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There will be no news added to this newsletter, because it seems better that the content of the Extracts, below, taken from the “Book of Heaven” should not be subjected to distractions, but pondered slowly and thoughtfully.

This set of extracts should be included with the ones sent in late May or early June, titled “Secrets” and also with the recent set of extracts titled, “More Noble and Glorious Secrets.” Those two previous mailings added to this present mailing form a special composite of items for safe-keeping to be read at various times in the future and to be shared with others according to your discernment.

Here are the extracts of the present mailing of July 7, 2019:

Salient Points about Life in the Divine Will
Extracts from the “Book of Heaven”

Jesus to Luisa: How beautiful it is to live in My Will! We cannot live without this soul. We keep thinking of new surprises to create for her, something new to give to her, new things to tell her—so that she may get to know more about Our Fiat.

Our love is so intense that with Our own creative hands We want to form Our very life within the soul. All that We are, We want to give her.

The thing Our Supreme Being most urgently needs is the company of the soul. We do not want to be an isolated God, or to keep her far away from Us: Isolation has never produced great works or happiness. Companionship helps new, good things to grow and brings the most beautiful works to light. This is why We created so many things: to have the opportunity to enjoy the soul’s company as many times as the many things We created.

Indeed, We keep her company in the celestial spheres, in the shining sun, in the blowing of the wind, in the air that We all breathe, and in the murmuring of the sea. Everywhere and in every place she follows Us, she defends Us and returns love to Us.

The wonders that My Fiat works in the act of the soul who lives in It are unheard-of. As It sees that she is about to perform an action, My Fiat runs to take the act in Its hands. It purifies it, molds it and fills it with light.

The Heavens grow all attentive when My Will is about to act in the act of the soul. They are moved, and they are left amazed and enraptured, exclaiming: “Is it possible that a God and His Will, Thrice Holy, can attain so much love—to the point of creating Himself in man’s act?”
All the beautiful and good things that the soul has done are placed within Ourselves, bearing witness to her love and the glory she gives Us, and weaving her crown for her first entrance into Our heavenly Fatherland. That is why the soul’s most beautiful act is to throw herself into Our arms—abandoning herself—letting Us make whatever We want to make of her, in time as in eternity.

When the soul abandons herself in Our Will, We are so pleased that she pours into Us, and We pour into her, giving her Our new life, love, sanctity and knowledge of Our Supreme Being. When the soul abandons herself in Our Divine Will, We can work the greatest wonders and the most surprising graces in her—since Our own Will shall receive and entrust what We want to give to the soul.

And when We find her abandoned in Our Fiat, We find that We can do whatever We want—she lends herself completely to Our power. So We begin the work, and form in the soul many little fountains of love, goodness, holiness, mercy and all the rest.

Through her, We feel more moved to show Our mercy toward all. We have Our intermediary between Heaven and earth, who abandons herself and makes Us pour out graces and makes Us love all souls with new love.

This is why, the more you are abandoned in Our Will, the more magnanimous We will be toward you and toward others. And all souls—at least the more disposed—will find new strength and new guidance.

In short, Our wisdom is reflected in her and guides her; Our light is reflected in her and gives her light; Our goodness is reflected in her and has mercy on her; Our beauty is reflected in her and makes her beautiful: in short, Our Supreme Being pours Itself out on the soul unceasingly.
The Divine Being and the human being are so inseparable that each continuously pours itself into the other. And Our love is so great that We create a state in which We cannot be without the creature.

Do you think it is a small feat—for Our Will to flow through each human act, telling her (with deeds, not words): “I am yours—O I am available for you! Acknowledge Me—I am your life, your act.
Thus this soul is a refuge for Our sanctity, Our love, and the life of Our Will. When Our love, unable to contain itself, wants to express itself extravagantly, We seek refuge in that soul and Our love finds relief there, pouring out such charisms of grace that the Heavens are amazed and tremble as they worship Our Divine Will at work in the soul.

See, then, the great gift that I shall give to the soul who must live in Our Eternal Will: all the knowledge I poured upon her, the immense treasures, her virtues, her love and the love that drove Me to disclose them—these will be the great, divine endowment that I shall give to those who want to live in My Fiat—and in It they will find all the superabundant aid to become rich and blessed.

As soon as the soul submits to Our Will to have It reign she makes room for It within her own will, so that We may act as God within her little sphere. And We accomplish so many and such great wonders—and so much loving activity—that the Heavens come closer, are startled, and watch in amazement what We do in the soul where Our Divine Fiat reigns.

So I paused when the Divine Fiat performed the solemn Act of man’s creation. And my beloved Jesus surprised me and said to me: My blessed daughter, pause here with Us to see with how much mastery, majesty, nobility, power and beauty man was created.

Our power, wisdom, beauty, and justice poured themselves out upon him to make their brother powerful, wise, just and enchantingly beautiful. And Our Supreme Being rejoiced to see Our divine qualities all working together to have fellowship with man.
Thousands of times blessed is the soul who comes to live in the celestial rest of My Will.

My whole Humanity constantly generates so as to reproduce Itself in each and every soul. Our Divine Love consists exactly in this: Reproducing Itself in each and every soul.

And if We did not have the generative power, it would not be a reality, but a figure of speech—while for Our part We first do the deeds, and speak only to confirm what We have done.
Ah! My daughter, living in My Will is the life of Heaven.

The substance of happiness is shaped by new surprises, by exchanges of gifts, and by various and manifold works, each of which possesses the Source of various joys, so that the one makes a Gift to the other, and they take turns pledging their love to each other.

One party pours itself out into the other, and in this pouring into each other they communicate secrets—and the soul makes new discoveries about the Divinity and gains new knowledge about the Supreme Being.

The Divine Will and the human will are two spiritual powers. The Divine is immense with an unreachable power. The human is a little power, but no matter how small, it has its power. And both being spiritual, the one can pour itself into the other and form one single life.

Our Lord bilocates Himself in Luisa and sees Himself equaled in love by her.

Besides, you ought to know that I created the whole universe to make a gift of it to mankind, and I remained in each created thing to shower men with love. Now one who recognizes this gift as a great gift of love from her Creator makes the gift her own, and she makes the rain of Our love her own. In this way, by giving it back to Us with her whole being, she loves Us.

My daughter, the first duty of the soul is to adore Him who has created her. The first act that expresses holiness is one’s duty. Duty invokes order, and order raises the most beautiful harmony between Creator and creature: a harmony of will, of love, of ways of acting, and of imitation. Duty is the substance of sanctity, and since all created things naturally possess and bear the imprint of true adoration, so the soul united with them can give the most perfect adoration to Him who has created her.

O how sweet and welcome is this heartbeat and breath in Ours! And, to repay her, We beat in her heart and We breathe in her breath, giving her the divine heartbeat and breath as the life, legacy and growth of Our Supreme Being in her. And here the first duty of the soul’s activity rises up to join with the duty of adoration—to give life to her Creator within her own soul, and to give Him free rein to form Himself, to palpitate, to breathe, and to fill her with love, to be able to say with deeds: ”This soul is the bearer of her Creator, and she lets Me do what I want.”

Man has always been with Us in Our Divine Mind. The creature has always had her place in the bosom of her Creator, and “ab eterno” her every act, thought, word, work and step has been adorned with Our love in a special way.

My very death produces the continuous resurrection of the soul to live in My Will.
My blessed daughter, you have not yet understood what it means for My Will to act in man’s human act. It goes down into the human act with Its creative power, majesty, light, and the extravagance of Its innumerable graces.

And pouring Itself out into the human act, It uses Its power and creates Its Act within that act—and the human act remains as material that My Will has used to create Its Act. And for My Will to create means that It creates as many acts as the number that It wants to create.

The soul must yearn for it and desire it, calling It to infuse her act with Its Creative Will so powerful and holy.

Indeed, the soul who lets My Divine Will act in her act gives free rein to continuous creation, and O how greatly glorified and loved the Divine Will feels because It can create what It wants within her act. It feels Its sovereignty, dominion, and royalty being recognized, loved and respected. That is why the Heavens are shaken and everyone is attentive and moved to make an act of profound adoration when they see My Divine Will creating within the act of a creature.

Is not Our own life continuous repetition? We always love, We repeat the conserva- tion of the universe, and with this We maintain the order, the harmony, and the life of the universe. O if We did not always repeat, even for an instant, one would see chaos in everything. So, always repeat your continuous little refrains in My Will, always submitting to My Will in your acts, so that It will repeat within you Its creating Act, and so that It will be able to produce not only the act, but the fullness of the life of My Will.

We placed Our divine qualities in him to nourish his soul: We placed Our power, wisdom, goodness, love, sanctity, and strength as his divine and heavenly nourishment.

As the soul decides to live in My Will, Its love for her is so great that, as she gets ready to do an act, My Fiat offers Its Act in that act.

In fact, as her heart beats, It offers Its divine heartbeat; as she breathes, It offers Its breath; as she is about to speak, It offers Its word in the voice of the soul; as she thinks, It offers Its thought; and so if she works, or if she walks, It offers Its motion and Its steps.

That is why My Divine Will is the bearer of Its own acts in the acts of the soul.
It wants to find Its holiness, Its heartbeat, Its breath, Its word, and so on within her.

Now, the pearls of knowledge about My Divine Will instruct the human will, and she acquires knowledge and reason, so that she knows that it is not only just to let It reign and rule as the primary life in her soul, but that it is the greatest blessing, honor and great glory that she can receive—that this Holy Will, by ruling over her, comes to confer upon her the state of divine royalty.

There is no scene that moves Me and enchants Me more, than to see man’s littleness under the dominion of My Will: the Divine in the human, the great in the little, the strong in the weak, so that, hiding in each other, they conquer each other in turn. It is so beautiful, so enchanting, that I find the pure joys, the divine happiness, that the soul can give Me.

The soul who does My Divine Will and who lets Its life flow in her acts continuously calls God and all His attributes. God always hears Himself being called by the soul. Now she calls Him because she wants His power, now because she wants His love, His sanctity, His light, His goodness, and His unshakable peace. In short, she keeps calling Him constantly because she wants what is His—and God always keeps waiting for her to give her what she asks.

To respond to her in kind, when He feels called, He calls her, to show His trust in her and to tell her: “What else do you want from My Divine Being? Take what you want. Rather, as you call Me, I am already preparing for you My power, love, light, and sanctity, that your act desires.

Indeed, God calls the soul and the soul calls God, and this continuous calling to each other—on the soul’s part to ask and receive, and on God’s part to give—forms the life of My Will in the soul. It makes her grow and mature and forms the sweet enchantment of her Creator Himself.

My poor mind does not seem to know how to do anything but think about the Divine Will. I feel a powerful force come over me that does not let me think or want anything but that Fiat, which is everything for me. So I thought to myself: “O how I would like to act and to live by the Divine Will, as one acts and lives in Heaven.”

My blessed daughter, the unique and universal Act reigns in My Heavenly Fatherland. All have one same Will; what one wants, so do all. No one varies in action or will, and each of the blessed feels My Will as his own life. Everyone having one Will forms the substance of the happiness of all of Heaven. And this is all the more true because My Divine Will does not know how to do—nor can it do—broken acts, but continuous and universal acts.

And since It reigns in Heaven with Its full triumph and with total dominion, everyone feels Its universal life as by nature, and they are full to overflowing with all of the blessings that It holds. At the most they may differ according to each one’s capacity—and according to the good that they have done in life—but no one will be able to differ in will, action, or love. The power of My Divine Will has all the blessed absorbed, identified, and fused within Itself as if they were one alone.

My daughter, you must know another surprise contained in Our spoken words. Suppose that I spoke to you about My sanctity. This word of Mine encloses the gift of divine sanctity so as to always give it to the soul—as much as is possible for man. If I speak of the divine goodness, My Word encloses the gift of goodness. If I speak of the Divine Will, it encloses the gift of Our Will. In short, whatever Our Word says of beauty, goodness, greatness, and sanctity—It contains that gift.
If Our word says sanctity, it is because We want to give the gift of Our divine sanctity so that she is placed on a par with Our sanctity and can compete with Us. And O how happy We are when We see Our divine sanctity acting in the soul! And if We hear that she says: “I feel the sanctity of my Creator impressed in me. O how happy I feel, to be able to love with His own sanctity!” O then Our love goes crazy, and pours itself out upon her in such an exuberant way that We exceed all limits.

And with a continuous pouring out again of her littleness into Us, she acquires the rights of Our Will to do what It does. There is nothing that We do that she does not know and assist in. How can We hide Ourselves from one who is already with Us, concurring and taking her place in Our Will?
She deposits in Our Will the infinity of the good things she has received—and she does this by right—because she shares in Its own things.

Everything that is done in Our Will is so great that the soul is incapable of possessing it and keeping it within herself. That is why she feels the need to make use of the same Will in which she has worked to keep them deposited.

We see that almost all souls live in the depths of their human wills.

Jesus: I feel the irresistible need to love and to be loved.

Luisa: I am reborn again in that act, and in that knowledge, as to a new life in His Divine Will that I did not have in my power before.

Luisa: I feel the need to receive from You Your continuous life, to remain lost in You—but happily lost, because one is not lost, but vanquished by the new Divine Life that Your Will creates in the soul.
Jesus: It is the children of my Divine Will who serve Me as living Hosts—not like the Sacra-mental Species that gives Me nothing, but only hides Me. The rest I do by Myself, all alone—they do not tell Me a word that heals My loneliness; the species are silent.

On the other hand, in souls who serve Me as living species, our life develops together, we beat with one single heartbeat, and if I see her disposed, I communicate My pains to her and I continue My passion in her. I can say that from the Sacramental Species, I pass to the living species to continue My life on earth, no longer alone, but with her.

My blessed daughter, you ought to know that as you seek to follow the acts of My Divine Will, you place yourself on the way to It. And My Fiat comes to meet you and to receive you, so as to bring you Its acts, and so that you would make them one with yours.

The soul who lives in My Will is in the continuous Act of being reborn in the acts that she does in My Will. If she loves, she is in the continuous act of being reborn in Divine Love, and while she is being born It forms the life of love within her, and as life It takes the first place in her whole being, so that her heartbeat, breath, motion, glance, step, will, and all the rest become love. And however many times she is reborn, so many more times does love grow.

And in every rebirth We double Our love to her. So if she makes acts of reparation, as many times as she repairs in Our Will, so many times is she reborn in divine reparation, and she produces the life of reparation in her soul, so that her breath, motion, will and all her being acquires the life of reparation.

Luisa: I thought to myself: “What is the difference between the Sacraments and the Divine Will?”
The Sacraments are the effects of My Will; but My Will is life, and, as life, with Its creative power It forms and gives life to the Sacraments. The Sacraments do not have the power to give life to My Will, because It is eternal. It has no beginning or end.

And this is why in the ardor of Its love, with Its continuous dominion, one can say that the Divine Will confers a continuous Baptism, an unbroken absolution, and Communion at every moment—especially because this Will of Ours was given to man at the beginning of his Creation as permanent life living within him.

This was the substance, the fruit of creation: Our Will that must form Our life within man. With this life We gave everything. There was nothing that man could have needed that he would not find in this Will of Ours. One could say that he would have found at his disposition all that he could have wanted: Help, strength, light, and sanctity.

Now, My daughter, you must know that Our Divine Being, as He created man, remained over him in the act of pouring out Our sanctity, light, love, goodness, beauty, and all the rest. So, by withdrawing from Our Divine Will, he withdrew from under Our outpouring.

Submitted by Thomas Fahy


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