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Dear Readers,

June 1, 2019 is the 92nd Anniversary of the death of St. Hannibal Di Francia, who was the Director of Luisa’s Writings and her extraordinary confessor. He gave the Nihil Obstat to the first 19 volumes of the Volumes of the “Book of Heaven” before he died. Archbishop Leo, who had assigned St. Hannibal as the censor of those writings, gave his Imprimatur. These acts of St. Hannibal and Archbishop Leo took place in 1926.

I had planned to place a nice picture of Saint Hannibal here, but this mass mailing system requires more technical skill than I am capable of performing.

June 1, 2019 is also the 19th anniversary of the completion and opening of the House of the Divine Will in Garabandal. The House of the Divine Will has also been known as the House of Sanctification, and has been a place of instruction and prayer concerning the now entering Reign of the Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven, which is the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer. This fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer has as its purpose the completion of Jesus’ Redemption for the human race by returning mankind to its Original State, before Adam’s disobedience. The coming New Era will be marvelous in its holiness, happiness, and beauty. The Catholic Church, which is the mystical body of Christ, will experience a Glorious Resurrection from its present and worsening agony, and its approaching apparent death that must precede its Resurrection by following the way its Founder, Jesus.

A Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

“My daughter, Our Divine Will is everything, and since It is everywhere, the soul who lives immersed in It does nothing other than take continuously from God; and God is in continuous act of pouring Himself into her – but so much, that He not only fills her, but since she is incapable of containing everything inside, He forms seas around her. In fact, Our Divine Will would not be content if in the soul who lives in It, It were not able to let her share in all the particles of Our divine qualities, as much as it is possible for creature; in such a way, that the soul must be able to say: ‘You give me everything, and everything I give You. In your Divine Will I can give You all of Yourself.’

“This is why, then, one who lives in Our Fiat is Our inseparable one; We feel her littleness flow in Our power, and she fills herself with Our power as much as she can, and honors Our power, because she places it in the condition of communicating itself to the creature. We feel her flow in Our beauty, and she fills herself with beauty; in Our love, and she fills herself with Our love; in Our sanctity, and she remains filled with it. But while she becomes filled, she honors Us, because she places Us in the condition of embellishing her with Our divine beauty, of filling her with Our love, of impressing Our sanctity, in such a way as to place all Our divine qualities in attitude.

“In a word, she puts Us in the condition of operating and working hard to communicate Ourselves to her, because it is not befitting for Us to keep her in Our Divine Will as dissimilar from Us. She may be small, she cannot enclose all Our Divine Being, but as for sharing with her all Our divine qualities as much as it is possible for creature, in a way that nothing must be lacking to her – this is possible. Therefore, We want to deny her nothing; and besides, We would deny it to Our Divine Will, and it would be like denying to Our very Selves what We Ourselves want to do.”

“My daughter, when a soul does my Will, my Will circulates in her whole being like blood. That is why she is in continuous contact with Me—with my power, wisdom, charity, and beauty—and she has a share in all that belongs to Me. Since she no longer lives by her own will; her will lives in Mine; and as Mine circulates in hers, hers circulates throughout my Being, and I feel her touch constantly. And as I feel touched by her constantly, you cannot imagine how strongly I feel attracted to love her, to favor her, and to grant her all that she asks. If I denied it, I would deny it to Myself. Besides, all things considered, since she lives in my Will, she only asks for what I Myself want. This is what she wants, and this alone makes her happy—for her own sake and for the sake of others—because she lives more in Heaven than on earth. This is the fruit that my Will produces—to beatify her ahead of time.”
—submitted by Thomas Fahy
The Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will

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