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Dear Readers,

It has been five weeks since my last email. Our flight to Portugal was cancelled, but we made it the next day. Then I had twelve consecutive days with no access to email. After a few days in Portugal we went on to Spain where the Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will has a retreat house and joined others in preparing for the 10 day Divine Will Retreat, among other duties.

The Retreat went well, with participants from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Kathy and I went back to Portugal for a few days and had a lengthy and very informative visit to the world’s second largest depositary of Catholic relics at the Castle of Ourem near Fatima, thanks to a new friend Joi Obisso.

Then we returned to Tennessee the night of May 13. We have been “catching up” with many, many things since returning to Tennessee, including dealing with vast numbers of emails!

I have in my Heart to put together a booklet on what the Holy Trinity had in mind for the human race for as long as They have been God. For now, I will share some research over the years from the “Book of Heaven.”


Jesus to Luisa: My daughter, this is My purpose: I want My Will to be the life of the soul to keep her united with Me, so as to let her love with My love, to work in My works. In short, she is the companion that I seek in My acts—I do not want to be alone. And if this could not be, of what use would it be to call the soul into My Will, if I were to be left an isolated God, and she were to be left alone, unable to participate in Our divine works—and not only in the institution of the Most Holy Sacrament, but in all the acts that I did in the whole course of My life, by the power of the One Will that animated us both?

Jesus longs and needs to hear man’s “I love You.” His love remains bankrupt. Love is the blood of the soul. The spiritual anemia of the world.
Luisa: I was going around in the acts of the Divine Will, and O how I would love to exchange my acts with Its acts. And since I was too little and incapable to be able to do equivalent acts to exchange with Its acts, I put forth my little “I love You,” because even though it is little, Jesus wants it, He awaits it to tell me: “The Newborn of My Will has put Our acts in hers, so that they are no longer alone, but have her for whose sake they were created as a companion. And this was and is Our Will—to give the soul an opportunity to enter into Our own acts so that we could say to her: ‘We love and act in one single realm.’”
But I thought to myself: “What a great thing is this little ‘I love You’ of mine that Jesus wants and loves so much?”

And my beloved Jesus, all goodness, said to me: Little daughter of My Will, you must know that I love your ‘I love You,’ and I am always in the act of waiting for it. I always love you, nor do I ever stop loving you. And if you stop loving Me, I feel that I give you My continuous love, and you do not give it to Me—and My love feels as if it had been robbed by you. On the other hand, when My ‘I love you’ flows and finds yours ready to give your ‘I love You’ and to receive Mine, Mine feels repaid. And then your ‘I love You’ gives Mine no time, nor does Mine give yours any time. A race, a contest of love takes place between Creator and creature—all the more so, when I see that you are about to tell Me ‘I love You.’ Then My Will invests your ‘I love You’ to change it from little to great; and I find My love in yours. How could I not love and desire your love?
Daughter, they are My usual stratagems, My works—because I give so as to receive. This is My trade: I love, I give love, to receive love. And when I am not loved, My business goes bankrupt, and since My passion is love, I never tire or draw back. I begin all over again. I repeat, I repeat the works; I abound with stratagems and with tenderness to redo My bankrupt love in the creature. O if you knew how wounded and sorrowful My Heart is when I say ‘I love you,’ and she does not hear My call that I make her so as to have hers.

In addition to this, you must know that love is the blood of the soul, and My Will is the life. And just as in the natural order life cannot function without blood, and blood cannot circulate if there is no life—and one enjoys health in proportion to the health of one’s blood—it is the same in the supernatural order. The soul and My Divine Will cannot function without the blood of love. However much more love there is, so much more will the soul feel strong, robust, and active in her work. Otherwise, she will become anemic and end up with tuberculosis.

So, when the soul does not have enough of the blood of love, My very Will—no matter how much it is life—becomes sick and inactive in the soul, because she lacks the blood of love that she needs to function. All the virtues are made anemic, and patience, strength, and sanctity—all these virtues—appear faded and changed into defects. That is why there is so much anemia in the world, because it lacks the pure blood of My love, and accordingly men tend toward a terrible consumption that destroys them in soul and body.

Jesus: This is why I love your ”I love You” so much, and I want it in all My acts, in all created things, and in every one of man’s acts to be able to produce much blood as an antidote and remedy for the anemia that exists—and this will prepare the Kingdom of My Will. That is why I feel the need of your love. It is true that it is little, but I do not look at whether it is little or great. Rather I look at whether it was done in the power of My Will, which makes the littlest acts great for Me, and invests them with such beauty that they enrapture Me. Indeed, it is enough for you to know that I want it, that it pleases Me, and that it makes Me content, for you to do it, whether I see it as being little or great. And I want this ‘I love You’ of yours in the heartbeat of your heart, in the air that you breathe, in the heavens, in the sun—in short, in everything. O how I would love to see your ‘I love You’ filling Heaven and earth, creatures and Creator!

Jesus: Now, daughter of My Divine Will, do you want to know who shatters My loneliness in the midst of so many works that I do? It is the soul who lives in My Divine Will. She enters into the heart of this center, and she speaks to Me about My works. She tells Me that she loves Me for each created thing, she opens her heart to Me and she tells me her intimate secrets. She speaks to Me of My Divine Fiat and of her sorrow because she does not see It reigning. And when I hear her, My Heart feels in her Its own love and sorrow. It feels as if it were being brought to life again. And, as she speaks, My Divine Heart swells with love and with joy. And as I am unable to contain it, I open My mouth and I speak, and I speak at length. I open My Heart and I pour My inmost secrets into her heart—I speak to her about My Divine Will as the only purpose of all Our works. And as I speak, I experience true companionship—but a speaking, not a mute, companionship—with a companion who understands Me and who makes Me happy, to whom I can unburden Myself. Has not everything I have revealed to you about My Divine Will been an outpouring of love, an exchange of life between us—so that while I spoke to you, it entertained us and made our companionship as sweet and delightful as it could be? A soul who lives in My Divine Will is everything for Me—she makes up to Me for the silence of My works. She speaks to Me for everything, she makes Me happy, and I do not feel lonely. And when I have someone to whom I can give the great gift of My word, I am no longer the mute Jesus who has no one to whom He can speak a word but the Jesus who speaks and has His own companion. (But if I want to speak, and My Fiat is not there, I will not be understood.)

Jesus: Just take a brief look around: Everything takes place between two: You have eyes, but if you did not have an external light that enlightens you, you could see nothing. You have hands, but if you did not have the things that you need to do your work, you would do nothing; and so on with all the rest. Now, this is how I want sanctity in the creature: between her and Me—between the two of us. I, on the one side; she, on the other. I, giving my own Life and communicating my Sanctity to her as her faithful companion—she, receiving it as my faithful and inseparable companion. In this way, she would be the eye that sees, and I the Sun that gives her light—she the mouth, and I the word; she the hands, and I the One who gives the work to let her act; she the foot, and I the step; she the heart, and I the heartbeat. But do you know who forms this Sanctity? It is My Will alone that keeps in order the purpose of Creation. It is the Sanctity in my Will that maintains perfect balance between creatures and their Creator. These are the true images that came forth from Me.

Truth about the Years since Creation and Speculation about When the Coming New Era Begins

Creation Week is a God-given Format
The Holy Bible tells us that God created Man on the sixth Day of Creation, and that God rested from this work on the Seventh Day.

There are an incredible number of truths given to us in the “Book of Heaven” that provide us with great knowledge and understanding of many, mysterious and even debated facts contained in the Church’s Public revelation. One of these wonderful truths contained in the “Book of Heaven” demonstrates Jesus’ desire to put an end to the theories of evolution, as we begin to see the soon end of the Sixth Millennium of Creation including man. During the Reign of the Divine Will on earth, Truth and Love will predominate.

Creation Week, made known to us in Genesis, consisted of 7 days, even though God could have made the entire universe in one micro-second. With Creation Week God set the pattern for humanity’s seven day week. We have 6 days available for work and one day set aside for rest and special attention to God for the sake of our souls.

There are several places in the Bible where we read, “A day is as thousand years”; or “a thousand years is as a day.” With these expressions we can see the correlation from the pattern of the original Seven days being applied to the past Six millennia and the soon coming “Seventh Millennium” of Rest for God and Rest for Humanity, as God brings us back to the Original State of Man in Eden, with the supreme Gift of possessing and living the Life of the Divine Will in common with the Blessed Trinity and the inhabitants of Heaven.

In one of the recent issues of “Messages of Gold” (January 2019) great emphasis was given to the time spans of human history found in the “Book of Heaven.” We learned that it was 4000 years from Adam’s creation to the coming of Jesus with his assumed human nature, born of the Virgin Mary, whom all generations are to call her Blessed. We learned that it has been 6000 years from Adam’s creation until our present times, and we learned that
in every 2000 year period of human history, God renews the world.

In the first two-thousand year period of human history, God renewed the world with the Great Flood, sparing only eight persons on the ark of Noah. At the end of the second two-thousand year period, God renewed the world with Jesus’s suffering, hidden life, Gospel, death, Resurrection, and Ascension into Heaven. As we enter the final days of the Sixth Millennium of Human History, God will renew the world with very great human suffering by various means, including Fire from Heaven. In the “Book of Heaven” Jesus says that He will destroy a great part of humanity so that the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth will be a time of great peace and happiness. Amidst these just punishments, there will also be great acts of Divine Mercy. May people respond worthily to these Acts of Mercy, but don’t expect those of hardness of heart, and who reject this Mercy, to be included even in the beginning days of the coming seventh Millennium of beautiful Rest.

Speculation concerning how much time remains before the end of this Sixth Millennium and the beginning of the Seventh Millennium of the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven.
Note: We do not know if the Seventh Millennium will last exactly 1000 years, and we can assume that each of the first six millenniums may not have been exactly 1000 years, but probably off just a few years more or less.

I recently did some calculations based on our present calendar, even though experts on the calendars used since the time of Our Lord on earth, beleive that our present calendar is a few years off. Some say our calendar is 7 years off; others say it is 4 years off; etc. (Some would say that the actual 2000 years from the Birth of Jesus would have been in 1993 or 1996 according to our present calendar.)

My personal calculations, bsed on our present calendar, would have the end of the 6th Millennium come in the year 2033, which would be 2000 years since Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven in the year 33 AD.

Thus, my personal speculation would hold that we have 14 more years before the Great Chastisement which ends these times and opens up the New Era of return to man’s Original State with God as it was in Eden, which is the very purpose of the Lord’s Prayer, repeated so many times over the past 2000 years.

Finally, I calculated a comparison of a normal 24 hour day to a 1000 year day, as in the expressions found in the Bible: “A thousand years is as a day.” Taking a 1000 year day and making it like a 24 hour day, I calculated, relatively speaking, that we have 20 minutes and 10 seconds to go. This would mean that the 14 days left to the Sixth Millennium would be like 20 minutes and 10 seconds left in a 24 hour day.

I have no way of knowing how many mistakes I probably made in this personal calculation. God alone knows, but my purpose in sharing this, instead of keeping it to myself, is to provide an incentive to readers to realize how short is the time left to us, our families, friends, and neighbors to give up attachments to the things of the world and get as close as possible to God as He so much wants of us—especially by accepting the Gift of the Divine Will and being Faithful and Attentive to it.

—Submitted by Thomas Fahy
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