perfect wisdom, perfect power, and perfect Love.

—Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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