Messages of Gold – August 11, 2019

Dear Readers,

Among the many things to do and much time addressing them, I find myself getting behind what seems ought to be done. Now I have a “little different” subject extracted from the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, which I have titled “Music of the Divine Will.” This set of extracts is very informative of what Jesus has been waiting 6000 years to tell us, as is the entire “Book of Heaven,” of course.

I think you will like this subject of several pages, which reveals a happy way in which the now forming membership of the Children of the Divine Will can give Jesus the Glory and Joy He had anticipated from human beings as He designed them to be.

I suggest that you take your time reading this text, perhaps in stages over a few days. It should provide you with good reading and instructions for a while, in case I am not able to get out another Messages of Gold next week.

Concerning the promised picture of our Center’s new president, Michael Lambert. I had to set that assignment aside for a bit longer and look forward to it being sent to you. I may have to have him send it to you. Associated with that project I have decided to redo our mailing list and bring it up to date. This turned out to be a rather time consuming project.

Music and other Related Effects of the Divine Will

And Jesus: “My daughter, I feel like giving to the creature the necessary strength or, rather, an overabundant strength, only in the moment when she sets herself to do what I want – not before. Otherwise she would feel the strength but still not do what I want, and I do not know how to give useless things. How many, before doing an action, feel so helpless; but then as soon as they put themselves to work they feel invested by a new strength, a new light. I am the one who charged them, since I never lack the necessary strength to do good. Rather, this need ties me and forces me, if necessary, to act together with them. But if what they do is not necessary, then I put myself aside and let them do by themselves.”

Further, in my will nothing gets lost. For whoever lives in It everything is counted: breaths, heartbeats, the little ‘I love you’; all things done in It remain written with indelible characters of light and form the very life of my Will. Often the gifts I have given to the creature as well as her acts, remain hidden as her property in the depth of her will. She feels as if she has not done anything. But that is not true. At the right time these acts will show their light inside that soul – brighter than the Sun – and sanctity is there in its place of honor; virtues are all there ready to act heroically in case of need. My Will knows how to maintain harmony and its divine order. Wherever It reigns and whatever It does acquires the seal of Eternity. Therefore, live in It and do not worry about anything. My Will will take care of you better that you would yourself.”

How the Divine Will wants the smallest acts to let Its Sun rise.

Continuing my flight in the Divine Volition, I feel It invading me inside and outside, to take Its Royal place in my smallest acts as well as in the natural ones, and maybe even in my little trifles. If It didn’t do so It could not reign in fullness within the creature. Now, my dear Jesus, repeating His short little visit, all goodness said: “My daughter, everything came out of Ourselves and was shaped by our creative hands: both the soul and the body. Both of them must be ours. In fact, we made the body as the organ, and each act done in the Divine Will was to form one key. It had to contain many notes and concerts of music, all different from one another. The soul, in union with the body, was supposed to be voice and song. By playing those keys, it was to create the most beautiful melodies.

Such is the soul and the body. There’s such harmony, order and union, that one cannot do without the other. So, be attentive. I watch your steps, your words, the movements of your pupils, your tiniest acts, in order for my Will to have its life – its place. We don’t care whether the act is natural or spiritual, big or small; but we watch attentively to see whether all is ours; whether our Will made arise its Sun of Light, sanctity and love. We use even the most insignificant act to make the most prodigious wonders, forming the most beautiful scenes to keep us all amused. Didn’t we form the marvelous enchantment of the whole creation from nothing? Wasn’t it from nothing that we created so many harmonies up to our very image, in the Creation of man? My daughter, if creation had to give us only what is spiritual, that would have been very little. Instead, by giving us also its natural acts, it can always give.

The soul who lives in My Divine Will is like a person who entered a royal palace where the king (who lives there) has musical concerts, adornments to make the most beautiful surroundings, and artworks of varied beauty. Now, suppose that the person who enters that musical concert sits down and performs. And, attracted by that sound, the king runs over to listen to the music. Then, when he sees that the king enjoys it, that person moves on and puts the objects in motion, bringing the scene to life. The king is left enraptured, and even though he knows that the things that delight him are his own, yet, it was that person who set them in motion to delight him.

It is the same for the soul who lives in My Divine Fiat. She enters into the royal palace of her Heavenly Father, and as she finds many varied beauties, she sets them in motion, to gladden, delight and love the One who let her in. And since there is no good thing that My Eternal Will does not possess, there is no joy, love, or glory that the soul cannot give to her Creator.

March 3, 1912
One who lives in the Divine Will acquires the temperament of Jesus and, with it, all its divine qualities, each of which makes a melody in Heaven. These souls fulfill the purpose of all that Jesus did.

As I continued in my usual state, my adorable Jesus came to me and said: My daughter, the soul who does my Will loses her temperament and acquires mine. Just as in my temperament many melodies form the Paradise of the Blessed—so that music forms my sweet temperament, my goodness, sanctity, beauty, power, wisdom, immensity, and so on with all the rest of my attributes–the soul receives within herself all the variety of these melodies, taking part in all the qualities of my temperament. As she does even her tiniest actions, she makes a melody for Me and, as I hear it, I immediately recognize this music as a melody made by the soul from my Will—from my temperament. And so I run to listen to it, and I like it so much that it renews and consoles Me for all the wrongs that other creatures do to Me.

My daughter, what will happen when these melodies pass into Heaven? Then I will put the soul in front of Me. I will play my music, and she will play her own. We will flash lightning to each other. And the sound of one will echo the sound of the other; and our harmonies will blend together. Then the Blessed will see that this soul is nothing less than the fruit and prodigy of my Will. And all Heaven will enjoy one more Paradise.
These are the souls to whom I keep repeating, “Had I not created Heaven, I would create It just for you,” because I place in them the Heaven of my Will, and I make of them my true images. And I go wandering in these Heavens, delighting and playing with them. To these Heavens I repeat, “Had I not left Myself in the Sacrament, I would have done it just for you,” because they are my true Hosts. Just as I could not live without a Will, in the same way I could not live without these Heavens of my Will. Indeed, they are not only my true Hosts, but the very purpose of my Calvary and of my very own life.

These Heavens of my Will are dearer to Me and more privileged even than the Tabernacles and the Consecrated Hosts, because in the Host my Sacramental Life comes to an end when the species is consumed, but in these Heavens of my Will the Life of my Will goes on forever. They serve as my Hosts on earth, and they will be my eternal Hosts in Heaven.

May 21, 1921
Jesus finds rest in the souls who live in His Will.

As I found myself in my usual state, my ever-beloved Jesus made Himself seen in my arms, in the act of taking his rest. I pressed Him to my heart, and I said to Him: ”My Love, say a word to
me—why are You silent?”
And Jesus said: My beloved daughter, after speaking to you so much I need to rest. I want to see the first effects of my words in you. You must and do what I have taught you, and I will rest; and once you have put my teachings into practice, I will come back again to speak to you about things still loftier and more sublime, so that I may find in you an even more beautiful rest. Besides, if I do not rest in the souls who live in my Will, in whom could I hope to rest? Only the souls who live in my Will can give Me rest. Living in my Will builds a room for Me; the acts done in my Will make my bed; their repeated acts and their constancy in repeating them form the lullabies, the music and the opiate to soothe my sleep. But while I sleep, I watch over you, in such a way that your will is nothing but the outpouring of Mine, your thoughts the outpouring of my Intelligence, your word the outpouring of Mine, your heart the outpouring of my Heart. That is why—even if you do not hear Me speak—you are so abandoned in Me that you do not want, nor think, nor do anything but what I want and do. So, as long as you live in my Will, you can be sure that everything that happens within you, is Me.

My daughter, how beautiful are the prayers and acts done in My Will! How the creature is transformed into the very Creator God and gives God reciprocity and satisfaction for all that He has given to mankind! I created everything for man and gave it all to him. In My Will the creature is lifted up to its Creator and finds Him in the act by which God created all things to give them, as a gift, to mankind. The creature, in turn, overcome by the multiplicity of so many gifts, and lacking the creative power to create as many things as it has received, offers these same things back to God in an act of loving reciprocity.
Sun, stars, flowers, water, fire, air … I have given them all to express My Love. Recognizing this, you have accepted them, and, putting My Love into action, have given them back to Me in reciprocity. The sun which belongs to you, you gave reciprocally to Me. The stars, flowers, water … I gave them to you, and you reciprocated by giving them back to Me. Thus, the music of My Love has resounded anew in all created things. With a unanimous voice they have given Me the love that I poured forth upon all Creation.

June 6, 1923
The sign that the soul possesses Jesus is that she has a taste for nothing but Him. The importance of the different tastes that arise in the soul.

I was worried about why my Jesus hadn’t come, and I said to myself: “Who knows how evil I am inside, so that Jesus hides Himself so as not to be offended?” And as He moved within me, He said to me: My daughter, the sign that the soul contains no evil and that her interior is completely filled with God is that nothing remains in her that is not all Mine, and in everything that may happen within or around her she no longer has a taste for anything else—she has a taste only for Me and for My things. And not only secular or indifferent things, but even holy things, like pious people, services, music, and so on—all of them leave her cold and indifferent, like things that do not belong to her. And the reason is simple: If the soul is completely filled with Me, she is also filled with my tastes. My taste is hers, and other tastes find no place in her soul. That is why, no matter how beautiful they may be, they hold no attraction for the soul—on the contrary, they seem to be dead for her.

On the other hand, the soul who is not completely Mine is empty, and as things surround her, she feels cravings for them—if they are things that she likes. If, on the other hand, they are things that she does not like, she feels revulsion. In this way, she remains in a continuous cycle of craving and revulsion; and since any desire that does not come from Me does not last, many times desires turn into disgust, and so her character shows so much instability—now too sad, now too cheerful, now filled with rage, and later all affability. The lack of Me in her soul causes so many changes in her character and makes it entirely different from Mine—for I am always the same and never change.

Luisa: “Tell me, my Love, what does Eternity mean and what is this Eternal Round?”

And Jesus added: “My daughter, Eternity is an immense circle. Where it begins or where it ends cannot be known. In this circle is found God Who has no beginning nor end, Who possesses infinite happiness, beatitude, joy, riches, beauty, etc. In every interminable Divine motion, He bestows from this circle of Eternity new happiness, new beauty, new beatitudes, etc., and this new motion is an act that is never interrupted, each one being unique. Our joys are always different from each other and ever new. Our beatitudes are such and so many that as We enjoy one, another surprises Us, and they never end. They are Eternal and immense, as we are, and what is Eternal has the power to make things rise that are always new. Things that are old or repeated do not even exist in what is Eternal.

But do you know who in heaven more fully participates in what is new and never exhausted? For the one who has practiced more good on earth, this good will be as a seed that will bring him the knowledge of our beatitudes, joys, beauty, love, goodness, etc. And relative to the good that the soul has practiced on earth—having some harmony with our various beatitudes—he will approach Us and, containing the seed, he will fill himself in large draughts with that beatitude until it overflows. These souls, then, will participate in all that the Circle of Eternity contains or they will be filled by the seeds acquired on earth.

It will happen as it does to someone who has learned music, a trade, or science. When the music is played, many hear it and enjoy it. But who understands? Who experiences the penetration of all those notes of joy and sorrow into his intelligence and their descent into his heart, so much as to be filled and vividly see the scenes that the music expresses? It is the one who has studied and struggled to learn it.. The others enjoy it, but they do not understand; their enjoyment is in the perception of the hearing, but all the interior remains hungry. It is like this for the one who learns the sciences. Who enjoys them more: the one who has studied, who has wearied his intelligence over his books, over so many scientific things, or is it the one who has only looked at them? The one who has studied can undoubtedly earn a just profit and hold different positions. But the other can only enjoy them superficially when he sees things that pertain to the sciences. It is like this with all the other things. If this occurs on earth, much more does it happen in Heaven where Justice weighs on the scales of Love each little, good act that the creature does and bestows on that good act an interminable happiness, joy, and beauty.

Now, what will it be for the soul that has lived in my Will, where all his acts possess an internal and Divine seed? The Circle of Eternity will unleash so much in her that all the Celestial Jerusalem will be astonished and celebrate new feasts and receive new glory.”

The failure to repay God in love for all that He has done in creating man is the first theft that man committed against God; and man has become an usurper of His gifts, without even recognizing where they come from and Who has loved him so much. That is why it is man’s first duty, and it is so indispensable and important, that She, who took to heart all Our glory, Our defense, Our interests, did nothing but go around through all the spheres, from the smallest to the greatest of things created by God, to imprint her return of love, glory, and thanksgiving for everyone and in the name of all the generations of men. Ah, yes, it was truly My Heavenly Mother who filled Heaven and earth with her response to all that God had done in Creation.

After Her, it was My Humanity that fulfilled this most sacred duty—so neglected by men—and in this way I made My Father look kindly upon guilty mankind. That is why My inseparable Mother and I offered Our prayers. So don’t you want to repeat these prayers of Mine? Indeed, it is for this that I called you into My Will—so that you would associate with Us, and follow Our acts, and repeat them.

And I sought as much as I could to go around through all created things to give My God a return of love, glory, and gratitude for all that had been done in Creation… It seemed to me that I saw in all things the love-response of my Queen Mother and of my beloved Jesus. This exchange formed the most beautiful harmony between Heaven and earth and bound the Creator to the creature. Each exchange of love was a note, a little bell-tolling of enrapturing heavenly music.

And my sweet Jesus added:
My daughter, all created things were nothing but an act of Our Will which brought them forth. They cannot shift from their places, nor change the positions, the missions, or the influence that each of them has received from its Creator. Created things are simply mirrors, where man must admire the reflections of His Creator’s qualities: His power and His beauty, and, in other created things, His goodness, immensity, and light… In sum, every created thing preaches to man the qualities of his Creator and, with mute voices, tells him how much I love him.

After that I began to think about the Feast of my Heavenly Mother’s Assumption into Heaven; and, with a tender and moving voice, my sweet Jesus added:
My daughter, the true name of this Feast ought to be “Feast of the Divine Will.” It was the human will that closed Heaven, broke its ties to its Creator, brought forth miseries and sorrows, and put an end to the rejoicing that the soul ought to have enjoyed in Heaven. Now, this Creature, the Queen of everyone, by doing always and in everything the Will of the Eternal One (indeed, it can be said that her life was only the Divine Will), opened Heaven, bound Herself to the Eternal One, and restored man’s rejoicing to Heaven. Every act She completed in the Supreme Will was a feast begun in Heaven; all of her acts were Suns formed to adorn this great feast; and they were music sent forth to delight the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Indeed, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will, working and fulfilled in My Heavenly Mother, which worked such wonders in Her as to astonish Heaven and earth, to enchain the Eternal One with unbreakable bonds of love, and to enrapture the Word even into her bosom. The very Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves: ”Whence comes so much glory, honor, and greatness? Whence come so many wonders never seen before—in this chosen Creature? Yet She comes from the exile!” Amazed, they recognized the Will of their Creator as the Life that acted in Her; and, trembling, they said: “Holy, holy, holy! Honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord! And glory to Mary; and three times Holy, She who has let this Supreme Will act!”

I said to myself, “How can I ever place myself in the Divine Will, forgetting everything else—as if nothing else existed for me except for the Eternal Will alone—and take part in all that this beloved Will contains?”

And Jesus, returning, continued: My daughter, it is just that whoever is born in My Will should know the secrets that It contains. And, then, the thing in itself is as easy as it could be and almost natural. Let’s suppose that you came to live in a house—for a short visit or for a permanent stay—and that this house was filled with beautiful music and fragrant air, so that you felt charged with new life. You are quite sure that you did not put that music there, nor that fragrant air; but, since you find yourself in that dwelling which is not your own, you come to enjoy the music and the perfumed air so much, that your strength is totally renewed. In addition, that home contains enchanting pictures, beautiful, enrapturing objects, and gardens that you have never seen before, filled with innumerable varieties of plants and flowers and exquisite meals that you have never tasted before. O how you would enjoy, delight and entertain yourself—by looking at so much beauty, and by tasting such delicious food! But, in all these things, there is nothing that you have put there or made yourself; yet you take part in all of this because you find yourself in this house.

Now if this happens in the natural order, it can happen much more easily in the supernatural order of My Will. By entering into My Will, the soul forms one sole Act with the Divine Will, and as if connaturally, takes part in all that It does and all that It contains. This is all the more so, since, by living in My Will, the soul first becomes stripped of the clothes of the old, guilty Adam and becomes re-clad with the clothes of the new, holy Adam. She dons the garment and the light of the Supreme Will Itself, in which they begin communicating all of Its divine, noble and communicative ways to everyone. This light makes her lose her human features and restores to her the likeness of her Creator. Why marvel, then, that she takes part in all that the Divine Will possesses, since one life and one will exists between them. That is why I recommend that you be faithful and attentive to Me; and your Jesus will be dutiful in making you live always in My Will. And I will stay on guard so that you can never go out of It.

Now, while I was writing what I have written above, I had to stop—because my mind was cut off from its senses by a beautiful, harmonious song accompanied by a sound that had never been heard before. This song called everyone to be attentive, and it harmonized with all of Creation and with the Heavenly Fatherland.
I write all of this out of obedience.

While I was listening to the song, my Jesus said to me: My daughter, hear how beautiful it is! This sound and the song form a new canticle, composed by the Angels to the praise, glory, and honor of the marriage of the Divine Will with your human will. So great is the joy of all Heaven and of all Creation, that they cannot contain themselves, so they sing and make music.

And when He had finished saying this, I found myself back in my body.

Then, I continued to do my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and I thought to myself: “My poor mind goes around through sea, sun, and sky–everywhere—to trace the acts that the adorable Will does in Creation. But once I finish going around, I always find myself down below, in my bitter exile. O how I would like to stay at least in the blue heavens—to act the part of a star for my Creator. But I would disappear among the stars, because I am neither bright nor beautiful like the stars; and so they would all cast me out, hurling me down below—to my long exile.” But while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus stirred within me, and said to me:

My daughter, one who lives in My Will, lives in the unity of her Creator, who maintains within Himself, in His unity, the whole Creation. And just as He maintains the Creation, so does He keep, in His unity, the soul who lives in the Eternal Fiat. And this unity brings her all the reflections of her Creator, as well as His unity with all Creation, so that the living image of the One who created her can be seen in her soul. And by maintaining His unity with all, He keeps her in the reflections of all the things He has created. And these reflections form the sea, the sun, the sky, and the stars—and all the enchanting varieties of nature—in the depth of the soul. That is why if the soul who lives in My Will were placed in the azure heavens, she would be the most beautiful ornament of the blue firmament—so much so as to astonish Heaven and earth. She would have—completely within herself—her Creator, a heaven, a sun, a sea—everything as her own. Nor would she even lack the earth covered in flowers and the sweet singing of the birds bearing the joy and harmonious music of their Creator—because each created thing contains a divine note. Indeed, instead of casting you down, they would try to keep you in their midst—because among the many prodigies that My Will contains, It has the power to imprint all of Our works in the soul, and to concentrate all of Its acts within her. It is not content if It does not see Its own beauty in the soul—if It does not find Its echo, Its joy and Its entire Being within her.

November 14, 1926
By not following the Divine Will in Creation, the soul fails to reflect God’s works. Souls require enormous graces to embrace the Sanctity of living in God’s Holy Will.
I was doing my usual acts in the Divine Volition, and I thought to myself: “If I spent one day without doing these acts, what good would I lose and what evil would I do?” And my ever beloved Jesus said to me: My daughter, do you know what you would do? By not doing your acts in My Will, you would lose the reflection of all Creation; and because you lost Its reflection, on that day the heavens would no longer be spread out within you, the sun would not rise, the sea would not flow within you, your earth would not be blooming with new flowers, nor would the joyful music of the singing of the inhabitants of the air or the sweet symphony of the spheres be heard in you. My Will would not find Its echo in you, so that It would feel sad that, on that day, the little daughter of Its Volition had not repaid It with heavenly love—because she lacked the reflection of the heaven of My Will.

It would be sad because she had not made the sun rise in return for Its eternal light; and because she had not let It hear the flow of the sea, or its sweet murmuring, or the darting about of the mute inhabitants of the waves. My Will would feel all of Its acts—the reflection of Its works—missing in you, nor could It produce Its echo in you. And in Its sorrow, It would say: “Ah! Today My little daughter has not given me a heaven as I have given it to her—nor a sun, a sea, flowers, singing, music and joy, as I have given them to her. So, she has departed from My likeness; her notes have not harmonized with Mine. I have loved her with many revelations and with unceasing love—and she has not.” See what you would do! My Will would not tolerate in you, Its little daughter, to be empty of Its works.

And when I heard this, I said: “My Jesus, my Love, may I never inflict this sorrow upon Your adorable Will. You will help me—You will give me more grace—and I will be more attentive to receive this reflection, this echo, that Your Holy Will produces throughout Creation—so that I may respond with mine.”

And Jesus resumed speaking and added: You must know that great graces are needed to produce the sanctity of living in My Will within the soul. The other forms of sanctity can be produced with small graces—because the soul does not need to embrace and possess an immense and eternal Will—but little particles of It: Its commands, Its shadow. On the other hand, in this sanctity they must possess My Will as their own life. They must form Its cortege and make Its acts their own. That is why one needs oceans of graces to produce this sanctity. My Will must bilocate Itself to extend Its sea in the depths of the soul—and then to extend another sea of Itself—so as to receive all that befits Its sanctity, Its infinite light, Its boundless immensity. The good will of the soul is nothing other than the bottom of the sea which forms the shore and surrounds the waters to shape the sea.

My daughter, it takes much to sustain and preserve a Divine Will in the soul; and the Divinity, knowing that the creature does not have anything comparable to a Will so holy, holds nothing back—It entrusts everything to her—to produce the sanctity of living in My Will. God Himself acts as Prime Actor and Spectator; My Humanity gives everything—everything that It did, suffered and conquered (which are endless seas)—to help to produce this totally divine holiness. The Queen Mama Herself places Her seas of grace, love and sorrow at the soul’s disposal to help her—and she feels honored that they serve the Supreme Will to fulfill the sanctity of the Eternal Fiat in the soul. Heaven and earth want to give, and they do give—because they feel completely full of this Divine Will, and they long and desire to help the blessed soul to fulfill the purpose of Creation—the origin of the sanctity that the Supreme Will wanted from the soul. Indeed, you will lack nothing on the part of your Jesus.

This is all the more true because this has been My desire from of old—the thing that I have wanted, yearned, and desired for six thousand years—because I long to see Our image reproduced in the soul, Our sanctity impressed, Our Will at work, Our acts enclosed in her, and Our Fiat fulfilled. I wanted to enjoy and take delight in seeing Our reflection in the soul—otherwise, Creation would be joyless, dull, and discordant for Us. Our echo would not find a way to resound; Our sanctity would not find a place to impress itself; Our beauty would not find a place to shine; Our love would not find a place to pour itself; and Our wisdom and mastery would find no place to act and unfold. Indeed, all of Our attributes would remain frustrated in their work—because they would not find suitable material with which to shape their work, so as to have their reflection. On the other hand, in the soul in whom My Will reigns, My Will disposes her to become suitable material, so that Our attributes may take delight in transforming her.

My daughter, one who is to possess the Kingdom of My Will, must not only do It and live in It, but must also feel and suffer what My Will feels and suffers within souls. What you feel is nothing but the condition that My Will experiences in souls. With what difficulty It flows! What efforts It has to make to subdue creatures—to make them do Its Will. How they repress It within their own will, taking away from It the best of Its life within them—which is Its energy, strength, and joy—and It is forced to act under the pressure of a sad, weak, and wavering human will. O what a heavy, bitter, crushing nightmare My Will endures at the hands of men! Then do you not want to take share in Its sufferings? My daughter, you must be a key of a piano—and whatever sound My Will wants to make, you must give yourself to make the sound that It wants. And when It has formed in you all the sounds that It possesses—sounds of joy, strength, goodness, sorrow, and other things—Its victory will be complete, since It will have formed Its Kingdom in you. So, think, instead, that this is a different, distinct sonata that It wants to play in you. It is one more key that It wants to add in your soul—because in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat It wants to find all the notes of the musical concert from the Heavenly Fatherland—so that not even music may be lacking in Its Kingdom.

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