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Dear Readers of “Messages of Gold,”

Welcome to the new readers!

We have had callers asking if we will be putting on a Divine Will Conference this year.

No, not this year. We need a break this year to get caught up on many other things.

I will be giving a Two Day Retreat on the Divine Will this year in Moodus, Connecticut – November 17-18, at the request of Fr. McCarthy at “Our Father’s House”. Please call Judy at (860) 873-1906 for details about the retreat if you are considering attending.

We appreciate the donations sent recently to support our work for the Reign of the Divine Will.

Please read the following Pearl of the New and Divine Holines with Love and Care:

(Note: It is quite reasonable to assume that it is Jesus who instructs Luisa, but we await the final determination of the Church Magisterium, which is following the history of these writings with great interest.)

God’s Irresistible Need of Love to Create Human Beings

(selected Passages from the Book of Heaven)

My daughter, it is always Our love that drives Us with irresistible force toward the soul—with a pleading disposition—as if We needed her: ”You have loved Me, and loved you. You have given yourself to Me, and I gave Myself to you.”

In this way Creation is not finished, but still continues in the souls who live in Our Will, and if the order, beauty and power of Our works can be seen in Creation, then the love, order and beauty of Our creative power will be seen in the soul, repeating Our divine lives each time the soul gives Us her acts to let Us work. The soul is life. It works differently than Creation. That is why We feel an irresistible love to form Our lives within her. O how We delight! How happy We are! How Our love finds its rest and Our Will Its fulfillment, forming Our life within her! The works and the steps of those who do not live in Our Will are lifeless—like painted pictures which cannot be brought to life, or give life, or produce anything good. Neither goodness nor life can exist without My Will.

Now, We do not want the soul who no longer wants to do her will, but only Mine, to wait. Our love drives Us with irresistible force to anticipate her confirmation in goodness and to transform Our love and Our Will into her nature. Then the soul will feel that My love and My Will are hers—she will feel My life more than her own—but with a difference with respect to those who were confirmed at the point of death! For the latter will no longer grow in goodness, and their rewards are finished. But for the former, My life will continue to grow—their rewards will not stop—rather, they will have divine rewards, as they continue to love Me and to live in My Will. They will know Me more intimately, and, as they do, I will love them more and increase their glory. I can say that I flow through each one of their acts to give them My kiss and My love, to acknowledge them as Mine, and to give them merit and worth as if I had done them Myself. Ah! You cannot understand what We feel for the soul who lives in Our Will! How We love her! We want to make her happy in everything—because in her We find the purpose of Our Creation fulfilled, and all the glory that all things should give Us concentrated within her—and, indeed, Our Will fulfilled is everything to Us.

So, where My Supreme Will reigns, the Most Holy Trinity reigns in act. Our Adorable Divinity, by nature, unceasingly, in an irresistible way, generates continually; and We perform the first generative act within Ourselves. The Father continuously generates Me, and I, His Son, feel Myself being continuously generated in Him. The Heavenly Father generates Me and loves Me, I am generated and I love Him, and from the One and the Other Love proceeds.

In this, incessant, generative act, We enclose all our admirable knowledge, our secrets, our beatitudes, the times, our dispositions, our power and wisdom. All eternity is contained in a single generating act that forms the whole of our Divine Being. Therefore, this mutual Love of ours, which forms the Third Person of our Supreme Being, inseparable from Us, does not seem content with our act within Us, but wants to generate outside of Ourselves in souls, and here We entrust the task to our Will animated by our Love, which descends into souls and goes to shape our divine generation with Its light, but It can do this only in those who live in our Will. Outside of It there is no place to form our Divine Life. Our Word would not find a hearing, and, lacking our knowledge, love would not find the substance it needs to generate. Here then, our Most Holy Trinity is thrown into disorder in the soul—and that is why Our Will alone can produce this divine generation of Ours. So, be attentive to listen to what this light wants to tell you about giving an outlet to Its generative act.

You must know that this is Our divine role: From the height of Our one and only Act, which We never interrupt, Our light, love, power and goodness descend, and retrace all the acts, heartbeats, steps, thoughts, and words of men, to mold them, invest them, and seal them with Our love. We feel the irresistible loving need to go in search of everyone and everything, and We do not let anything escape Us, not even a heartbeat, without giving it an ‘I Love you’ of Our own. And they do not love Us. On the contrary, there are some who flee from under the downpour of Our love. But in spite of all this We continue, We do not stop—because Our Divine Nature is love and must love. And We feel the contentment, the happiness that Our love gives Us by loving her, so that It has the power to love everyone, to extend itself to everyone and everywhere. Nor would happiness be full in Us, if Our love could suffer from being unable to love everyone—nor would It stop if It does not see Itself repaid.

My Divine Will feels the irresistible need to share with the creature everything It does in my Humanity, so that the Will which reigns in Me and that which reigns in the creature might not be a divided Will. And this is the reason why I call you in each of my acts and I want you to know what I have done and do – so as to give it to you as gift and be able to say: ‘The one who lives in my Divine Will never leaves Me – we are clasped and inseparable’.”

In the same way, if you want to make your adorations, if you want to be embellished, if you want to be sanctified, if you want to be powerful, wise – plunge yourself into Our Will, and while you do your run, you will remain all love, all beautiful, all holy; you will acquire the science of who your Creator is, and all your motions will be profound adorations. And you will leave in Our sea as many furrows for as many different runs as you have done in the Divine Fiat, in such a way that We will say: ‘In this run that the little daughter of Our Divine Will did in Our sea, she formed the furrow of sanctity, and We sanctified her and she remained holy; in this other run she plunged into the sea of Our beauty and formed her furrow, and We embellished her and she remained embellished; in this other run she formed the furrow in Our seas of knowledge and she knew Us, and We spoke to her and made Ourselves known, and spoke to her at length of Our Divine Being; Our word bound her, identified her with Us, and We feel the irresistible need to make Ourselves known more and more, and to give her the greatest gift of manifesting to her Our truths.

Then He added: I feel an irresistible need to pour Myself out for creatures. I would like to diffuse my Beauty to make all souls beautiful; but the soul who soils herself with sin rejects the Divine Beauty and covers herself with ugliness. I would like to diffuse my Love; but the soul who loves things that do not pertain to Me lives numb with cold and rejects my Love. I would like to communicate Myself entirely to man, concealing him completely within my own qualities. But he rejects Me. And in rejecting Me, he builds a wall of division between himself and Me, to the extent that he severs all communication between the Creator and his human creatures.

My daughter, I love the soul who does my Will [as in Heaven] so much that I cannot show her all at once how much I love her, the Grace with which I enrich her, the beauty with which I embellish her, and all the goods with which I fill her. If I revealed this all at once, the soul would die of joy. Her heart would burst in such a way that she could no longer live on earth, but, in a flash, she would take off toward Heaven. But I feel an irresistible need to make Myself known and to express my love for her.

As I continued in my usual state, my always beloved Jesus came, transformed me completely in Him, and said to me: My daughter, pour yourself into my Will to make fitting reparation to Me. My love feels an irresistible need for such reparation. After having endured so many offenses from creatures, I want to find at least one soul who will place herself between them and Me—one who will give Me complete reparation, who will love Me for all of them, and who will snatch graces from Me for all of them. But you can only do this in my Will, where you will find Me and all creatures.

My daughter, my love feels an irresistible need to multiply the number of souls who live in my Will–because they are my dwelling places. My love wants to do good to everyone, but sins of man prevent Me from covering them with my blessings, and that is why I keep searching for these dwelling-places.

—submitted by Thomas Fahy

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