Messages of Gold – August 5, 2019


Dear Readers,

Below are some extracts from the Book of Heaven about the Paternity of the Blessed Trinity.

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Creation reveals the Divine Paternity and shows that God feels Himself to be the Father of those who recognize Him in His works.

Luisa: I was making my rounds in Creation to trace the acts the Divine Will had done in It. It seemed to me that the adorable Will existed in each created thing like a noble queen, as the center of life, to have a sweet encounter with souls in each created thing. But only those who recognized the Divine Will in each created thing would receive this encounter. In this happy encounter, each side responds openly to the other. They celebrate together: The Divine Will gives and man receives. But while my mind lost itself in making its rounds in created things, my Supreme Good Jesus said to me:

My daughter, all of Creation reveals the fatherhood of God: the power, love, and harmony of the One who created it. But do you know of whom We feel Ourselves to be the Father? Of those who remember and recognize all of Creation as the property of their Creator—who wanted to reveal His fatherhood toward men by creating so many beautiful things out of love for them. That is why anyone who recognizes these things, loving and thanking Him in repayment, embraces her Heavenly Father, like a daughter who recognizes her father’s blessings. And, if that father created those blessings, it means that he wants his daughter to possess his possessions within her father’s own possessions. If only you knew Our joy and happiness in experiencing Ourselves as Father and in seeing Our children embracing Us through created things! And in this way, by remembering and recognizing what God has done for him, man loves Us as a father, and We love him as a son. We then feel that Our Fatherhood is not sterile, but fruitful.

This is the way that it is for the soul who remembers and recognizes what I did and suffered in My life and Passion. I feel Myself to be the Redeemer, and I give the gift of the blessings of Redemption, so that My sorrows, works, and steps are all drawn up around the happy man to help him, to sanctify him and to make him feel within himself all the effects of My whole life. And I feel Myself to be the Passionate Lover of any soul who recognizes what Our love has done, and can do, in the order of grace. And I give her the possession of My love, so that she will feel such love for Me, that she is unable to live without loving Me. And, as true love is found in always doing My Will, I make a prodigy of My love and My Will.

What torture it would be for a father to have children and not to see them around him so that they can love each another while he can enjoy the fruit of his loins? It is the same way with Our divinity. We have diffused Our Paternity infinitely throughout Creation. Like a father, We have Our eyes totally focused upon our children so that they lack nothing. Our arms feel the extreme need of love to draw them to our bosom, to give them love, and to receive their love. And when We see a soul who runs to Us, who wants Our embraces, O how happy We feel that our Paternity is recognized, and that We can carry out Our duty of being a Father to Our children. Our progeny is almost countless, and yet We have few children around Us. All the others are far away from Us—with their hearts, with their wills, and far from Our likeness. And in Our suffering on seeing so few children around Us, We say: “And where are Our other children? Why don’t they feel the need to have a Heavenly Father—to receive Our fatherly caresses and to possess Our blessings?”

So, be attentive: Recognize Our blessings and Our works. And you will feel Our Fatherhood in Heaven studded with stars, which call you “daughter” with their gentle twinkling, and witness the love of your Father. Our Fatherhood extends to the sun which, with its vibrant light, calls you “daughter” and says to you: “You recognize in my light the great gift of your Father, who loves you so much that He wants you to possess this light.” Our fatherhood extends everywhere—in the water that you drink, in the food that you eat, and in the variety of all the natural beauties that have a common voice. That is why everyone calls you “Daughter of the great Heavenly Father,” and as His daughter, they want to be possessed by you. Now, how content We would be if in everything that We have created, whenever Our tender voice called out to you, “Daughter,” We heard your voice calling Us ”Father” and saying to Us: “This is the gift of my Father—O how He loves me!—and I want to love Him so very, very much!”

The Greatest Grace that God gave to man in Creation was to enable him to perform the acts of the Divine Will. This Kingdom exists and Humanity possessed it in the past.

I was thinking about the Holy Divine Will and asking, “How can Its Kingdom ever come to reign on earth?” Given the stormy temper of our times that threaten more storms—and the sad state of the human generations—it seems impossible to me. It seems to me that among those who are at least said to be “good,” the sense of impossibility, indifference and unwillingness are even growing. They appear to have no interest in making known a Will so holy. And yet the Divine Will wants to give this great grace: It wants to reign among souls. But how can a blessing that is not known ever enjoy life? But while I was thinking this, my beloved Jesus surprised me and said to me:
My daughter, all that is impossible to man is possible for God. You ought to know that the greatest grace We gave to man in his Creation was his ability to enter into Our Divine Will and to bring forth his human acts. And since the human will was small, and the Divine Will was great, the greater One had the power to absorb the smaller one into the great—and to change the human will into the Divine Will. And so in the beginning of his creation, Adam entered into the order of Our Divine Will and did many of his acts. But by removing himself from Our Will, he left It—although his human acts acting in Our Will remained as a pledge and as man’s right—and as the beginning and foundation of a Divine Kingdom that he acquired. What is done in the Divine Will can never be erased. God Himself cannot erase a single act that a soul does in the Supreme Fiat. Now since Adam was the first man created, as a consequence of his going out of the Divine Will—since he was the root of all human generations—they inherited, almost like branches, what the root and trunk of the tree of man possessed. And just as all men in nature inherited the seed of original sin, so they also inherited the first acts done in Our Will, which constitute man’s beginning and man’s right to receive the Kingdom of Our Divine Will.

In confirmation of this, the humanity of the Immaculate Virgin came to carry out and to follow Adam’s acts, to completely fulfill the reign of the Divine Will—to be the first heir of such a holy Kingdom, and to give her dear children the right to let them possess It. And to complete all this, My humanity came, possessing My Divine Will by nature—which Adam and the Sovereign Queen possessed by grace—to confirm with the seal of its acts this Kingdom of the Divine Will. Indeed, this Kingdom exists in reality, because humans living in the past have formed their acts in It, as the necessary material with which to establish this Kingdom, and to give other human beings the right to possess It.

And to confirm this Kingdom in a greater way, I taught men to pray the “Our Father” so that they could dispose themselves with prayer and acquire the right to receive the Kingdom. And God felt obliged to give the Kingdom. By teaching the Pater Noster, I Myself placed in men’s hands the right to receive It; and I committed Myself to giving them so holy a Kingdom. And every time a soul recites the Pater Noster, he acquires a certain right to enter this Kingdom—first, because I taught the prayer and it possesses the value of My own prayer; second, because the love of Our Divinity for mankind is so great that We pay attention to everyone, and We notice everything—even the smallest acts, the holy desires, the little prayers—to repay them with great graces. We can say that they are pretexts, occasions that We go in search of so as to say: “You have done this, and We give you this; you have done a little, and We give you a great deal.”

So the Kingdom exists. And if I have talked to you so much about My Divine Will, it was only because the preparations throughout many centuries of My Church—the prayers, the sacrifices and the continual recitation of the Pater Noster—have inclined Our goodness to choose a soul to whom We can reveal the great knowledge of Our Will and Its great prodigies. In this way, I bound My Will to creatures, giving them new pledges of Its Kingdom. And as you listened and tried to model yourself on the teachings I gave you, so new links were formed to unite creatures in My Will. You must know that I am the God of all, and when I do something good, I never do it in an isolated way: I do it for all. But whoever does not want to take it, does not have to take it. And when a soul repays Me, I look at him, not as one alone, but as a representative of the whole human family. And that is why the benefit of one person is transmitted to all the others.

Now if the Kingdom exists and if humanity has possessed it in the past and formed their life in It—if My Will wants to reign among men and if My own knowledge says it so clearly—then how can you think that it is impossible for this Kingdom to come? For Me everything is possible. I shall make use of those same storms and of new events to prepare those who ought to busy themselves with making My Will known. The storms serve to purify the bad air and also to clear away harmful things. Indeed, I will prepare everything; I know how to do everything, and I have time at My disposal. So leave it to your Jesus, and you shall see how My Will shall be known and fulfilled.

Even though this Supreme Will is everything, does everything, and gives everything, It is not recognized—rather, It is forgotten.

My Divine Will gives life to the acts of all things, sustains them, conserves them, and places them around man, to make him feel from all things and from all sides Its irreplaceable life, Its immutable force, Its invincible love. You could say that My Will embraces him from everywhere as a triumph of Its love. And not only does It maintain external order and all things in act as It is creating them, but My Will also interiorly maintains all of man’s internal order with Its creative power. In this way, It is always in the act of creating his heartbeat, breath, movement, circulation of blood, intelligence, memory, and will. My Divine Will flows as the life of his heartbeat, breath—and everything. It sustains and conserves everything without ever withdrawing from body or soul. And even though this Supreme Will of Mine is everything, does everything, and gives everything, it is not recognized—rather, It is forgotten. My Will could say what I said to the apostles: “I have been with you for so long, and still you do not know Me.” They struggle to learn many things that do not sustain their lives—while they don’t make the slightest effort to know My Will, which produces life, which is a continuous act of life, and without which it would be impossible to live. So, My daughter, be attentive: Recognize My Will within you and outside of you—in everything—more than your own life. And you will feel wonderful things—you will feel Its continuous act that loves you with untiring love and that gives you life simply because It loves you.

Submitted by Thomas Fahy

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