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The Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness below is simply titled, SECRETS. It is part of a much longer research project that I have worked on over the years, but I am going ahead and share that part of the research with you now.


Luisa: O admirable secret of the Will of my Lord—how indescribable is Your happiness!

Jesus: My daughter, in the soul who is completely transformed in My Will I find sweet rest.

Moreover, by your being absorbed in Me, and I in you, we would form one single entity, and you would come to possess the divine source of all things within yourself. And since My Will contains every good thing that can ever be, you would come to possess all goods, gifts, and graces, and you would not have to look for them anywhere but within yourself.

My Will makes one acquire the most heroic, sublime and unsurpassable virtues.

The height of the perfection of a soul dissolved in My Will is so great that she comes to participate in all of God’s works. And this is no wonder, because it is no longer her will that lives in her but the Will of God Himself. No one should be amazed if, by living with this Will, she possesses the power, the wisdom, the sanctity and all the other virtues that God Himself contains.

When she reaches the stage of living by My Will alone, the soul becomes the queen of all queens, and she mounts a throne so high that it reaches the throne of the Eternal One; she enters the secrets of the Most August Trinity, and participates in the reciprocal love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Moreover, I want to teach you the secret of always being with Jesus and how always to live content and happy, even on this earth. You should resolve within yourself that Jesus and you are alone in the world, that there is no one else, and that you should please, love, and delight Him alone. And on Him alone should you wait to be loved in return and contented in everything.

In this frame of mind—you and Jesus alone—you will not be influenced even if you find yourself surrounded by contempt or praise, relatives or strangers, friends or enemies. Jesus alone will form your every contentment and Jesus alone will make up for everyone. My daughter, until every earthly thing that exists completely vanishes from the soul, true and lasting happiness cannot be found.”

Don’t you know that when I draw, unite, and identify a soul with Me, communicating My secrets, the first key I strike, which sounds more beautiful than all the others and which communicates its sound to the other keys, is the key of obedience? This is so true that if the other keys are not in communication with the first one, they will sound discordant and will not be pleasing to My ear.

The Will of God forms the soul’s paradise on earth, and the soul who does God’s Will forms God’s paradise on earth. The Will of God is the only key that opens the treasury of divine secrets, and the soul who does God’s Will gains such familiarity in the house of God that she comes to rule over it as if she were the owner.

When I communicate Myself to souls, I do not look at dignities—whether they are bishops or popes; but I look at whether they are detached from everyone and everything. I look to see whether everything—everything in them is love for Me.

I look to see whether they hesitate to give Me even a single breath, or a single heartbeat. And if I find them all love, I do not care whether they are ignorant, abject, poor, despised or dirty. I can convert even dirt into gold; I transform it in Me; I communicate all of Myself to it; I entrust to it My most intimate secrets; I make it share in My joys and in My sorrows.

This is why I delight in communicating Myself to these souls, and I raise them above all dignities.

I would like to know which soul Jesus has favored the most.”

My daughter, do you know who has been most favored by Me? The soul to whom I have shown the power and the prodigies of My Most Holy Will. Everything else forms a part of Me, but My Will is the center, the life and the foundation of everything.

How much you should thank Me for having admitted you to the secrets of My Will !
As the soul dies in My Will, no beauty, height, wealth, sanctity, wisdom or love can equal her—nothing. Nothing can be compared to her—nothing equals her. And when the soul who dies identified with My Will enters the Heavenly Fatherland, not only will the gates of Heaven open to her, but the whole heavenly court will bow to welcome her into her celestial home, to honor the work of My Will in her.

Ah, My daughter, My Will is the wonder of wonders. It holds the secret to light, sanctity and riches; It holds the secret to all good things—but It is not yet intimately known, and therefore cannot be appreciated or loved as It deserves! But I want You to appreciate It, to love It, and to make It known to souls whom you find open to receive.

You have captivated My Will. If you had captivated My love, My power, My wisdom, or some other quality, you would have captivated a part of Me. But by captivating My Will, you have captivated the whole substance of My Being.

Then He added: In the one who does My Will and lives in It, My love does not meet any obstacles.

And I consecrate souls as they keep repeating their acts in My Will, as they resign themselves, and as they set their human will aside, to let the Divine Will enter. What the priest does over the Host, I do to them—but not only one time. Every time a soul repeats her acts in My Will, she attracts Me like a powerful magnet, and I consecrate her as a privileged Host, repeating over her the words of the Consecration.

My Will is everywhere, and the acts done in My Will run everywhere—both in Heaven and on earth. They run to the past, because My Will has always existed; to the present, because My Will has lost nothing of Its activity; to the future, because It will exist eternally. How beautiful are the acts in My Will! And since My Will contains ever new delights, these acts form new delights even for the blessed. They replace the acts of the saints which have not been done in My Will, and they bring forth new graces for all creatures.

Every time the soul enters into My Will, she comes to reflect herself in the mirror of My Divinity; and in reflecting herself, she receives the divine features, and these features bind her to the Divinity. And when they find Their own physiognomy in her, the Divine Persons recognize her as a member of Their family; They give her a place in Their midst, and admit her to Their secrets.

The soul who lives in Our Will puts herself in order, according to the purpose for which We created man. Our Will and hers are one alone.

I want to tell you which truths glorify Me the most: those that concern My Will, since the primary reason for which I created man was that his will be one with his Creator.

I have opened the doors of My Will, and I have revealed to you the secrets, the wonders that My Will contains.

Ah! My daughter, it is My Will that I want everyone to know and to point out—as a new Heaven and as a means to a new regeneration. (The Father wants to start all over again.)

For this reason My Will destroys every barrier between the soul and God; It puts her in harmony with Heaven and earth; It reveals all the secrets that the whole Creation contains, and makes her the treasury of all God’s gifts.

So I tell You, “I love You” in every particle of sun-light; “I love You” in the flickering of the stars; “I love You” in every drop of water. Your Will lets me see Your “I love you” for me even in the depths of the ocean, and I impress my “I love You” for You, in every fish that darts about in the sea. I want to place my “I love You” on the flight of every bird—”I love You” everywhere, my Love. I want to place my “I love You” on the wings of the wind, in the stirring of the leaves, in every spark of fire—”I love You” for myself and for everyone.”

My Will is the life and motion of all things. But do you know who follows Its motion and who soars in My Eternal Will, so that she wanders about in the sphere of eternity just as It does, being present wherever It is, and doing whatever It does? It is the soul who is completely abandoned in My Holy Will. This abandonment forms the wings she uses to fly in union with My Will.

But if she stops abandoning herself, she stops soaring above and her wings are ruined. Indeed, everyone feels the motion and the life of My Will—because there is no motion that does not come from Me—but they remain where they are. Only one who has the wings that come from abandonment in Me, and who follows in the path of My Will, flies over everything in Heaven and on earth, enters the sphere of Eternity, and wanders about in the midst of the three Divine Persons. Such a soul reaches into Their most intimate hiding places, and becomes aware of Their secrets and Their beatitudes.

The light of the Divine Will is the passport that allows the soul to enter into everything—into the most secret recesses—and by Its power to multiply the life of Jesus.

My Will is most pure light, and this light contains all-seeingness. It is the passport to enter the most intimate hiding places, the most secret recesses, the most profound depths and into the realm of the highest heights.
So, place your thoughts, words, heartbeats, and pains—your whole being—in circulation in My Will. Leave nothing within yourself—so that, by the passport of the light of My Will and by My divine power, you may enter every act of every soul and multiply My life in each one of them. O how happy I will be when I see a soul filling Heaven and earth with as many of My lives as there are souls—by the power of My Will!

In this encounter she imitates the virtues of her Creator, absorbs ever new Divine Life into herself, penetrates more deeply into the eternal secrets of the Supreme Will, and does everything no longer in a human way but divinely. This divine activity forms a golden heaven within her where the Divinity roams, delighting to find His own activity in a creature, and waiting to receive divine acts from her, so that He can open new channels for her within His Divinity.

For this reason My Will destroys every barrier between the soul and God; It puts her in harmony with Heaven and earth; It reveals all the secrets that the whole Creation contains, and makes her the treasury of all God’s gifts.

When I reveal My truths, My love finds its outpouring and makes merry, and I deeply love the soul who is willing to listen to Me.

And when they read the meditations on my Passion, since I am within you, I pour Myself up to the brim of your soul, and I speak to you about my most intimate secrets—things that I have not revealed to anyone until now—things that show souls how they must follow Me in my work. Those meditations will be the mirror of my interior Life, and whoever will reflect himself in that mirror will copy my own Life within himself.

There are no dissimilar things between us. And that is why I want you completely in my Will, if you want to take part in my blessings.

Ah, my daughter, my Will is the wonder of wonders. It holds the secret to light, sanctity and riches.

My beloved, the soul who lives in my Will rests, because the Divine Will does everything for her, and while It works for her, I find in her the most beautiful rest. So, the Will of God is rest for the soul, and gives God rest in the soul.

Indeed, the Cross not only makes me know myself; but even makes me know God. The Cross grafts all the virtues into me. The Cross is the noble pulpit of uncreated Wisdom, teaching me the highest, finest and most sublime doctrines. Truly, only the Cross will teach me the most hidden mysteries, the most secret things, the most perfect perfection, hidden from the most erudite and learned souls of the world.

That is why the soul who possesses the Cross is the envy and admiration of the very Angels and Saints, provoking the rage and indignation of the demons. The Cross is my Paradise on earth. Indeed, if the Paradise of the Blessed up there is one of delights, the Paradise down here is one of sufferings.

The height of the perfection of a soul dissolved in my Will is so great that she comes to participate in all of God’s works. She enters the secrets of the Most August Trinity, and participates in the reciprocal love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. O how all the Angels and Saints honor her, men admire her, and demons fear her, seeing the Divine Being within her!

—Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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