Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness

Dear Readers,

We Thank God for the Hope that comes to us through the Writings of Luisa about the coming Reign of the Divine Will which bring souls back to the Original Order
that began with the Creation of Adam and Eve, but was lost with Adam’s choice to do his human will, thereby losing the possession of the Divine Will and Its operative Life
within him. Adam, human father of the human race, passed on to us the inheritance of the operation of the weak human will and the opening of Hell to human beings who choose to use their weak human will to go there by not doing the Will of God.

The manifestation of the human will in our times of the Great Apostasy is truly astonishing and so very sorrowing! I, personally would be in great depression over the state
of humanity were it not for the knowledge of the now coming Reign of the Divine Will in souls, and the intervention of Our Heavenly Mother to lead us through these horrible times of insane disorder by which billions of souls are presently heading, nonchalantly, to their eternal damnation. Our hope for the world is the Intercession of our Heavenly Mother with the Holy Trinity and our own acts of reparation in the Divine Will. Jesus has a “secret” plan to convert the whole world according to what He told Conchita Gonzales of San Sebastian of Garabandal in the early 1960’s. May this Divine Intervention come SOON! (I mean “soon” according to my Webster’s Dictionary!)

I have had a hard time, lately, with many distractions, to send this Pearl of the New and Divine Holiness. Another factor in this delay is choosing what to send from so much research over the years and whether to send items from a special research project for a possible book that I would like to write before the coming time of great sufferings.

Please savor the ATTACHED Pearl of the “New and Divine Holiness” of some precious extracts from the Book that is Written in Heaven and given to us through Luisa.

May we receive and use the continuous Grace of God to be Faithful to the Gift of the Divine Will and Its Eternal Blessings.

Thomas Fahy

Pearl for June 12, 2016
Jesus said to Luisa: Look: Out of all that took place in My Humanity, the greatest miracle was to confine all the immensity of My Divine Will within It. The miracles that I worked could be called nothing compared to that. This was all the more true, since it was natural for Me to be able to give life to people by raising them from death to life, by giving sight to the blind, speech to the mute, all of the other miracles that I did—because it was natural for Me to be able to give all of the blessings that I wanted to give. At the most, it was a miracle for those who received them—but for Me the great miracle was to constrain My Divinity and the immensity of My Will within Myself—its infinite light, Its beauty, and Its transcendent sanctity. This was the prodigy of prodigies, which only a God could do. Indeed, as much as I may give to a soul, it will always be little compared with the great gift of My Will to a soul. In her one can see new heavens, more brilliant suns, unheard of and surprising things never seen before. Heaven and earth tremble and fall on their knees before a soul who possesses the great gift of My Will. And with reason—because they see coming forth from this soul the vivifying, creative strength and power that preserve them in the new life that God has created. O power of My Will! If men knew You, how many would seek Your great Gift, and give their lives to have You! Luisa: After this, as I continued my acts in the Divine Will, my sweet Jesus added: My daughter, a soul who lives in My Will holds within herself this Divine Will reigning and ruling. The soul possesses My Will and holds in her power Its strength, sanctity, light, and all of Its blessings. And the Divine Will possesses the soul and holds her in Its power—with all her weaknesses, passions, and miseries. And the human will remains under the unshakeable power and holiness of the Supreme Will. That is why, before this power, they feel their weakness slipping away from them—so that weakness is conquered by the irresistible power of the Divine Fiat; darkness by Its brilliant light; misery by Its infinite riches, passions by Its virtues, and the human will by the Divine Will. What a difference between a soul who lives in My Will and one who only does My Will! The first possesses It and has It at her disposal. The second is submitted to It and receives It according to Its dispositions. And, between possessing My Will and receiving It, there is all the distance between Heaven and earth—as between one who possesses immense riches and one who receives, day by day, only what he needs to survive. That is why one who does My will and does not live in It is forced to experience weakness, passions, and all of the rags and wretchedness which make up the dowry of the human will.
—submitted by Thomas Fahy

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