The Passion of Jesus – Part IV – Podcast 15

We continue with the Passion of Jesus as we look at the 7am Hour. Jesus says: “How many sublime teachings, how many profound mysteries there are in my words! Every soul should say to itself in its sufferings and humiliations, in its abandonment by everyone, in its practice of true virtue: ‘This in my kingdom which will not perish. No one can take it from me nor touch it; indeed, my kingdom is eternal and divine, similar to that of my sweet Jesus’

We will read from the following volumes: Volume 8 (December 1907) & Volume 13 (September 16, 1921) & Volume 14 (June 1, 1922) & Volume 14 (November 24, 1922) & Volume 14 (April 1, 1922) & Volume 15 (July 5, 1923). A final song, “Immaculata”

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