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Dear Readers,

First, some news:
Our long-time friend in the Divine Will, Barbara Martin, who is one of those who especially sustains the rest of those entering the Reign of the Divine Will by her many sufferings will be undergoing a very drastic surgery on her back on Thursday, June 13, 2019.  She has already undergone 12 surgeries over the past years. Let us all pray with great sincerity that Thursday’s surgery will accomplish the goals of this surgery and bring her the relief intended.

I was expecting the possibility of receiving a phone call today from the company that is printing the new edition of “Be Faithful and Attentive.” I was told last week that the books could be shipped today, June 10, but more likely they would be ready for shipment tomorrow, June 11. Pray also for this as this book has done wonders in helping people understand and begin their holy journey in the Divine Will.



Some Pearls of the New and Divine Holiness Excerpted from the “Book of Heaven”The Long Sacrifice of Noah
God does not count time but the acts we perform.  Noah’s example.  The good that a prolonged and continuous sacrifice contains. Each of men’s acts possesses its own distinct seed.

Jesus to Luisa:  My daughter, when Our infinite Wisdom must give a blessing to mankind, It does not count time but men’s acts.  In the divine presence neither days nor years exist—only one eternal day. And so We do not measure time, but We count the acts that souls have done. And so in that period of time which seems so long to you, the acts which We wanted so that We could come and redeem man were not performed. Only acts can determine the coming of a blessing, not time.  This was all the more true since men forced Our justice to wipe them off the face of the earth, as happened in the Flood.  Then, by obeying Our Will and by making his long sacrifice in building the Ark, only Noah merited his and his family’s salvation.   In that way, in his acts he found the continuation of the new generation in which the promised Messiah would come. An excessive and continuous sacrifice has such attraction and captivating force for the Supreme Being that it makes Us determined to give great blessings and continuation of life to mankind. If Noah had not obeyed and sacrificed himself to accomplish such a long work, he too would have been swept away in the Flood, and, if he had not saved himself, the world and the new generation would have come to an end.
So you see what an excessive and continuous sacrifice means: It is something so great that it saves itself and raises up new life in others—as well as the blessing that We have decided to give. And this is why I have wanted your long and continuous sacrifice of so many years in bed for the Kingdom of My Divine Will. Your long sacrifice saves you—even more than the Ark—in the Kingdom of My Divine Will. And it inclines My goodness to give so great a blessing, to make it reign among men.
After this, I continued my rounds in the Divine Fiat to bring all the acts of men in homage to my Creator, and I was thinking to myself:  “If He could gather everything they have done and enclose it all in the Divine Will, would they not change into acts of the Divine Will?”   And my sweet Jesus added:
My daughter, every act that men do possesses its seed according to how it was done. If it was not done in My Divine Fiat, it does not have its seed, so it can never be an act of My Will.  Because in the act of doing it, it lacked My Will’s seed of light, which has the power to change it into a Sun—since the Fiat’s seed of light is the first act in man’s action. In the actions of men, things happen in this way:  If a person has flower seeds, by sowing them he will have flowers, and if he sows fruit seeds, he will have fruit.  The seed of the flowers will not give fruit, and the seed of the fruit will not give flowers, but each will give according to the nature of its seed.  And so it is with men’s acts,  If there was a good purpose in the act, a holy aim to please Me, to love Me, in one act you see the seed of goodness, in the other the seed of holiness, the seed of pleasing Me, the seed of loving Me.  These seeds are not light, but one seed typifies the flower, one the fruit, one a little plant and one a precious bud.  And I feel the homage of the flower, the fruit and so on, but not the homage which could give Me a Sun. And if you gather these acts to enclose them within My Fiat, they will remain what they are.  Each has its nature given by the seed. And you see that these are acts that men can do, not acts that My Divine Will can do with Its seed of light in their act. The seed of the Divine Will shall not be granted by It unless the soul lives in the Divine Will and gives It the first place of honor in her acts.


The Method of God in Creating Man

Man is nothing but an effect of God’s reflections. God’s love in creating man.  Steadfastness in repeating the same acts forms the life of the desired blessing in the soul.

Luisa: I was making my rounds in the Divine Fiat to follow Its acts. And on arriving at Eden, I understood and was admiring the magnanimous act of God and His exuberant and overflowing love for man’s creation.  And my ever-beloved Jesus was unable to contain the fires within Him and He said to me:
My daughter, Our love became so enamored in the act when We created man, that We did nothing but reflect Our light upon him until he became a work worthy of Our creative hands.   And as Our reflections rained upon him, so man was filled with intelligence, sight, hearing, speech, heartbeat, movement in his hands, and steps for his feet. Our Divine Being is purest spirit, and so We have no senses. Throughout Our entire Divine Being We are pure and immense light.  This light is eye, hearing, speech, deed, and step. This light does all, watches all, feels all, is found everywhere: no one can escape from the dominion of Our light. And so while We created man, Our love was as great as Our light.  In bringing Our reflections upon him, it molded him, and, molding him, it brought the effects of the reflections of God. And so you see, My daughter, with how much love We created man, to the point of dissolving Our Divine Being in reflections upon him, so as to bestow upon him Our own image and likeness.  Could We have given a greater love?  Yet man makes use of Our reflections to offend Us, when he should have used Our reflections to come to Us and, with the reflections We gave him, to tell Us: “How beautiful Your love created me and, in exchange, I love You, I will always love You, and I want to live in the light of Your Divine Will.”
Then, I continued to follow the acts of the Divine Fiat, and I was thinking to myself: “I always start all over again, to repeat, always to repeat the long history of my acts of the Divine Will, the long chain of my ‘I love You’s.’  But what are its effects? O if I could only make the Divine Will known so that It might reign on earth! At least I would gain that much.”  But while I was thinking this, my beloved Jesus drew me close to His Divine Heart and said to me:

My daughter, steadfastness in asking forms the life of the good thing that one asks for.  It prepares the soul to receive the desired blessing and moves God to grant the requested gift.  And this is even more true of the many repeated acts and prayers that man makes:  The life, the practice, the habit of the good thing that he asks is formed in him.   And when God is won over by the steadfastness of the request, He gives him the gift and makes him experience the blessing that he has asked for.  In this way, through a man’s repeated acts, God finds in him the life of the gift that He gives him, and in this way the blessing that he sought is transformed into part of his nature. In this way, man feels himself to be owner and victor through the experience of being transformed into the gift he has received. And so your unceasing requests for the reign of My Divine Will produce Its life in you, and your continuous “I love You,” forms in you the life of My love. And having made you the gift of both of them, you feel within yourself as though your very nature didn’t feel anything but the life-giving power of My Will and of My love. Steadfastness in asking assures you that the gift is yours. And asking for the Kingdom of My Divine Will for everyone is the condition that must exist before others may receive the great gift of My Supreme Fiat. So, continue to repeat your acts—and never grow weary of it.

The First Theft that Man Committed against God
Jesus: The failure to repay God in love for all that He has done in creating man is the first theft that man committed against God; and man has become an usurper of His gifts, without even recognizing where they come from and Who has loved him so much. That is why it is man’s first duty, and it is so indispensable and important, that She, who took to heart all Our glory, Our defense, Our interests, did nothing but go around through all the spheres, from the smallest to the greatest of things created by God, to imprint her return of love, glory, and thanksgiving for everyone and in the name of all the generations of men.  Ah, yes, it was truly My Heavenly Mother who filled Heaven and earth with her response to all that God had done in Creation.
After Her, it was My Humanity that fulfilled this most sacred duty—so neglected by men—and in this way I made My Father look kindly upon guilty mankind.  That is why My inseparable Mother and I offered Our prayers.  So don’t you want to repeat these prayers of Mine?  Indeed, it is for this that I called you into My Will—so that you would associate with Us, and follow Our acts, and repeat them.
Luisa: And I sought as much as I could to go around through all created things to give My God a return of love, glory, and gratitude for all that had been done in Creation…  It seemed to me that I saw in all things the love-response of my Queen Mother and of my beloved Jesus.  This exchange formed the most beautiful harmony between Heaven and earth and bound the Creator to the creature.  Each exchange of love was a note, a little bell-tolling of enrapturing heavenly music.—Submitted by Thomas Fahy


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